Australia Currency-Tipping

Last updated on December 29th, 2016 at 04:59 am

Australia Currency-Tipping!

Australian  Currency: Australian Dollars

Tipping or service fees is widespread across North America, Canada and also some places in Asia. USA is a country where most people tip in restaurants, bars or any sit-down dining outlets, but the practice is increasingly common also in other places where a service is provided (such as massages, services, sexual services and tourism).

Also, in general,  people tip taxicab drivers, hair dressers and hotel doormen. Baristas boast with a tip jar next to the payment screen and cashiers at more and more establishments prompt customers to to tip by offering a little extra on the top of their service and to ensure the satisfaction.

What do you know about Australia Currency-Tipping!

Australian’s works have set pay rate  from Prime a Minister to  a cleaner. And there no major requirements of tipping makes compulsory in Australian’s culture.

The Australian Currency  has been high value last few yeas. But also, The value has gone down significantly over last 12 months. Please, check current exchange rate  click on the link below.

Exchange Rates: 


Tipping in Australia can be quite ambiguous at times. There doesn’t seem to be a set way or set amount for tipping when it comes to cafes, restaurants or other locations. According to Tara Moriarty, Secretary of the Liquor and Hospitality.

Division of the United Voice Hospitality Union, there is not a requirement to tip in Australia. The hourly wages in Australia are really quite high, so it is viewed more as a discretionary way for people to say thank you for good service.