The South Melbourne Market was established in 1867. This makes it the oldest continuing Market in Melbourne at 147 years old.

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South Melbourne market: In 1856 the local community gathered a petition to the council got the ball rolling to build this grand site.


From its establishment, the market underwent regular improvements and expansion in order to accommodate the growing needs of the traders and the community, as well as the changing regulations for cleanliness and sanitation.

In 1972 a new car park was constructed over the top of the Market and a Food Hall was added in 1991 replacing part of the original market structure.

In 2012, a new multifaceted roof was added to the Rooftop Car park which acts to provide shelter for shoppers, capture rain water, generate electricity from solar and regulate the temperature inside the Market.


Today, the South Melbourne Market is still a very popular spot for locals and visitors both during the week at weekends to shop South-melbournefor fresh produce to jewellery, and unique gifts.


Night markets run through summer from early January to March at the main markets of Victoria and South Melbourne as well as other spots like the St Kilda night markets.  

This is a great time of year to enjoy the warm Melbourne weather with bustling outdoor vibes, perfect for sharing street food with friends

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