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Victoria: The very bottom of Australia’s east coast, that is where the cultural and food centre is located. Victoria’s beaches, pristine nature with one of the most spectacular coastal driveways and multicultural, bustling and vibrant city of Melbourne are an open invitation for everyone.

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VIC named after the Queen Victoria (same as another Australian state Queensland) is Australia’s second smallest state surrounding the shore of Port Phillip Bay and it’s bordered by Tasman Sea on the south, New South Wales on the north and South Australia on the west.

Victoria’s capital is metropolitan city of Melbourne where also most of the population is concentrated.

Melbourne also used to be the Australia’s capital city until the reconstruction of current capital Canberra in 1927 and belonged to one of the leading financial centers in Australasia.

It used to be a part of the initial New South Wales colony back in 19th century after the first settlement of this area in 1803 in Sullivan Bay.

The wealth of the colony was rapidly influenced by the Victorian gold rush in the 19th century showing that this period of history played a very significant role.

Victoria is known for its dry and warm summers and mild yet wet winters.

The Great Ocean Road is one of the Australian National Heritages and is visited by tourists from all over the world who come to discover the iconic drive along the stunning coastline.

Yarra Valley is a perfect place for wine lovers. Phillip Island is known to be a place for penguin parade watching.

Furthermore Ninety Mile Beach (one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in the world), Mornington Peninsula or Wilsons Promontory National Park as also worth the visit.

Apart from the pure and astonishing wilderness within national parks, Victoria is as well offering many small historical towns as a memory of the famous gold rush.

For culinary lovers and culture addicts, Melbourne will definitely be a place to be. This symbol of art bursting with cozy atmosphere and friendly vibe will definitely get imprinted in one’s memory forever.


Victoria is Sport capital of Australia 

is also a great place to enjoy outdoor activities where hiking, cycling, golf and even skiing and scenic flights belong to some of the favourite ones.

This state is also enjoying a great atmosphere of sports fans of all kind. Apart from being home to Australian rules football and hosting Grand Final in cricket every year, Melbourne is also a world attraction every year thanks to the Melbourne Cup or Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

Not to forget, horse racing event called Melbourne Cup also belongs to one of the largest sporting events in the world.


Places in Victoria – Travel Information – Places to See

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