New South Wales: Australian state where some of the most beautiful beaches meet natural wonders in the raw outback and the lush bush lands in Blue Mountains. New South Wales is an iconic state on the east coast with some of the most world known landmarks.

NSW is, (New South Wales) with over 7.5 million people, the most populous state of Australia, bordering with Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

The area is intersected by the Great Dividing Range which is affecting both its climate and landscape.

New South Wales: The History 

The original colony of NSW was grounded in 1788 (by the first fleet led by Captain Arthur Phillip) and back then it consisted also New Zealand, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island and Van Diemen’s Land as well as some more of the outback area.

Aboriginal tribes, the original inhabitant of Australia, were occupying the area before the European settlement which also later during the 19th century led to separating further into other British colonies.


Full of contrasts, New South Wales is also described as Australia’s most diverse and unique state not only thanks to being home to vibrant cosmopolitan city of Sydney (where more than 62% of NSW population is based), which is also a state capital.

Starting with Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, followed by The Blue Mountains, Mungo National Park, Snowy Mountains (with the highest Australian peak Mt. Kosciuszko) or Lord Howe Island, endless pristine beaches from the north to the south, unique outback and other breathtaking natural perks such as vineyards, beautiful national parks and their entertaining bushwalks, this state a brilliant compilation of astonishing beauty.

New South Wales is also inviting to pay a visit to a range of lovely coastal towns such as unique Byron Bay, Newcastle or Port Macquarie.

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Opera House

This proud Australian territory offers endless possibilities not only for culture lovers or those looking for outstanding dining experience but also multiple leisure activities with a wide range of sports such as diving, hiking, surfing, skiing or even skydiving.

This state is also home to a number of cultural events,institutions, museums and also art galleries.

In past years NSW has also been a shooting location for many internationally produced movies (for instance The Matrix or the Great Gatsby) and Sydney is home to Fox Studios Australia.

Sports teams based in NSW have been throughout the history one of the most successful ones in the country’s championships.

The most famous competitions are National Rugby League or soccer’s A-league.

Places in New South Wales Travel Destinations

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