How to Find the Best Cheap Airline Secrets Deals Under One Browser?

Last updated on August 30th, 2019 at 06:01 am

Making your Airline Reservations on the right days and within the right time frame can save you significantly on travel or vacation holiday. However, there are some tips and hints would help you to choose the best air tickets deals!

 Airline Reservations Tips: Timing is everything

Booking as far in advance is key to getting the cheapest flights available.

While there is some last minute cheap deals online, these often sell out fast, have strict times and dates and you can’t always guarantee you’ll get the flight you want, and leaving things like flights to the last minute is an easy way to turn a holiday into a stress-fest!

Airline Reservations Tips: Pick Your Time and Day

Peak demand times make it harder to get cheap flights or to actually get a reservation. Midweek and red-eye flights are usually cheaper than weekend flights, or ‘convenient’ flight times. When making your airline reservation

Airline Reservations Tips: Work out your luggage needs

There are nothing airlines like more than adding on extra fees and charges where ever they can, and your baggage amounts can determine how much extra you’re going to have to pay on your flights.

Most airlines include carry on luggage of up to about 10 kgs in your ticket price, if you can keep your luggage down to carry on, you can spend the extra dollars enjoying your trip, not to mention travelling light makes everything easier. More info at Bags packing rules

Airline Reservations Tips: Budget airlines

Budget airlines or “no-frills” airlines consistently offer cheaper flights in exchange for the traditional passenger services you receive on other airlines.

If you don’t mind smaller seats, less leg room and no tv’s or “free meals and drinks” (which are usually included in your ticket price anyways) then you can save a fair amount of money on your flights, which most of the time making the smaller seats worth it!  Budget airlines are great especially for quick flights or connecting flights on long-haul trips.

Airline Reservations Tips: Speaking of long-haul flights…

If you’re booking a long haul flight, you can save yourself a lot of money by booking each destination separately and booking them yourself with a few days stopover, rather than a few hours.

This allows you to choose your stopover destination based on what is going to be the cheapest for you, rather than convenient for the airline, without having to stick to just one airline.

One airline might have a single flight to a layover destination that is cheaper than other, while a different airline could have a flight from the layover destination to your final destination.

This not only saves you money but gives you an opportunity to explore a destination you might not have had the opportunity to visit.

Airline Reservations Tips: Incognito mode

Unless you’re well qualified in computer tech-savvy, not many people know about browsing in incognito mode in the computer. Incognito mode or ‘private browsing’ is a setting option on your chosen internet browser that stops your history from being stored within the servers or cache memory.

While this may seem irrelevant to making airline reservations, it can actually be the difference between airline prices going up over time.

Most flight search engines have a function that send data back to the airlines so when certain flight times, dates and destinations get a lot of ‘high traffic’ or interest, the airline increases the flight prices to encourage browsers to book quickly to avoid the costs rising anymore.

When you browse in incognito mode, the search engine won’t register that you’re looking at flights, not adding to the traffic already on that page and lowering the chances of the flight prices going up.

Airline Reservations Tips: Using the right search engine

Now that you know the trick to search engines, choosing the right one to use is just as important. In the age of the internet, we can have access to any information with the click of a button, but sometimes this can lead to a bit of information overload.

The main thing to note about using flight search engines (websites that show you flight reservations for multiple airlines) is that they always have a price inflation to cover their cut from the airline.

While yes, all of them do it, some inflate their prices more than other (Expedia is a big one for this), some have a lower inflation rate than other (Skyscanner, TRAVELLERHINTS Links, Momondo and AirFare Watchdog are all websites with a considerably lower inflation) so really doing your research and comparing not only airline price, but booking websites will help you find the cheapest flight possible.

Airline Reservations Tips: Mailing lists

While signing up to multiple mailing lists seems like an email inbox nightmare, it can save you the nightmare of sifting through multiple websites for hours trying to find the best deal on your airline reservation.

Setting up a separate email address for signing up to travel booking websites can ensure you’re kept up to date with new flights, last minute deals, holiday packages and exclusive promotions. Be warned though, it can cause an extreme travel bug!

Airline Reservations Tips: Don’t rule out alternate airports

Depending on your destination, there may be a smaller or another airport just slightly out of the way of the main airport (eg. Long Beach airport instead of LAX) that will bring down the costs of your flight.

While it may mean that it takes you a little longer to get from the airport to wherever you’re staying, it can save you a few extra dollars on your ticket prices. Plus, there’s no harm in taking a scenic route!

Airline Reservations Tips: Seasonal Change

Travelling during “off-peak” seasons can dramatically reduce the cost of your flight as airlines see fewer people booking flights and lower their costs to encourage travellers to book.

For example, travelling Europe in Winter rather than Summer can not only reduce the price of your airline reservation, but also your accommodation, and tourist activities as well as giving you a unique.