How to Pack Travel Bags – More Stuff Means More Weight You’ll Have to Carry – Light Cloths Would Give You More Room?

How Climate & Clothing impacts smart travel bag packing?

 Use our  Best Travel Bag Packing Rules &  Travel Light and Comfortably  

  1. The Diamond  Rule for travel bag packing as a smart traveller: Keep half of the clothes  of what you are  planning to bring with you on holiday behind and deposit  twice the money! True or not??

 travel bag packing

  1. Make sure you always bring one jacket with you and keep  the most essential items with you  in a carry on because We know from experience that  lost luggage news could come any time and it would be a pain.

when it’s 3 degrees in England or freezing in Iceland, jacket comes in handy – or the other way around in Asia or in the Middle East in the heating summer. You won’t be really pleased with this unpleasant smell from your armpits just after long flight.

 travel bag packing

  1. Mix and match clothes. Pack  three tops and three bottoms all making up 6 different outfits and, indeed, the as light as possible

 travel bag packing

Male travel bag packing: light T- shirts and 1 Winter/regular jacket (it depends on the season and the weather of the country your travel to), 1 casual Shirt, 1 hiking pants and few light thin pieces of underwear & 1 Boxers  ( the best Australian Brand would be  Politix). There is also few other useful international brands such as Snowgum,  kathmandu or thermal underwear from  Icebreaker. ( It all depends on your choice as well as type of trip you’re on)

 travel bag packing
Be the smartest female travel bag packing   

Female travel bag Packing: For most of the girls and women in the world, the bag packing process is one of the hardest ones in the world. There is only one general rule for all and that is to keep everything very simple and as thin as possible.  

Females are able to buy the smallest underwear you could imagine , in unimaginable sizes (such as HIPSTER MICROFIBRE MINI GEE, HIPSTER BIKINI, Strappy Metallic Cheeky Panty,( all Cheeky Types), Cutout Cheeky Panty,  Seamless Singles Cheeky Hipster or even any type of  thong,  g string and cstring) making life and light packing much easier.

 travel bag packing

(pair of shoes travel and casual looking Puma  or Nike would be the greatest options just because light weight)  

Bras:  Low – Strappy or any type of  “ the lighters”  

Adventure or hiking: Cutout Cheeky Panties and Strappy or any similar-type bras!

 travel bag packing

  1. Don’t be a diva opera. Are you the type of a traveller who has to travel with your own hair dryer? Forget about it. The best way during travelling is to use the one from the hotel, hostel or, if you really need to, buy the smallest one (travel-size). The best brand would be GHD Gold Mini Styler
  1. Books are sexy:  We are living in the 21st century right now and all of us are heavily addicted to digital technologies.  And So are vinyl records. But save yourself the extra pounds and simply fill your Kindle/laptop/smartphone or ipod with every book/travel guide or google map you need  . Google maps have some of the best features for the travel society –  options such as  Saved,  future travel, have been, bucket list and few others.                                                                                
  2. Would you be able to try to stay away from jeans? Travellers save  a large amount of space in their bag by choosing a different and lighter alternative. Light cotton trousers  would be a much better option. (There are again some world class brands such as Snowgum,  kathmandu or thermal underwear from  Icebreaker.)  

 travel bag packing

  1. We all know how important is to pick the right day pack and while buying a day pack as carry on make sure it’s the  right size to fit all your belongings such as computer, camera  or etc.  Stuff can always  get  stolen no matter where you go or how careful you are, therefore try to be aware and hide all your valuable things in different places. Money in multiple amounts in the hidden pockets, phone away from your camera etc.
  1. Every single country and place I’ve ever visited was selling soap, shampoo, socks, T-shirts and all other essential items.  In case you forgot  something or you need to buy anything, it is always there for a reasonable price.

 travel bag packing

  1. At the Airport are there any fragile items in your bag? Simply inform the ground checking staff and put a note on your bag.                                                                                                                Also, is your luggage in common color or does it have similar shape with other bags? There is a smart solution, put a tag on it (such as stickers, red ribbon or a small flag) or let it wrapped in plastic in the airport.  

Written by Solo traveller Sam Navarathna 

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