“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” - Mary Ritter Beard

Traveller Hints PROFILE and It is Global Travel Network

Our Mission

Travellerhints: Our goal is to share some beautiful experiences, hopefully, help our fellow travelers on their journey, and even persuade some of you to embark on a new, eye-opening adventure. Also, we have tried to paint a vivid, realistic picture of some places we have traveled to and know a lot about locations. We provide insightful information to make your trip safe and enjoyable. We also hope to convince some of you to travel to some of the lesser-known places that offer a nice change from the overcrowded, over-consumed, mass-touristic locations. Get out there and see some of the World’s natural beauty while it is still somewhat intact!

Benefits of Traveling

Travel can increase your knowledge and cultural understanding, broadening your perspective on many different levels. You will be introduced to various foods, languages, people, multicultural diversity, and unimaginable places. All of these elements will help you make new connections in new environments, boosting creativity and awareness. You will also become more confident and secure in your own identity. Also, sharing many things about yourself with soon-to-be friends and helping to give insight into your way of life. Traveling to a new environment will force you to adapt quickly and break out of your shell. Moving on to another will force you to learn as you go.’ You will be able to navigate cultural paths more respectfully and inter-connectedly. 

Most Importantly 

Hopefully, you will compare and contrast your country of origin with your new travel destination without cultural bias and prejudice.

Traveling can help you gain a realistic perspective on how things ‘actually’ take shape and how people are, instead of relying on media constructions or stereotypes. 

PROFILE Of  Travellerhints FUNDER

Profile Sam Navarathna

Sam Profile

The Funder travellerhints, I have visited 86 countries around the World and also lived and worked in six different ones (Sri Lanka, Singapore , Maldives, Australia, Russia, and Japan). My educational background is in Hospitality and Eco-Tourism, which gave me an excellent opportunity to work as a chef. In some of the best World travel destinations as part of global hospitality leading companies. Such as Radisson Hotels, Hideaway Resorts, Voyages, Antarctic Catering, Sodexo & Delaware North). I have also experienced working in various positions within the tourism industry. I spent some time on a super-yacht diving charter boat cruising the stunning Great Barrier Reef.

Our Future 

Regarding travel and further exploration, there is no finish line or a final destination. Trust me; many people never stop traveling once a travel bug has bitten them. They would do anything to make moving an essential part of their lives. It is genuinely like a DRUG. But a drug that causes only countless positive side effects. Finally, it can (and probably will) fundamentally change how you see the World and yourself in it.

Nature & Adventure 

I wouldn’t label myself anyhow, as I love traveling. I am keen on diving; so far, I have dived in 15 different countries and over 100 dive sites within the Great Barrier Reef. Apart from that, I have made road trips around Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & New Zealand and hiked over 35 ( Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in 2017) (65 hiking tracks) in different types of mountains. Also, I Did the best five hiking in Norway, such as Trolltunga, Preikestolen, Aurlandsdalen, Skåla, and Romsdalseggen, in 2018—also, Snowboard in six countries.

The Highest Mountains 

I have climbed some of the highest points around the World.

  • Mount Everest Base Camp Only 
  • Tipas in Argentina 
  • Cerro Bonete in Argentina
  • King Peak BC in Canada 
  • Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania
  • Mount Kenya 
  • Mount Agung in Bali
  • Puncak Jaya Indonesia 
  • Mount Kosciuszko in Australia NSW
  • Mount Tasman NZ
  • Mount Fuji Japan 
  • Pidurutalagala Sri Lanka
  • Mount Elbrus Russia 
  • Mount Hoverla in Ukraine, Carpathian
  • Mount Kazbek Georgia
  • Galdhøpiggen in Norway
  • Mount Apo the Philippine
  • Mount Rinjani Lombok
  • Humphreys Peak, Arizona in The USA
  • Mauna Kea in Hawaii

Specialized Training 

  • Adventure Travel-Related Training:
  • Advanced open water & rescue diver
  • Jet-ski & boat license
  • Underwater & Nature Photography
  • Climbing, Tropical jungle & Australian outback surviving
  • Sea surviving
  • Emergency light aircraft landing and escape
  • Aircraft and boat rescue
  • Structural and Bush firefighting 
  • Emergency First response 
  • GPS navigation and map reading, 4WD
  • Advanced first aid
  • Snakes & dangerous reptiles handling

Other Qualifications

  • Digital Media Graphic Designer & IT
  • Page-Level SEO
  • Web page design 
  • Blog writing focus on SEO strategies
About SEO


Bhanuka “Ben” Gunarathna 

Information Systems Professional ~ MSc.(IT & Mgmt.)-UK, MCTS, MBCS, MCITP, MCSE, ITIL. Santa Fe Relocation Keele University. Ben is an expert in the design/delivery of cost-effective, high-performance technology solutions. I have proven technical, strategy, and analysis skills gained from complex work environments, where I have worked hard to hone my technical and commercial capabilities. I have invested in critical studies and professional development and put myself in positions to take on employment duties. Also, that have enabled me to demonstrate a high level of decision-making and project management/coordination capabilities.

About Ben’s Education Institutions  

Keele University, United Kingdom, Master of science, Information technology & Management

Our Globalised Travel Network

Mete Ozkan’s Profile 

My name is Mete Ozkan. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Music City, Nashville , Tennessee. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I pursued a degree in teaching. I worked as a part-time teacher and football coach. After sometime, moved to Northern Ireland to complete my Master’s in Political Psychology. I have traveled and spent many months throughout the Americas, Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Turkey over 55 countries. The first time I went alone internationally was when I was 13, and I can still remember that journey vividly. 

The depth, warmth, and hospitality showed to me created a life-altering experience. That first trip was the launching pad for pursuing athletics and academics in new countries and being open and learning extensively about countries throughout the World. I hope to explore parts of Africa and Central Asia in my future travels with travelers. Type of Travel, backpacking.

Veronica’s Profile  

Profile Veronica

I am a passionate traveler and explorer who never stops. I have lived in Indonesia, traveled a bit around Asia and Europe, and spent a year in Australia, Canada, and Sweden. Both those countries, together with Asia, are my strong passion and forever favorites!

My Education Background

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in tourism, followed by a vocational background in Media and Communication. To top it all up, I am also soon finishing my Master’s degree in Journalism. (but we all know, the learning process doesn’t end with a certified paper). From professional experience, I definitely see a lot of thanks to work in a massive 5* international hotel chain at Conference&Events Department. However, I am incredibly grateful for all the insights and priceless experience. After all, I realize that I am more of a backpacker kind of person, and adventures are strongly preferred above anything else! Currently blogging about and observing with travellerhints.com.

Michele Profile 

Michele writer

For most of the last three years, I have left my native Pacific Northwest in the United States and lived abroad. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in economics, I headed overseas to work towards my MBA in England, which I ultimately finished last year. In addition to writing for travellerhints in my spare time. Also, I work as a football player.

Travelling Life

This career has taken me from America to England, Spain, Iceland, and Spain again. I have lived in four different countries and have traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Spending time living abroad has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who gets the chance. There is no better way to broaden your perspectives, learn more about yourself, and learn how to be independent than to separate yourself from your comfort zone. Also, immerse yourself in, and adapt to a foreign culture. 

Little Advice 

However, if you can’t live abroad, travelling abroad is the next best thing! I know people say it all the time, but once you start moving and seeing the World, you won’t stop! It is intoxicating to hop on a plane or boat or car or train and step off into a whole new world, full of fresh, different, and unique experiences, whether subtle differences or massive cultural differences. It is a big world out there, so I might see as much of it as possible!

Juhi Shrivastava’s Profile 

Juhi-Shrivastava writer

I’m Juhi Shrivastava, a traveler, full-time writer, and blogger by profession because writing is something I love to do. I love traveling, love exploring new things, meeting new people, live my life to the fullest, and yeah, obviously a happy-go-lucky kind of life. I’m an offbeat and adventure travel enthusiast. I don’t travel to the usual destinations and wish to unravel the lesser-known places in India. I have traveled all over India with a few overseas adventures in Asia and Europe.

Cathy Guerrero’s Profile 

Cathy Profile

I’m Cathy Guerrero, who loves to travel, a budget traveler who lives in a beautiful tropical country called the Philippines. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Yeah, I’m supposed to be a Web Developer. Still, I work as a Google Adwords Consultant or Search Engine Marketing Consultant. But I’m happy with my job knowing that I’ve helped many clients from all over the World. (name it; US, AU, UK, Canada, and other Asian countries) to advertise their businesses and services in Google and other social media platform like Facebook. I was born in a small laidback home town. I was a dreamer, dreaming if I can travel outside my country, since then I’ve been working hard, move to the big city and start to live alone away from my family.

My Travelling Life 

I have been to some Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Macao, Singapore, Hongkong, and Malaysia. And my next plan is I hope to get a visa to visit Europe, the US, Africa, and more awesome countries.  My first solo trip was last year, and I enjoyed it a lot; meeting different people, learning their culture, and tasting the local foods was one of the best experiences during my trip. Traveling is learning that you can’t find in any books. You get matured, you failed, you learn a lot and accept the people around you, and not judge them because of their culture and beliefs. After all, it is about acceptance respect. So while I’m still “young,” I’m out there with my bag and going nowhere.

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