Visit Ukraine Safely; visiting Ukraine during the war can be a tricky topic. However, it is possible and safe because, recently, I have been to Ukraine during the war safely as a visitor. Even though, until the war started, Ukraine was a popular travel destination among foreigners. Unfortunately, Russian terrorists invented part of Ukraine and destroyed innocent lives, the economy, and the way of peaceful society all over Ukraine. So, as a foreigner, you want to go to Ukraine and see what is happening with your eyes, and this blog will give you a piece of deep insight and information. As we all know, martial law is forced in Ukraine. And air traffic has been suspended since the war started. However, foreign travelers’ entry and exit processes by land are smoothly operational.

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Entry Requirement to Ukraine

Ukraine is visa-free for 90 to 180 days for many countries’ passports, as shown below.


The UK





Some South American countries 

Some Middle East countries 

Few Asian Countries 

Full list here 


Summer Beach Holiday Ukraine, Kiev
Summer Beach Holiday

Getting to Ukraine is pretty straightforward and safe. I have traveled to several cities by train and bus for several weeks without any problem. Travelers could quickly enter Ukraine from Europe, such as


My recommended checkpoints for foreigners

Poland – Ustyluh, Shehyni, Uhryniv, Rava-Ruska, Krakivets. 

Slovakia – Uzhhorod

Hungary – Tisa

Romania – Dyakove

Moldova – Mamalyha, Kelmentsi, Sokyriany, Rososhany

Visit Ukraine Safely – How I did visit Ukraine

I flew to Poland Warsaw capital of Poland, and booked a bus to Kyiv.

From Poland to Kyiv

By BusFrom Poland to Ukraine or From Ukraine to Poland.

Bus services are available at night or during the day. Several comfortable buses are running throughout the day. However, FlixBus service is recommended. It takes around 10 hrs from Poand to Kyiv, and time entirely depends on the efficiency of the checkpoint. Bus service From Poland is available for several major cities such as Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, or Dnipro. FlixBus Booking

Visit Ukraine Safely – By Train

From Poland – Ukraine, train service is available from Warsaw or Kraków —however best trains for foreigners are below.

Important – Ukraine Train App here

Kyiv – Chelm

Odesa – Peremyshl

Kyiv – Warsaw

Kyiv – Prague 

Mukachevo – Chop – Košice

Kyiv – Chisinau

Rakhiv – Dilove – Valya-Višeului train

Kyiv – Budapest – Vienna

Best Safe Hotels in Ukraine

I have stayed in some of the safest hotels in Ukraine. It is your choice, but the Ukraine Hotel in  Kyiv is Highly recommended. For example, the below hotels are located best air defense range.

Kyiv –  Ukraine Hotel

Odessa –  Alexandrovskiy Hotel

Lviv – Bankhotel 

Visit Ukraine Safely – Special Consideration

When you leave Ukraine by bus, the European Union checkpoint may take an hours-long wait—your flight connection ticket better you to keep some hours gap. For example, I booked my connecting flight from Poland to Dubai from Warsaw the next day. Some people experienced a total of 15 hrs at the Polish border crossing.  

Citizens of Turkey and Georgia can enter Ukraine with a local ID or Passport.

It strongly recommends that you take travel insurance that covers high-risk activities.

As you are a foreigner, better for you to get more accessible entry and exit points while traveling to Ukraine and comfortable transport; I highly recommend the train or more prominent international bus services.

Bukovel Skiing Resort

Visit Ukraine: What would Ukraine possibly offer?

Green Nature
Green Nature

Ukraine is a country with a history, unique culture, and full of nature. Therefore, The entire nation must be on your visiting list. However, Ukraine can still offer many activities during the war, as below.  

Best Ukraine Nature Travel Destination


Summer Beach Holiday

Winter sports

Great traditional food

Traditional Drinks



Historical architecture

Historical monuments and structures

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