FIFO Mining Jobs – How to Find a High Paying Job as a Working Holiday Traveller in Australia

Australia is a country with thousands of kilometres of untouched and uninhabited land, also known as “The Outback”. Apart from the native flora and fauna (and some incredible sunsets and photo opportunities), it just appears to be vast emptiness as far as the eye can see, but there is more to the Australian Outback than that. Beneath the surface lies an abundance and resources and minerals (like diamond, gold, oil, lithium and iron ore), and the process of mining these have generated a whole new job type; FIFO or, Fly in Fly Out.

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FIFO Mining Jobs Hunting Information  For Backpackers! 

What Exactly FIFO Mining jobs 

Because of the remote locations of the mine sites, the workers will fly out to their work site and stay at a settlement camp for the duration of their shifts where accommodation and meals are provided for them before they’re flown back home for some Rest and Recovery or R&R.

While the mine sites themselves is where all the money is, the best jobs for people traveling Australia is at the large settlement camps.

The jobs at the settlement camps are service and hospitality orientated and your duties could range from working in the kitchens, cleaning rooms and house-keeping, working at the bar, or out in the yard as maintenance workers – jobs that require little to no experience, just someone willing to work!

The camps can hold anywhere from 100 to 1000 even more miners and workers, meaning there are always plenty of jobs, especially with travelers and backpackers coming and going.
There are over 400 active mine sites currently in Australia, but the best states to land yourself a FIFO mining jobs are in Western Australia, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

FIFO Mining Jobs chef

These places may be more remote than other mines, but not only does this mean you get to experience the beautiful Australian Outback, but you also get paid more money because you have to fly and live on the settlement for your shift or ‘swing’.

FIFO mining jobs With Benefits 

While living where you work might sound unappealing, there are a lot of benefits to FIFO mining jobs, and it’s not just the money.

Even if you’re working as a service attendant, your flights, accommodations, food, and beverages are all paid for on site.

FIFO Mining Jobs food

You get your own room with a TV, fridge, ensuite and basic amenities, as well as buffet style meal 3 times a day, take-home options, house-keeping service, and most settlement camps even have a bar.

Not only does it mean the only thing you have to do is wash your clothes, it means you can save a lot of money instead of having to pay for the cost of living.

While that may sound luxurious (and it is) you also have to work hard for your money.

Most backpackers or travelers will have more luck getting a casual roster, meaning they will most likely do relief work around lots of different mine sites and camps.

Although this is a great opportunity to see places of Australia you wouldn’t have normally seen, it does mean your roster won’t be consistent.

FIFO Mining Jobs

You may be expected to work for anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, with at least a week in between, sometimes more, depending on what’s available.

During your swing, you will be expected to work 11-12 hour days, 14 days straight; if your swing is longer than 14 days you usually get on-site days off where you’re free to enjoy yourself.
Most camps also offer other facilities like gyms, swimming pools and recreational room with pool or ping pong tables so the employees can wind down and exercise when they’re not working.

Even though 12 hour days might seem long, there’s still time to relax and have a drink with everyone after work, enjoy the warm Australian climate, and make some friends.

FIFO Mining jobs are Just as Rewarding as the Financial Aspect.

A mine site is one of the most culturally diverse workplaces where you’ll get the opportunity to meet so many different people from different cultures and walks of life, and the social aspect of FIFO Mining jobs are just as rewarding as the financial aspect.

Once your shift is over, you get to fly home and enjoy at least a full week off where you can use your $1000 a week pay explore another town or city before you fly out on your next swing.

FIFO Mining Jobs sunset

There are a few ways to get in on a FIFO lifestyle, and finding the best companies to work for is the best place to start.

There are hundreds of facility providers around Australia, but below are a few of the top companies who are always looking for new staff.

FIFO Mining Jobs – Sodexo Australia

Sodexo Australia is the 19th largest company in the world, surpassing fast-food giants McDonald’s, and is the leading facility provider in Australia.

Sodexo is always taking applications and it’s as easy as visiting their website, registering your interest and waiting for someone to contact you.

FIFO Mining Jobs Compass Group Australia

CGA provide support and services to people and businesses operating in isolated and remote locations such as the Pilbara in Western Australia.

Their services include catering, cleaning, village operations, and facilities management.

They lead the way in services for companies in the oil, gas, mining and construction and defense sectors.

You can search for available jobs based on your desired location on their website.

Compass Group

 FIFO Mining Jobs

FIFO Mining Jobs With  ISS Australia

With a team of 15,000 people engaged to work for ISS in Australia and New Zealand, they are a large organization with substantial career opportunities.

They are always looking for competent and capable individuals with the right attitude and skill set to provide exceptional services to their clients.

You can visit their website for job opportunities.

FIFO Mining Jobs – Northern Rise

Providing accommodation, catering and support property services to the resources, construction and tourism and government industry sectors throughout Australia.

Northern Rise is an entirely Australian owned company.

Visit their website for more information on job availability.

FIFO Mining Jobs

FIFO Mining Jobs – FIFO Mining Jobs – Casual Jobs Opportunists.

List of Labour Hiring Companies.

I have listed Some of the best labor Hiring Companies here to get your job in the Mining Industry in Australia. 


    • Chandler Macleod


    • Skillforcerecruitment


    • Seek


    • Indeed


  • Workpac

While is it just as easy as just applying for these jobs, most companies have expectations and things they’re looking for in employees.

A few things that are standard expectations across all companies and mine sites are;

FIFO Mining Jobs

FIFO Mining Jobs Expectations 

Don’t miss your flight. It is your responsibility to make sure you’re at the airport and on the plane to fly out to work.

Your flight times may vary, but different camps have set fly out times that you must adhere to.

Work safe. Due to the nature and scale of the work you do on a mine site, there is a big emphasis on safe work practices.

FIFO jobs

All employees are trained in safety standards before they are allowed on site, but it is up to you to adhere to the rules and procedures.

Unsafe work practices will not be tolerated and could end in serious injury or firing.

Work hard. Working on a mine site or settlement camp is hard work, but the large pay definitely makes the work worth it.

FIFO Mining Jobs safe

But you are expected to do your job to the best of your ability, especially when there are always people wanting FIFO mining jobs.

Friendly and professional conduct. Part of your job in interacting and servicing clients, so having a friendly and professional manner is important.

It’s hard to be happy all the time, but staying positive towards your clients and workmates means there is no conflict, and you’re doing your job well.

Negative attitudes won’t be tolerated, and will just make the job harder for yourself and those around you.

FIFO Mining Jobs – No Drugs.

This comes under the very important safety rules and procedures of mine camps.

While a small amount of alcohol is allowed, every employee is breathalyzed at the start of their shift to ensure there is no alcohol in their system.

If you do have any in your system after half an hour of being tested, you’ll be sent home for the rest of your swing.

FIFO Mining Jobs

Random drug tests are also conducted regularly, and anyone found to have drugs in their system will be fired immediately.

Working under the influence of illicit substances put yourself and everyone around you at risk.

No Sexual Harassment – Gender rights are no joke. Australian work, as well as the common law, gives to women all a legal right to live and work free from sexual harassment.

FIFO Mining Jobs – Pay Info

The rate of pay across these companies and others in the industry are all relatively similar.

If you have a full-time position, the average salary starts at $75,000 per year plus superannuation (Australian Retirement Fund), If you are a casual, your hourly rate will be around $35 per hour.

Whether you work casually or have a full-time contract, it still gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money, especially while you’re traveling and can use cheap accommodation such as hostels or homestays.

FIFO Mining Jobs pay

FIFO Mining Jobs  Application Info

Australia has a fairly ‘laid-backapproach to workplaces, while there are things that are not tolerated (harassment, theft, racism etc.), people with bubbly, funny and friendly personalities is what most companies are looking for in potential employees.

Especially when you’re applying for jobs in hospitality and service.

The selection process for FIFO mining jobs is similar to a lot of other job applications.

Once you have registered your application, someone will contact you either via phone or email.

Usually, you will have an interview over the phone, and if you’re successful, will have a face to face interview as well.

To ensure you get a call, your resume and cover letter should showcase your personality and experience.

If you have had jobs like this in the past, listing your skills and responsibilities is crucial.

Before you’re offered a position, you will need to provide a National Police Clearance from the Australian Federal Police, as well as a Police Clearance from your own country (you will have one from applying for an Australian Working Holiday visa).

You will also have to undergo a medical exam, fitness test, and drug screening.

These are all standard procedures to ensure you’re fit and healthy enough to be working.

You will also have to do online safety and training before you can begin working on site.

Being fluent or semi-fluent in English is also important as you will often have to communicate clearly with other people, and language barriers can hinder the work efforts.

FIFO Mining Jobs – How to Get Your Job Application Shortlisted.

  • National and your country police clearance ready
  • willing to stay over 6 months with the same job
  • Your reliability
  • Your physical capability on CV. ( An Example, Military service)
  • Psychological capability on CV( An example, Remote working or Military service).
  • Hospitality or Housekeeping job experience. 
  • Australian RSA Certificate.
  • Australian First Aid certificate.
  •  Safe food handling training.  
  • Your traveling distance from the airport.
  •  Australian Manual driving license.   

FIFO Mining Jobs

FIFO Mining Jobs – Challenges 

There are many benefits to FIFO mining jobs like saving money, travel opportunities, work experience and meeting new people.

But like anything, there are also some challenges that come with FIFO mining jobs.
Working 12 hours a day can be draining on some people, and can start to have negative mental and physical effects on workers.

fifo mining jobs

It is important to make sure you take care of yourself, eat properly, drink enough water and get enough sleep while you’re working as exhaustion can lead to employees feeling down and possible injury.
A lot of Australians that work FIFO mining jobs often find it difficult to be away from their families for long periods of time, so workers might seem unhappy a lot of the time too.

It might be difficult to not let this affect how you feel as well.

Staying positive and appreciating your opportunities is the best way to embrace the FIFO lifestyle!

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