Northern Territory: Home to the Indigenous culture and place where symbolic red sands of Australian outback reflect thousand shades of romantic sunsets while watching the mystical and spectacular Ayers Rock on the horizon. Northern Territory is vibrant, adventurous place with dramatic and diverse landscape and where the history is reflected in many artistic ways

Northern Territory ( NT) spreads across northern and central regions of Australia and it’s bordering with Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.

Even though this state belongs to the larger ones, due to its sparse population of 233 000 people it is the least populated one in Australia.

Most of the population is concentrated around the capital city of Darwin and along the Stuart Highway instead of coastline. Local residents are often times called “Top Enders” or “Territorians”.

Though the Europeans has discovered this part of the country already in the 17th century, the Indigenous inhabitants were long resisting the European settlement until 1869 where the Port Darwin settlement was established by British explorers.

The  best of Northern Territory:

Due to different natural aspects and form of the landscape, this region is highly dependent on tourism and mining.

The biggest highlight which is at the same time one of the Australia’s most spectacular sights is indisputably the Uluru/Ayers Rock known thanks to its astonishing colour changes during sunset and sunrise.

Northern Territory is full of countless number of precious National Parks.

Next to the Uluru, right in the heart of Australia, is also the Kata Tjuta National Park and the Kings Canyon which both enhance the experience from the real outback. Kakadu National Park in the Top End is a natural wonderland which on the other hand offers wide range of attraction from cascading waterfalls to exotic animals and ancient rock art.

Arnhem Land is a destination covered by wild sceneries and lush landscapes blending together with savannah woodlands.

Darwin often serves as Australia’s gateway to Asia and it represents great cultural mixture with exotic vibes thanks to it’s tropical climate with high humidity.

On the opposite side, the central part is represented mostly by deserts.

Other important towns with major settlements include for instance Alice Springs, Palmerston, Katherine or Tennant Creek.



Places in Northern Territory – Travel Attractions

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