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Place where the lost paradise can be eventually found. Where nature is showing off some of its most beautiful features and also place where hearts are always open and where smiles and hospitality welcome you on every corner. Where delicious food meets friendly prices and also place where you will simply feel like home. That is South East Asia – place you will never want to leave.

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Asia-China, South-eastern sub region of Asia geographically located south of Asia and north from Australia is a is divided into two different geographical regions.

Those are Mainland part consisting of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar (also often times Burma), Thailand, West Malaysia and Vietnam. This part is often officially referred to as Indochina.


The second part belong to the Maritime Asia-China and includes countries from Indonesia and East Malaysia, through Singapore, Philippines and East Timor till Brunei as well as Christmas Islands, which all together can be also called Malay archipelago.

Different distribution also often consider the Sister States of India as part of the region. On the other hand, part of the New Guinea island – Papua New Guinea; eastern half of Indonesia and East Timor belong to different geographical regions.


This region (Asia-China)  is known for its strong volcanic activity due the intersection of geological plates nearby. Most influenced area in the history was the Indonesian archipelago where geological uplifts created compelling mountain peaks. Indonesia is proud to be the largest archipelago.

Asia-China, the major water surfaces are represented by South China Sea followed by Philippine Sea and indeed the Indian Ocean.

Climate in the whole region is due to its location mostly tropical with hot and humid atmosphere. The two main (rain- and dry-) seasons create the seasonal shift causing monsoons or winds.

The only exception with rather subtropical climate are northern parts of Vietnam and Himalayas in Myanmar with occasional snow during winter times.

The characteristic climate is also home to diverse range of animal species with some truly rare exemplars such as orangutans, Malayan Tapir, rhinoceros, the Asian elephant, tigers or the Komodo dragons can be found.

South east Asia is a huge region with more than 625 million people living there and where plenty of various ethnic groups can be found. The most spread religion is Islam with around 40%. Other religions are eg. Buddhism, Confucianism or Christianity.

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