Lake Bababu is in the City of Surigao. Also known as a sacred place that is believed to have a miracle behind the lake as it can heal sick people.

Going to the Lake Bababu is an adventure and travellers have to pass through the mountains and forests to get there. The place is safe so visitors don’t need to worry. On your journey, you will find many different types of animals and plants.

It also possesses a fine breeze and beautiful scenery that makes you feel calm and frees your mind from stress. Hiking to the place of Bababu is thoroughly amazing and it surely is the best experience in your life.

Lake BababuUpon your arrival at the lake, you’ll get amazed by its beauty with the dark blue clear water. Scuba Diving, trekking, technical cave diving, snorkelling and riding a kayak are one of the best activities there.

They enjoy exploring underwater; watching beautiful sea creatures like different kinds of fish, blob sculpins and more.

Lake Bababu is a unique tourist destination in the Philippines that forms a large circle surrounded by many trees and different kinds of plants. Those are located in the middle of the dark thick forest consisting of a small, beautiful lake.

In general, the place is shaped just like a mouth of a crocodile that was named by Cebuano. They took the name lake bababu from the crocodile.

The place is also considered the living spirit that constitutes the story of a great miracle in this area because of its healing power.

How to get

Direct flights aren’t available to Dinagat group island or Surigao del Norte from Manila. The best way to get there is to fly from Manila to Cebu city and then ship or fly to Surigao del Norte. From Surigao del Norte, board a boat to San Jose, DGI’s main town.

Travellers can find boats in the bay walk where the boats to Siargao are located. Mine was a 3-day solo trip, and the cost was about  P4000 per person or little more. There are regular ferry services to Surigao del Norte and other provinces in northern Mindanao.

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