Lombok Island Tropical White Sand Beaches Holiday Paradise

A promise of irresistible tropical haven; developing tourism while preserving the island green.—Lombok Island

Lombok, surrounded by many islets packed with adventures for travelers and tourists to unfold, is battling its way to be known as a developing tourist spot destination.

It is blessed with a blanket of white-sand beaches, with exquisite, sparkling turquoise bays, impressive waves, and a magnificent marine life exhibit for those who heeds the call of the sea.


The calmness of the picturesque aquatic life for the deep sea enthusiasts, to the extreme, adrenaline junky, wave riders. The sumptuous spread of forested inland, and tobacco and rice field hiking trails that will definitely melt the hearts of hikers and nature explorers. It is where the second highest volcano in Indonesia is located known as the Gunung Rinjani, displaying on its summit is an astounding crater lake and hot springs.


The Gili Islands, lying proximately offshore offers varieties of escapades waiting to be discovered, providing both laid-back backpackers’ retreat and a high class tropical haven. Most part of the island is yet to be developed, but the potential of these untouched, raw places is way beyond ordinary. The landscape, the massive peninsulas, and the world-class surf breaks are Fllowers-on-lombokjust some of the great things to consider this place for a visit.

Lombok has a tropical climate all year round that ranges from 21 Celsius to 32 Celsius.

Just like other tropical countries, wet season starts from November to May and the dry season starts from May to October, therefore making May the best time to be in this wonderful  place, when the weather is just right for a  picture-perfect scenery of bright daylight and the green backdrop paralleled to the beautifully deserted white beaches.

The Tiga Gili or the Three Gilis, located at the northwest coast of Lombok, is composed of three islets namely, Gili Trawagan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. These small islands will definitely capture the hearts of adventurers and tourists who are looking for an isolated dream island escapade, as well as underwater explorers who seek the excitement of scuba diving experience.

Each island has their own sets of resorts and different restaurants to cater the need and basic necessities of the islands’ patrons. Among these three islets, Gili Trawagan is the largest. It is also the most geared and established islet of Lombok’s Tiga Gili for tourism.

Tîr na Nôg, a local pub, claims that Trawagan is the tiniest island in the whole world with an Irish pub, and surprisingly, there is a mosque on the island. The economy of this islet centers on tourism. Trawagan is too small to sustain any wide scale agriculture and too secluded to allow economically viable industry or commerce.

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The middle island of the Tiga Gili is Gili Meno, it is the smallest among the three and it is the quietest island. It has swimming beaches all around the island and a magnificent turtle sanctuary. It may be the smallest and the quietest island but Gili Meno attracts honeymooners that are drawn by crystal clear water and the serenity of secluded beaches.

The primary revenue comes from tourism, fishing, and coconut plantation. A small shallow lake that produces salt in the dry season is located on the west side of the island and until a few years ago at the north end of the island, there was also a small production of seaweed on the reef.

lombokGili Air, the closest island to mainland Lombok, is also popular to couples on their honeymoon and travelers who want to escape their busy lives in the city.

The island offers admirable sites for scuba diving and snorkeling off its east coast, and turtles aren’t timid enough that they can be seen just along the coral reef.

Tourists can also enjoy stand up paddle boarding and kitesurfing on the island. While GIili Trawagan is the largest island and known for its restaurants and parties, and Gili Meno, the smallest and the most secluded.

Though all three islands don’t have motorized vehicles, the means of transportation are bicycles and  a small horse-drawn carriage called cidomo, these preserve the islands’ fresh air.

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Places in Lombok Island Tropical White Sand Beaches Holiday Paradise

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