A Valuable Gift of Nature to Misamis Occidental

Mount Malindang: it is located in the province of Misamis Occidental in the southern island of Mindanao. Just on August 4, 2012, the ASEAN Center of Biodiversity declared Mount Malindang an ASEAN Heritage Park in the Philippines.

Mount Malindang Range is an important and well-known feature throughout the province of Lanao Del Norte, Zamboanga Del Norte, Zamboanga Del Sur and as far as Bukidnon.

It is one of the top 30 highest mountains in the Philippines. Thickly forested ridges, slopes covered creating an extremely attractive picture, a narrow passage that makes the landscape very rugged and separated by several deep ravines.

It features a rainforest, resembling and pine forests, crater lake, numerous creeks, streams and several river systems. It is really a great gift of nature as it provides water for domestic, agricultural and other uses for the population of Misamis Occidental.

The beautiful scenery of Barangay Hoyohoy and Lake Duminagat is one of the most visited areas in the Mountain Rang. It recently became a tourist attraction and now it’s known as Hoyohoy Highland Park which has the best outdoor activities.

The deepest, highest and longest zipline in Asia is the Hoyohoy’s Zipline. So, if you want to experience that, you should check it out. It is a home for some endangered species in the Philippines like Asian Palm Civet Cat, Water Monitor Lizard, The Philippine Eagle, Flying Lemur and Wild Boar.

There are rumours saying that a giant species of monkeys in the deep of the jungle still exist, and that makes this an interesting adventure.

There are plenty of trekking and mountaineering activities held in the area. One of the most famous ones is the annual Freedom Climb which is conducted from June to July, inviting mountaineers all over the country to gather and explore the beauty the mountain can offer.

On the top, the off the road trip via four wheels going back to the top of the hill is the most thrilling part. The estimated travel time from Tangub Proper going up to the hill is 15 minutes. As you travel to Dakak, a fruity smell awaits you. There are Jackfruits, Durian, Marang, Coconut and Rambutan all over the place.

You will definitely love the place and you will surely go back even if you are not so attached to nature. This is a worthy trip, so why not visit and take a look at this place? Come now, have fun, take a picture, refresh your mind and experience the joy it gives.


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