Gili Air Island Night Life Party Fun Guide

You do not see a full on Beach party or Nightlife ambiance on Gili Air Island just like its big brother Gili Trawangan. Though it is the case when looked comparatively at it, it does have sufficient musical vibe which can make the average traveler happy and horny. I visited Gili Air Island four years back, and once again I happened to set my foot on Gili Air in 2018. Then I saw that bars and other kinds of nightlife facilities are more abundant than four years ago.

When the high season arrives with all its fun making opportunities, you will be able to enjoy psychedelic ‘fluoro’ goa style beach party. It is usually accompanied by high techno beats.
This musical enjoyment that this party vibe needs to give you immeasurable satisfaction goes on for days on end. They typically last too as long as two days.
This can be a party vibe that your musical and dance taste desire. So come to Gili Air Island in the high season to enthrall yourself in enjoyment heart and soul to the maximum.

Gili Air Island is Well Popular Among Europians!

Gili Air Island Indonesia. 

The Gili Air Island is very famouse with older Bali expats. It’s events take you back in time showing you earlier characteristics of DJ music developed in the mid-1980s in Chicago in the previous years.
Here the music is as good as the period in which it first rose its head in Chicago.
If you are a person, who needs less emotional comfort by way of musical entertainment you find Gili Air full of such opportunities for social drinking fun.

Gili air island sun set

The beachfront bars are no addition to late night for they close at 11pm. Most locals look for more genuine experience to be had and a smaller number of tourists also look for it.
Though the bars close at 11 pm, it does not mean that the fun vibe ceases to be afterward.
That there are several bars which have music and dancing to sooth your yearning souls. With all this, or is it an addiction? You can indulge in full moon parties.

Gili Air Island is better known for its psychedelic partying. These parties are complete with weeds and alcohol. Gili Boat Party Guide here.
There are also signs like Magical mushroom pizza. As it is not within the scope your experience, you might as well try them.
Yes, try these shrooms which are said to give you enjoyment as you get in lost their taste, in their finger-licking atmosphere of being yummy.
Without proper police regulation, you can enjoy immense freedom in those late night bars. You could do things that are adventuresome. The following are the bars which are well liked on Gili Air.

Gili air Island Beach clubs

Corner Bar

Corner Bar – is very near the harbor. You can see that it is a bit more than what its name tells you about. The bar has a beautiful vibe with its tables and chairs on the beach.

Legend Bar

Legend Bar – is complete with its Wednesdays and weekend party nights. When the high season arrives come here to find it overflowing with lots of reggae music and house music. Hush! Hey buddy, are you after beach fun and carousels? Then the notorious full and black moon parties are found here. This is a venue for that sort of euphoric musical alcoholic and lustful fun making.

Star Bar

Star Bar – It is there right next to Blue Martin Drive. This bar is really liked by the expat drive community and scuba enthusiasts who visit this place. The expat people find this to be a hotspot for boozing. You can taste imported spirits here.


Zipp’s is bar located next to Manta Drive. It makes itself a hotspot for travelers who are into good food and drinks. This bar is uniquely the best venue for late afternoon beers.

In fact, there are good restaurant catering to the various gourmet delights of guests in Indonesia.
They serve dishes in a variety of forms. Such dishes come as Indonesian, Western and European food delights. And here on Gili Air, you find such restaurants a Zippers is one such location catering to your gourmet delights. Once you are on Gili Air Island find them lying along the main strip of the beach on the east coast. Every cafe and restaurant here overlook the same breathtaking views across Mount Rinjani.

Frangipani Garden Restaurant

Where do you think this is located? Find it with an impressive look at Coconut Cottage right in the middle up the main strip of the beach. It is located in the coconut plantation that satisfies your gourmet tastes in the form of local and western dishes that invokes your appetite because they are appetizing in every detail.
If you want to try the Sansak inspired rice table, it is necessary to order it at least one day ahead of the day you want it. Small and medium groups will feel as if they are enjoying a feast once they start experiencing sank.

Gili Air Santay

Welcome to this restaurant to enjoy unique dishes in Thai Food. This place is well liked for no other thing than Thai cuisine. Thai cuisine is just one single example of the variety of cuisines in the world. Here you find it in an outstanding genuine form.

Mirage Coffee Bar

This coffee bar along with its bakery is the place you should go to indulge in a full English breakfast. It is true that it is located on the far northern side that is quieter. You will be delighted to be able to enjoy delicious homemade sandwiches, and if you are looking for an ideal location to have a drink while enjoying the sunset, there is no better one than this classic coffee bar.

Here Are Some Other Great Places

Scratch Bar And Mowie’s (Best Sunset), K69, Dragon Bar, Bambu SPA  

Tasty Food

Gili Island Food

Hey buddy, are you in the quest to find some local fare? Or is it a boutique or exotic food delights? Or otherwise are you into fresh fruits and vegetables? Gili Air can satisfy all of you with its abundant, satisfying gourmet specialties.
Being on the hunt for them we found shark bites which are a delicious sandwich shop, Gili Bliss, Gili Airs first health food bar, indeed among the best of venues.

You see them both situated in the center of Gili Air. It is a matter of less than a five minutes’ walk from the pier. However, genuine local quality isn’t a lot away from it.
As you arrive in this location, you will find yourself in a vibe where they greet you with cheap, fried, Indonesian food stalls. If the travelers are ready to spend some extra money on the satisfaction of your food delights, you can get to some restaurants along the beach.
Now it is time to tell you about our first-hand experience. Upon our quest, we came across the two most beautiful restaurants.
They lie on the southeast part and the northwest at the scratch bar. It was really a delightful experience to be in them. Their food was yummy, and the friendly service could be called among the closest we have ever experienced.

Relaxation On Gili Air Island

Relaxation on Gili air Island

Gili Trawangan is on top of the excellent reputation list for finding the best party location. And how about Gili Air? What is it really the best for? You see guys, it is much more relaxed.
There is no better place for relaxation than Gili Air. Its chilling out vibe is what makes it the most unique among its kind. You have to spend bucks a bit more than in other places.
Why is it so? Well, buddy, it is slightly more expensive than its Balinese counterpart. On this island, you can find spas to a satisfying degree. Their service is among the excellent ones of its kind.


If you are not at a charming hotel if you wish to have a little more of a service that is definitely relaxed, if you like no A/c, if you want the message to be a lot more intense than in other place or if you value less privacy you should come to Gili Air. You see buddy, here on Gili Air you can see perfection about all services catered to giving you a maximum chilling out experience. And this experience will haunt your memory when you are back at home. Hey…seeing is believing!

It is true that Gili Air is located really very close to the Lombok mainland. However, it is the one that is most overlooked of the three Gili Islands. This statement is true when we look at the development of the three Gili Islands.


But there is a very suitable vibe for the budget traveler. It is because most things here on Gili Air is tailored to cater to the needs of the budget traveler and tropical island explorer. The rustic simplicity has won much preference for a lot of visitors. Their choice is its grassroots ambiance. The other thing is that it also gives you the feeling that you are carefully being a part of the local people. You feel that your short stay and its lifestyle is woven into the local’s way of life.

Now here is some information for the travelers who are more oriented towards exploration. You can travel around Gili Air on foot in two and a half hours. It would be just packing some things that come in keeping with your personal needs and necessities that you really fulfill for such a hike around the island. Always keep to the track used by the locals when traveling around the island.

All Types of Budget Options in Accommodation with Hotel Combined on Gili Air Island.

Fortunately, here on Gili Air, we have more affordability in accommodation than anywhere else. That is to say, it’s accommodation packages are the most traveler friendly. However, on the eastern part of the island, it is a bit more expensive. It is also affordable, though.

Gili Air accommodation info

It has better boutique bungalows and resorts. When we stayed, we chose to stay in the western part. It anyhow was a little away from some of the essential things happenings in the tourist scenario. Also, let me tell you more about Gili Air accommodation.

There, indeed, is a broader choice when it comes to choosing accommodation in Gili Air. it will take your heart, and they are in keeping your varying needs of budgeting your stay. They have not introduced villas here in Gili Air. They will do so in the time to come.

So you should expect to find a nice cross-section of rustic and natural bungalows, huts and rooms which have been established in beautiful groves along the beautiful beach strip which is as sandy as sandy can be.

Manta Dive Resort Gili Air – Booking with Hotel Combined

Since it first opens just over 9 yrs on Gili Air, Manta Dive Resort has grown to be one of the most popular Dive Resorts in the Gili Islands. The best hospitality provider Winner of the Trip Advisor 2015 and 2016 traveler’s choice award. The resort offers the perfect blend of excitement for your relaxing holiday. Also, The this accommodation held a reputation as some of the best housing on Gili Air with a variety of rooms options to different suite budgets. You don’t have to be a diver to stay with us, although if we have anything to do with it, you probably will be by the time you leave!

Coconut Cottages on Gili Air

There are the Coconut Cottages. All cottages are a set of beautiful bungalows with fans and air condition. They have a large garden have set back from the beach. They are complete with the availability of hot water and a crew to help you in an ever friendly manner replete with proper etiquette.

Sejuk Cottages are available. They are a set of cottages that are really in a fresh group of Sasak Style lodgings. Each cabin has its marvelous designs and that give them their own identity. There are two of these huts with their superiority. They come with upstairs and lounges for you to chill out. This lounge has hammocks. This is really the best of all accommodation if you come with your family.

Camilla Beach Club Resort on Gili Air Island

Camilla Beach Club on Gili Island

Stunningly Beautiful beachfront location of the Camilla resort and it is the beachfront restaurants one of the great places to have a relaxing holiday. The entire accommodations in the villas just a few meters from the ocean. Means, only a few steps away from crystal clear water and white sand beach as your dream. Also, The resort is holding a reputation as the best wedding ceremony on Gili Island for westerns. 

Bel Air Resort & SPA

Bel air resort & SPA on Gili Air is a beachfront resort located on the beautiful part of the Island, just less than 2Km from the port.
The Resorts offers fantastic sunrise views of mountain Rinjani from Loombook Island.
I was there for a few days and the entire villa garden full of an ever lush tropical garden with fragrant frangipani trees, mangos also, cashew trees. The restaurant is an eclectic mixture of old and new, built around a beautifully restored 200-year-old Joglo from Yogjakarta and the new “Phoenix” Bar just renovated after the devastating earthquake, featuring antique mosaic flooring and modern contemporary steel trusses in a musical theme.

Villa Karang– This has a pool and a restaurant. There is also a bungalow overlooking the ocean and the inland locations. The rooms here are within the ranges of prices that are affordable if you look for a middle market price for them.

Getting On Gili Air Island

You can get to Gili Air from Gili Travengas by island hopper boats. Most tourists find satisfactory and preferable. You use the same mode of transport from the Gili Meno in the neighborhood. To get to Gili Air, it takes thirty minutes from Gili Trawangan. The boats leave Trawangan harbor at 9.30 am and 4.00 pm ( IDR 25000). They stop at Gili Meno first before getting to its destination – Gili Air. When the boat gets to Gili Meno, it will be 9.45 am an 4.15 pm you have to spend IDR 23000 from there.

Swimming and Snorkelling

Excellent high visibility snorkeling is available right from the main strip along the east coast of Gili air – A lovely white sandy lane dotted with Indonesian style bamboo eco-bungalows with little restaurants where you can eat overlooking on top of a turquoise sea.

Snorkeling facilities are available here. The services are run by the locals engaged in this trade. Also, others involved in diving provide this service for getting exciting marine experience.

Surf On Gili Air Island

The island is not very famous for surfing. It is less known for its service. Though the service is not of high quality in general, there are instances where top quality services regarding surfing are provided. There is a break on the right to the south west of the island. It is called Playgirl. Here far from the ground, the waves give you jack-ups to gather speed to go over the coral heads that are jagged. They also provide a steady barrelling section.

Other Travel Information

You can use all the usual cards such as VISA, master and even cirrus and Maestro. The new power cable has been installed from the mainland. So they accept cards. That means you can travel safely without taking with you a lot of cash. Sometimes, there is a disturbance in the provision of power. They call these power outages ‘Mali lampu.’ Anyway, it guarantees that their guest stays for a bit more time longer. Well, isn’t that also for their own benefit.

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