Palaui Island Great White Sandy Beaches

What makes this place more beautiful? It’s because of the hidden waterfalls, an 18th-century old lighthouse, and lovely people, all in one scenic terrain surrounded by huge waves and howling wind.

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Palaui Island: it is located at Sta. Ana, Cagayan, Philippines. This island is one of the best places to spend your vacation time in. The town was so blessed to have a beautiful coastline and great white sandy beaches along its shore.

Also, it has a special economic zone with modern industrial establishments, other gaming facilities like casinos and more.on the other hand,  the island is made up of volcanic debris with a land area of 3,000 hectares is under the jurisdiction of the town of Sta. Ana.

Palaui-IslandHow to get there?

Take a plane or a bus going to Tuguegarao and from there, ride a bus or a van going to Sta. Ana with a travel time of two to three hours. There is no commercial accommodation on the island directly, but there is plenty on the mainland of the Philippines.

There are many activities that you can do like fishing, hiking, checking out the Siwangag cove, scuba diving, camping, find the hidden falls and experience the Viray Festival held yearly from May 26 to 30.

When you set foot on this island, you won’t even believe what you are seeing is real. The landscape is very beautiful. Also, the water is so clear. Palaui Island is isolated and not yet commercialized and the stars are visible at night and it is the best time for stargazing.

The History of Palaui Island

While trekking to the century lighthouse, the view gets better as you go up. When you reach the top, all your sweats are worth it as it is one of the most beautiful views that you will ever see and you won’t be able to stop taking pictures from every angle. Fall in love in a place nurtured by time, sing with the howling sound, discover, explore and experience Palaui Island.

Palaui Island Hiking 

The island is about 74,000 hectares large, it is an excellent place to trek and see unusually tropical plants as well as mountainous landscapes.

All travelers to make sure to have a local guide with you. Well, do not attempt to hike without a guide. So, you might end up getting lost on the island. because only a few local families are living on the island.

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