The Best Nightlife Activities in the Philippines!

Nightlife Philippines Info Guide!

The Philippines is a stunningly beautiful country that has loads of white sand beaches, untouched islands, and lush green mountains. It seems that when it comes to natural beauty, the Philippines is tough to beat. And this is the main reason why tourism keeps growing. As they say, it’s more fun in the Philippines. But the fun activities in this paradise country does not stop during the day. Nighttime is just as exciting. Every major city has its night time activity. These draw in tourists from all over the world. So here are the best nightlife activities in the Philippines you can do sans alcohol.

Here Five Of The Best Nightlife Activities In The Philippines.

Nightlife Philippines – Firefly Watching

Firefly Watching Nightlife activities
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Location: Bohol Province!
When night time comes, fireflies come out and dominate the trees lined up along the banks of Loboc and Abatan Rivers. These are of the pteroptyx MacDermott species, one of the rarest kinds of fireflies in the whole world. They light up your way by staying in the branches of mangrove trees and emit a light yellow hue. These appear as faint lights from afar. But when you come close, they look like a galaxy of stars hovering over you. This awe-inspiring experience will send chills down your spine.

What A Popular Place

Seeing it with your own eyes is a breathtaking sight to behold. These blinking lights number to more than a hundred and draws the attention of passersby. The scintillating spectacle happens when male fireflies light up in the pursuit of their lovely female counterparts. These rivers become center stages to an impressive show of light and sound. By the way, Firefly Watching is the perfect complement to the stark darkness of the Bohol sky. And this endemic species is only found in these parts. They stay on the branches for a good three years as larvae. After, they become beautiful creatures that emit light before they die after a month.

Walk on the Naga City Boardwalk

Naga City Boardwalk
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Location: Naga City, Cebu Province
Naga City, Cebu (not to be confused with Naga City, Camarines Sur) is an industrial area where huge multi-national companies have set up base. It is also fast becoming a tourist hub with several establishments and tourist destinations popping up in recent years. One of these is the famous Naga City Boardwalk.

What A View

The place draws in both local and foreign tourists because of its picturesque setting. With a view of the water, the place exudes a relaxing ambiance that makes it a perfect spot to take strolls. With the cold sea wind brushing through your hair, this is the ideal place to spend a night of fun with your friends and family. An end-to-end walk is the best way to take all your worries away. The Boardwalk is a highly-recommended place to go to if you want to venture out of Cebu City. It takes less than an hour to get here from the provincial capital. There are lots of affordable accommodation in the region. Like  Airbnb vacation rentals in Cebu, Philippines, that can help your budget.

Nightlife Philippines – Best Food In The Region

There are places nearby that will satisfy your hunger. These come in the form of street food stalls ready to feed you anytime during the night. There is also a large Soccer stadium and a park for children where you can bring your little ones.

Shopping At Night

Shopping At Night
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Location: Baguio City, Benguet Province
The City of Baguio is among the popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. Locals love to come up to this city as the weather here is a lot cooler than most of the country. Perched high up in the mountains of Benguet Province, the city is famous for numerous tourist destinations, scenic destinations, and a cuisine native to the Igorot tribe. At night, Harrison Road becomes an exciting place where shops prop up, and hordes of shoppers drop by. The Market is known as Baguio Night Market, and it is one of the popular reasons why people come up to the City of Pines.

The Costs

Most of the items here are priced very low. You do not have to bargain for these, but you can try. Most of the stuff sold is ‘ukay-ukay’ or used items, but you can still score some brand new ones. These items include clothes, gadgets, children’s toys, and leather goods. It is hard to find a cheaper place to shop than Baguio Night Market.

Enjoy the Rides at Star City

Enjoy the Rides at Star City
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Location: Pasay City, Metro Manila
Right along the shores of the famed Manila Bay stands Star City. This theme park is the only one of its kind in the whole country that is weather-proof. The place opens every day of the year, the park operates more than thirty exciting and scintillating rides and features everyone in the family can enjoy.

Climate Controlled

About two-thirds of the park is situated under roofs and have to air-condition. It is the first theme park built in the Philippines based on international standards. The park is where Filipinos got their first sight of a log ride, full-loop rollercoaster, and a double-decker carousel.
The famous Snow World is the biggest ice attraction in the whole country. Aside from a playground covered in ice, this feature also has the longest slide made from frost in the Philippines. One of the feared attractions in Star City is the Star Flyer. It is a rollercoaster where riders are propped up with their feet dangling in the air.
The Giant Star Wheel is a tall Ferris wheel that tops out to about 200 feet. Aside from the rides, Star City is home to Star and Aliw Theaters, where guests can watch concerts.

Visit Calle Crisologo Heritage Street

Visit Calle Crisologo Heritage Street
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Location: Vigan, Ilocos Sur
A drive up north from Manila to Vigan City in the province of Ilocos Sur takes you to Mestizo District. Heritage Street is an area of the city that will take you back about two centuries. Calle Crisologo is the main attraction here. This street is lined-up with Colonial-inspired houses preserved as the day they were built. The long and narrow road is a popular tourist destination. Also, every establishment opens in the morning. By the way, this part of the town becomes vibrant and lively at night. All the stone houses are lighted with tungsten street lamps, the cobblestone pavements are shine, and several calesas or horse-drawn carriages are seen taking visitors around.

UNESCO’S World Heritage Sites.

These lamps give the district an old-world feel.
This street is littered with culinary establishments like Irene’s. The specialty of this eatery is Vigan empanada, a pastry shell filled with Vigan longganisa and papaya. Then there is Café Leona for Filipino and Japanese specialties. This district is listed as one of UNESCO’S World Heritage Sites.

In Summary

There is so much to do in the Philippines at night. These are some of the fun-filled activities. They are available you todo at night. Gather your friends and family and head on over the beautiful country of 7,000 islands.

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