The Secret to Making Your Next Holiday Booking the Easiest One Yet!

Last updated on January 24th, 2020 at 08:07 pm

Travel Packages are the sure-fire way to make your next holiday booking and planning the most stress-free trip you’ve ever had!

The worst thing about planning your next holiday is having to deal with all the things that come in travel packages such as booking your own accommodation and flights, organizing transport around your destination, and all the great tourist things you want to do, all while budgeting and trying to manage your time, all on your own.


So what if there was a way for someone to do it all for you, and all you would have to do was pay? Well, there is! And they’re called travel packages! Leave the stress of holiday planning to someone else while you sit back and enjoy your all-inclusive holiday!

Travel Packages

Travel packages are a great option if you want to get the full tourist experience, make it to all the best attractions and destinations, and even jump the long queues that can turn an exciting holiday into a waiting game.

There’s an abundance of different travel packages to suit all types of travellers needs, with your flights, all-inclusive accommodation, and transport included, with some even chucking in some free meals and tickets to different attractions.

Establishing what type of travel package is best for you starts with deciding what kind of holiday experience you want to have.

Are you looking for an adventure, adrenaline-filled holiday that will keep you on your feet and out and about, experiencing all the thrills your destination has to offer?

Or do you just want to see all the amazing sites of a few different places all in one jam-packed trip, while meeting new, like-minded people?

This is what you can experience and much more when you decide to experience travelling a new way, and booking a travel package!

What are some other benefits of Travel packages Bookings?

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Apart from the convenience of not really having to organize any of your flights, accommodation or means of travel, if something does happen to go wrong (delayed or canceled flights, etc.) the responsibility of resolving these issues falls on the booking company, so while bumps in the road, while you’re on holiday, can be frustrating, it’s not as frustrating as having to resolve them!

Especially if you’re in a country where there’s a language barrier.

We all want the best deal possible when booking a holiday, so rather than spending hours scouring through different websites and comparison sites, when you book a travel package, you’re generally getting the best deal available.

The main reason for this is because most travel agencies bulk buys their packages, and therefore can sell them at a lower and more competitive price than if they were sold individually.

As well as being cost-effective, they’re also time effective! Say goodbye to spending hours trying to navigate different websites and decipher what all the different additions and charges etc. are!

Leave that up to someone else, all you have to worry about is picking all the amazing destinations and attractions you want to see, then putting in your payment details at the end!

Even when it comes to the actual trip, most of your time is managed for you, and you get to sit back (or jump in!) and enjoy your vacation!

Whether you’re a solo traveller or going with friends or family, there is definitely an attractive social element to group tours!

You’ll get the opportunity to meet like-minded people with similar interests that you can share the experience with, and make new memories.

This is particularly appealing to solo travellers as it gives an added feeling of safety while you’re overseas, and gives you new friends to continue to travel with, or new friendships to take home.

With anything, there are always things that you should consider before booking your travel packages.

There are a few things that could be considered as ‘downsides’ to booking your travel packages; if you’re booking a full guided tour in multiple destinations, you might not always get to pick your own hotel.

This is not to say that your accommodation won’t be nice, and you can generally choose the level of accommodation when you pick your travel package, but depending on what agency you book your tour package through, there may not be an option to change your hotel.

The same can be said about the scheduling of your holiday. If again, you’re choosing a tour package, your daily itinerary is already organized for you, and it means you might not always get the time to explore and do your own thing, but like the accommodation, it depends on what kind of package you go for, and with so many different types available, this is an easy obstacle to overcome.

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There are a number of ways you can book a travel package, whether you’re just looking for a flight  – accommodation  – transport bundle, or a full-blown or all-inclusive guided tour.  

You can go into your local travel agencies (if you’re in Australia, Student Flights is great for discount travel packages for students or under 25’s), or check out some of the websites below;

STA – Hotels Deals

Expedia – Hotels Deals.


The following allows you to fully customize your travel itinerary to suit your needs;




IntrepidTours (Intrepid also categorizes their tours on a scale from physically demanding to extreme relaxation, and also gives you the option to choose how many guided group activities you participate in)

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