Taal Volcano - Easy Hiking Adventure in Philippines

Taal Volcano is a complex volcano with stunning hiking tracks located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines and also, the second most active volcano in the country

Taal Volcano in Tagaytay City, Philippines is one of the still active and at the same time the smallest volcanoes in the world. It is a well-known place, rich in beautiful views.

For tourists who want to visit this place, you can ask for a tourist guide. Hiking here is very easy and truly worth the hike when you see the crater lake. The volcano’s crater is perfectly beautiful and attracts tourists attention.

Taal Volcano

The volcano is surrounded by a freshwater lake. This Crater Lake is composed of unique species, such as sea snake species (Hydrophis Semperi) that live only in a freshwater.

The Bulls Shark and the Giant trevally known as Maliputo in Tagalog are very familiar fish in Taal Lake. There is also a Sardinella Tawilis a fish that can be found in the Philippines and only exists in fresh water.

The best weather to visit the place is during summer because of its good climate.

Aside from the beautiful view of the volcano you can ride a horse if you can’t make it by walking. You can also ride a boat to explore the lake.

Taal Volcano is near the city of Manila. You can travel by land, passing through the zigzag road of Talisay and the beautiful panoramic stunning views of the surrounding nature.

The management allows tourists to swim and dive in the lake.

You can also enjoy water sports at the Taal Yacht Club. Just remember to bring enough drinks because you will easily get tired due to the hot weather. Wear anything that can protect you from the sun and the best time to go is morning.

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And of course, before you go home, make sure to visit some of the tourist spots there like the People’s Park in the Sky and Picnic Grove.

The view of beautiful freshwater lake offers you best relaxation hiking experience

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