Beautiful nature: Hinagdanan Cave is made of stunning limestone. The entrance of the cave is a little hole of about one metre wide in diameter.

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Hinagdanan Cave: aside from Chocolate Hills and Tarsier, Caves are also known in Bohol. One of the popular is the underground Hinagdanan Cave.

It is located in Barangay Bingag, Dauis Panglao Island. From Tagbilaran you can get there by tricycle. It will take around five to 10 minutes. Ask the drivers, they know how to find it.

Hinagdanan Cave

When the owner of the area was clearing the decaying branches of the land, he found a hole and accidentally discovered the Hinagdanan Cave.

The owner threw a stone and then he heard a splash. It is called Hinagdanan means (laddered) because the owner built a ladder to get into the cave.

In the cave, there is an underground lake. Water is clean but a bit salty especially during high tide when seawater enters. There was an area for some short diving. The deepest part about 12 feet, but can differ with tide and season.

The Hinagdanan Cave has a large number of stalactites hanging from the ceiling and match to the stalagmites sticking out below them.

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Access can be a little tricky with steep steps and rocks. The path is slippery, the good thing is that there is a metallic railing that you can hold on if you lose your balance.

Basalt mixed with coral can be sharp on the feet but there is a lot of smooth areas which are great for pictures. Locals go there to swim and even tourist can take a swim too.

Near the cave, there is a small souvenir market. There are selling T-shirts, bags and all sorts of stuff for gifts at reasonable prices.

Traveller Warning 

However, Tourists have been advised to not go dip into the lagoon because of the karst pollutants present in the cave water as well as deep into the lagoon.

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