Beautiful Beaches Perth, whether you wish for a stroll along the squeaky clean white sand. Even though TO DIP YOUR TOES OR BOARD into crystal clear blue waters or WATCH A dazzling Indian ocean sunset, well, Perth beaches have got it all!

List of Beautiful Beaches Perth 

There is an 80km stretch of coastline with beautiful beaches to be enjoyed in Perth, each offering its unique surroundings, breathtakingly views, and all the right ingredients for a fun day out.

Beautiful Beaches Perth

Five Best Beaches in Perth 

Scarborough Beach

Cottesloe Beach

Swanbourne Beach

South Beach

Sorrento Beach 

One of the Most Beautiful Beaches Perth – Scarborough Beach

Are you looking for a white sandy beach with clear blue waters and a social feel to it? Scarborough is the beach for you! The beach is amongst one of the most popular spots for beach-goers in Perth, and as soon as the summer months hit, it is swarmed with people daily and for a good reason. Its pristine white sand and turquoise waters will tempt any passer-by, especially in the earlier hours of the morning, when the waves are at their calmest. 



As the wind, as well as waves, are gain momentum later on in the da. The beach sees the water sports enthusiasts hit its shores as the kite and windsurfers set out to hit those waves, creating a beautiful color display for onlookers. For those looking for more quiet surroundings, the beach’s long stretch of white sand offers plenty of options for more peaceful spots. 


Above the beach, the extensive grassed area is mostly shaded by the majestic native Norfolk Pines and several scattered little wooden shelters. It provides the perfect space for a good old barbeque or any social gathering. The children’s playground is a bonus as it gives parents a little break from entertaining. Besides having all the amenities required for a good day out, across the road from the beach are a variety of bars, nightclubs, cafes, and restaurants. The area is also popular amongst tourists and offers backpacker accommodation and more upmarket accommodation close to the beach. 

The Beach Access 

The beach is easily accessible with direct buses leaving from Perth every 8 minutes or by train.

Another One Of The Most Famous & Beautiful One in Perth – Cottesloe Beach

Perth’s most popular and well-known beach! As you know,  you’re heading in the right direction when you catch sight of the great art deco Indiana teahouse. The tea house is perched on top of a flight of stairs leading down to the beautiful Cottesloe beach. The beach’s squeaky clean white sands stretch for 1.5km, extending from Mudrup Rocks to Swanbourne beach. It is one of Perth’s most popular beaches. It has both the calmer waters and the more energetic parts catering for keen bodyboarders and swimmers alike.

Things to Do

What makes this place incredibly unique are the grassed terraces, which back a large portion of the beach and provide an excellent space to bask in the sun. It is the perfect spot for socializing amongst family and friends. There is a walking path up top for the strollers or those out for a run, not to mention the outdoor gym equipment for exercise enthusiasts. Apart from the teahouse, which also houses the surf lifesavers on the ground floor, the road across from the beach has ample cafes and restaurants should hunger strike!

Beach Access

The beach itself is just off the Marine Parade for those arriving by car and just a short walk from Cottesloe station down Forrest Street for those traveling on foot. During the summer months, the Cottesloe Council also runs a free shuttle bus every 15 minutes between the station, the main beach, and North Cottesloe.

Beautiful Beaches Perth – Swanbourne Beach

Swanbourne Beach Perth

Accessible via Mounts Bay Rd, this beach is located between Cottesloe and City Beach. It is one of the quieter spots in the area. It is home to the Naked Fig CafeBy the way, It is one of Perth’s most famous cafes, which, although not necessarily intentional. It seems to neatly tie in with the nudist theme of this beach, seeing as the Northern section has a marked strip, which is officially clothing optional! So, for anyone wishing to get rid of their tan lines, this is the place to be! For those looking for a good ole swim, the waters here are clear and calm, especially in the early hours of the morning. 


The sea gets a little choppier in the afternoon, making it ideal for bodyboarding. This beach is patrolled and has its surf club and ample parking space.

Best Beach in Perth – South Beach

South Beach – A true reflection of Fremantle’s diversity. The beach showcases the diverse nature of Fremantle and has a beautiful community feel to it. Its 200m southern section is the most popular. It is perfect for a swim or to sit for a moment and take in Rottnest, Carnac, and Garden Islands’ breathtaking views. (Ferry)The grassed area backing the beach sees many social gatherings. Be it a picnic, a simple catch up, or even some slackline practice. If you’re lucky, you’ll even witness someone showcasing some acrobatic talent! The many scattered trees provide a good escape from the sun’s rays on a blistering summer’s day. Most importantly, this white sand one listed as one of the beautiful beaches in Perth.  

Things to Do 

There’s also a pirate-themed playground for any pirate enthusiasts.  South Beach beach hosts the Saturday Sunset food market from 6-8 pm during the summer months. It brought even more people to the beach to share food, listen to live music, and be merry. A beach is a place where tourists and locals meet and share beautiful spaces and good vibes. The beach café is another perfect spot for a coffee or a meal. Getting to South Beach with public transport is simple. You can catch a train to Fremantle Station and then see the CAT free bus service right outside the station, straight to South Beach. There is also ample parking space if arriving by car.

Perth Best Beaches – Sorrento Beach

Visit Sorrento Beach for a fun-filled day out. The beach 600m patrolled a stretch of squeaky-clean white sand and crystal clear water. It has conditions that favour swimming and surfing, making it a regular go-to spot for both families and surfers. Sorrento Beach situated on the North-Western corner of the beach is Hillary’s Boat Harbour, renowned for its array of entertainment options for both the day adventurers and nightcrawlers, including, but not limited to, the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA), The Great Escape water park and the Sorrento Quay Boardwalk. The harbor boasts its bustling retail strip for keen shoppers, not to mention some of the most beautiful surrounding parkland, making it an attraction for almost anyone. There is also the opportunity to leave for an adventure to Rottnest Island and a helicopter tour, whale watching, or diving.

Beautiful Beaches Perth – Floreat Beach

Located just off the West Coast Highway, this beach is the quieter alternative to the famous City Beach, located in Cambridge’s township. It offers the right conditions for swimming, surfing, and kite surfing. It is also popular amongst anglers who make their way to the sea at dawn and dusk to try their luck at a good catch! The beach café is a popular spot for lunching or sitting back and watching the beautiful sunsets.  Floreat is also home to its surf lifesaving club and has all the necessary amenities for a relaxing day at the beach.

Mindarie Beach

( Claytons Beach) : Located at the south of the Mindarie Keys marina, this quaint little un-patrolled beach spans 300m at the end of which it meets a small bluff separating it from Burns Beach. It generally has good surfing and bodyboarding conditions. However, it can be quite reefy, so care should be taken when swimming. The beach may be accessed through the several surrounding bush walks or the southern Mindarie Keys car park.

Beautiful Beaches Perth – Burns Beach

The beach is a favorite amongst locals due to its proximity to the City of Joondalup. This 200m sandy beach is incredibly popular amongst hang gliders. There are a café and restaurant with outdoor seating for those wishing to catch a sunset and the stunning coastal views.

Beautiful Beaches Perth – Mullaloo Beach 

Mullaloo Beach is one of the most famous patrolled beaches in the Joondalup area. The northern part of this long stretch of coastline is where surfers head to catch the higher waves. The waves tend to be moderate toward the south end, making it the best area for swimming. The beach is home to the Mullaloo Surf Live Saving Club located within the natural foreshore reserve in the central-northern section. Mullaloo also boasts one of the most beautiful parklands in the area suitable for family gatherings such as picnics or barbecues. Well, it was Listed as one of the beautiful beaches in Perth.  

North Beach

North Beach

This quaint 150m beach lies just off the West Coast Drive. The absence of reefs and the presence of smaller waves makes it appealing for those looking to swim. The northern section has a section fenced off, behind which lies a fishing platform for any avid fishermen.

Beautiful Beaches Perth – Trigg Beach

If you’re looking for a relaxing stroll, surf, swim, a view, or a bit more of an adventure?  Trigg Beach and it is this part of the coastline has got it all. Trigg beach is top-rated amongst surfers and bodyboarders alike, especially by the rocky point known as Trigg Island. However, the northern section is home to a natural pool known as Mettams PoolThis little section of the beach is reef-protected, allowing calmer waters, making it attractive for young swimmers and the elderly. The beach is also an ideal place to catch sight of Western Australia’s marine life. Well, either by snorkeling or merely attempting a reef walk when the tide is low enough. After a day spent by the sea, you can venture towards Clarko beachside reserve or one of the nearby cafes to take in the day’s encounters before heading home.

Beautiful Beaches Perth – Leighton Beach 

This 1.5km beach is a favorite amongst people living south of the river. It has a quaint port feel to it with views of the sky-high cranes to the south and container ships patiently waiting to enter the harbor on the horizon. It is perfect whether you are looking to kite or windsurf, swim, or enjoy a pleasant long stroll along the white sand. The main swimming spot is by the surf club. However, the northern section, also known as Mosman beach, is famous for snorkeling. The beach has all the necessary amenities, including changing rooms. It is easily accessible by train, with just a short walking distance from North Fremantle Station to the south side of Victoria Street Station to the northern part.

Port Beach

The beach is a very family-friendly stretch of coastline, characterized by its very gentle waves, turquoise water, and white sand. It is another famous beach amongst locals, especially the elderly and families with small children. The waves are not confronting, making it perfect for those still getting acquainted with swimming. Apart from all the necessary amenities, the beach café has a little playground perfect for keeping the children entertained while the adults snack and chat. The beach does not have its surf lifesaving club. However, it is patrolled during the busier months of the year. It’s probably easiest to get here by car; however, the North Fremantle station is an option with a 1.5km walk to the beach.

Beautiful Beaches Perth – Coogee Beach 

This 3.7km stretch of coastline is perfect for swimming, surfing, and fishing or just a relaxed coffee at one of the nearby cafes. By the way, the beach is one of the most reliable escapes for children marked by its transparent turquoise calm waters. Even though the water so quiet,  the beach is watched over by the Coogee Surf Life Saving Club, located between the two jetties. A big grassed area backs the jetty at the southern end with lots of shelters and perfect for a BBQ. There is also a camping area for those wishing to stay overnight.

Kwinana Beach

Kwinana is one of Perth’s money-making hubs, home to its southern prime industrial zone. However, hidden behind this concrete jungle, the beach lies a little Shangri-la. It is a suburban town that boasts the beautiful Wells Park and a picturesque 1.3km white beach suitable for swimming and fishing. Kwinana beach offers a little escape from the busier side of town. Whether it be for a swim, a BBQ, or just some relaxation time under the shaded areas are available while the kids play on the swings. Ample parking space is provided as well as public toilets and a jetty.

Beautiful Beaches Perth Shoalwater Bay Beach 

As its name suggests, this idyllic sheltered beach is renowned for its shallow waters. Even though it is unpatrolled, the sea is relatively calm due to the protection from its surrounding islands. The cross-shore breezes make this also a prime site for kiteboarding sessions. The beach has formed part of the more massive Shoalwater Bay Marine Park. It offers an excellent opportunity to explore its natural wonders and, who knows, possibly some encounters with sea lions, penguins, and dolphins. By the way, the area is the perfect place for some diving or snorkeling, or if you prefer to stay above water, you can try your hand at kayaking or canoeing. It is a prime location for a fun-filled day out!

Beautiful Beaches Perth – Secret Harbour Beach 

Stretching from Becher Point to Golden Bay beach, this 5.7km long beach offers space for both swimmers and surfers alike. However, conditions vary, and rips are unpredictable. Therefore care should be taken when choosing where to swim. The southern section takes patrol precedence. It offers an 80m wide surf zone; however, this varies based on the number of people and activities happening on the beach. Several parking bays may be found along the developed area.

Golden Bay Beach 

Neatly tucked away behind tall dunes in the outer southern suburb of Golden Bay, Rockingham is one of Perth’s little secrets. This 2.5km stretch of white sand takes a back seat compared to Cottesloe and Scarborough’s likes. To top it off, it boasts a well-maintained park, as well as BBQ facilities, a shower block, toilets, and ample parking space. 

Beautiful Beaches Perth – Madora Bay Beach

This 2km stretch of pristine shoreline is located on the fringe of the northernmost suburb of Mandura. The aura of peacefulness that permeates the air when enjoying a day by the sea reflects the Madora Bay community’s laid-back lifestyle. They take great pride in this natural area and space it offers for walking, surfing, fishing, boating, and of course, swimming. The Madora foreshore reserve, which lies parallel to the beach, is also an opportunity for a brisk walk or relaxation on the lush turf. Carparks are located in the south end and center of the reserve.

Beautiful Beaches Perth – Silver Sands

Silver Sands Beach

This 1.6km stretch of white sand and turquoise waters are part of the Mandurah coastline. It can be accessed via various walk paths along Ormsby Terrace. It’s a peaceful, family-friendly beach, perfect for swimming or just picnicking. There are plenty of parking bays on the southern end and various amenities such as BBQs, public toilets, showers, and a playground to keep the kids entertained.

Beautiful Beaches Perth Always Beautiful, and Western Australia is home to the Australian Continent’s best beaches.  

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Beautiful Beaches Perth