One of the fascinating place in the Philippines is the widest and longest river of Cagayan River that found in Cagayan Valley

Beautiful and charming Cagayan River:  A very well known river in Cagayan is the official home of endangered species and endemics, such as the rare riverine fish known as “ludong”, Luzon Bleeding Heart pigeon and the popular “lurung” fish that shows during the rainy season. Those also include the country’s national bird of the Philippines the “Philippine Eagle”.

Its main tributaries are the Ilagan Rivers, Mallig, Sifu, Magat, and Chico. But only Magat River has the largest tributaries of Cagayan River that are situated in Isabella with a 9,808 million cubic meters and 1050 kilometres width. Those form an important role in food production and important economic.

Cagayan-River-raftingThis famous Cagayan River offers other activities such as Kayaking, River trekking and whitewater Rafting – which is one of the most recommended tourist activities.

For the month of August, they celebrate the annual Kagay-an Festival in there. They also conduct the largest local culinary show every year which is the so-called KUMBIRA.

Experience a world-class whitewater rafting adventure for a maximum of 3 hours. It is a very challenging adventure in the river.

There is also kayaking as well as swimming and boating. During your visit, you can join the Tsada Kagay-an Half day city tour. It is the way for you to learn about the historical views of the place.

The City also offers places for you to spend the night during your vacation. There are not too expensive hotels providing a great accommodation and good facilities such as the Country Village Hotel, the Victoria Suite, Cagayan holiday and leisure and many more.

Cagayan River – How to get there:

By Plane

Domestic airline service companies like Airphil Express and Cebu Pacific provide with routes to the provincial capital of Tuguegarao City from Manila.

By bus

Victory Liner bus service, Dominion, Florida, and Baliwag Transit have scheduled trips daily basis from Manila to Tuguegarao city. Estimated Travel time is around 8-12 hours.


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