Pura Taman Ayun - Popular Among Tourist or Backpackers

PURA TAMAN AYUN: One of the most attractive temples of Bali

Last updated on June 27th, 2017 at 04:48 am

Pura Taman Ayun is a magnificent temple surrounded by lake, The Taman Ayun “beautiful garden” gives serenity and tranquillity for tourists.”

Pura Taman Ayun – The temples in Bali are usually crowded since there are plenty of tourist or backpackers  exploring the different kinds of temples each day.

If you want to take a break and find tranquillity among the hordes of people, Taman Ayun is the ideal place.

The Taman Ayun is considered as the Royal temple in the district of Mengwi in the regency of Badung, Bali Indonesia. It is a compound Balinese temple that is surrounded by moat with an amazing evidence of Balinese architecture. The place is boasting with its magnificent landscapes which are made up of lotus and fish ponds.

 Pura Taman AyunThe temple has a large courtyard that has a beautiful landscape that welcomes the guest.

The inner courtyard has multi-tiered shrines. The building temple is about 20 metres tall and is built according to Balinese architecture style.

There is water fountain in front of the temple which is decorated by a lotus plant. The temple also serves as part of the complex rice irrigation system which is part of the Subak and was recognised by UNESCO in 2012

The temple serves as the central place to worship in Mengwi so that the adherents don’t need to travel far that far to larger temples.

It is considered as the landmark of the village. The temple also followed the Balinese Pakuwon calendar which celebrates the anniversary every 210 days. During the festival hundreds of tourist and pilgrims flocks the temple each year.

You need to pay the entrance fee of Rp. 3,000 – 4,000. It opens at 9:00 and closes at 16:00.  You can reach the temple by following the main road north from Denpasar along the common Jalan Kapal towards Bedugul. If you have plans to travel around Bali and your itinerary is long, Taman Ayub is a perfect stopover in Bedugul.


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