Mount Matutum is in North Cotabato, General Santos. It is surrounded by 10,000 hectares of pineapple plantations.

Mount Matutum prominently resides at the southern end of The Philippines southernmost province of Mindanao.

The place is in the custody of Tboli who lived on the mountain. It is a very attractive spot for mountaineers to climb because of its steep slope and the cone shape that catches their attention.

Mount Matutum composes of a vast forest with over 110 species of plants, trees, wild ferns and different kinds of animals.

There are different kinds of animal species that you can see around the mountain. Those are for instance snowy browed flycatchers, warblers, bulbuls, doves, warblers and woodpeckers.

There are also the smallest monkeys in the world called Tarsiers. “Climb and Plant Matutum” is a yearly activity that mountain climbers do, it is also called “Amyak Maleh Matutum”. Derived from the Blaa’n tongue in which Amyak Malek means to climb and plant.

Mount Matutum

So most hikers who visit the mountain need to plant a tree. The place also provides accommodation rentals during your vacation such as Coralynn’s Garden Home Suits, Jovinnaj Travellers Inn, Stonewood hotel, Butler’s house at Koronadal and more.

Those are the cheapest home rentals that provide great facilities and amenities.

The place is one of the famous hiking destinations in the Philippines. Before you climb to Mt. Matutum you need to get a permit by the municipal hall in Tupi.

The Tupi’s official uses the permit application to provide a guide from the list of local mountaineers, so a guide is required.

However; the professional mountaineers can benefit from this.  The permit cost 150php or over $3. As mentioned above, mountaineers need to plant a tree, the mandatory tree seedling costs 10php or less than $.25.

Getting to General Santos from Manila International Airport is easiest by using Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines. Very convenient is to fly rather than any other other option like a boat or a ferry ride.

The flight is just about an hour while the sea transfer takes 3-4 days or 43 hours.  Mt. Matutum is 30km from General Santos.

Mount Matutum is so grand in its steep rise that it beckons nature lovers and mountaineers to climb its lush green slopes.


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