Amaze with the God’s creation in a different ambiance, a fascinating and a good place to swim

 Tumalog Waterfall:  It is located at Natalio Bacalso, Tanawan Oslob, Cebu. From Manila, take a plane going to Cebu City and from Cebu City airport take a taxi or a bus to South Bus Terminal. Then take the Ceres Bus bound to Bato going to Oslob. It takes an hour from the airport to the bus terminal and bus going to Oslob is circa 2-4 hours travel time.

Tumalog-Waterfall-relaxationBefore you visit Tumalog Waterfall, enjoy a Whale Shark viewing or swimming which is just 30 minutes away from this waterfall.

You can ride a habal-habal or motorcycle going to Tumalog Waterfall, as they are the ones allowed to drive thru.

But most common advice from guides or locals to visitors is to better walk while following safety guidelines, especially going downhill. It takes only 10 minutes to walk and it pays the time of thanks to the beautiful scenery.

After a short walk all you can feel is the jaw-dropping experience upon seeing the cascading falls.

The good thing about this place is it is very secluded and the water is so cold. And don’t be afraid to swim because it is waist to neck deep, and the current of the water is restrainable.

You can bring food but make sure that you don’t leave your trash on the site. Visitors can only stay till 6 pm. There is also a bamboo raft that you can use to explore the water and try to give yourself a good massage from the falling water.

This kind of beauty is always hiding from the world that made them mysterious. In order for everyone to see its wonders and you have to travel the distance just to see them.

Enjoy this pristine natural beauty, feel the tropical weather and enjoy the best relaxation holiday in Philippines Island nation.


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