Stunning tratovolcano on Mindanao island in the Philippines!

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Lake Holon is one of the most admired promenades in Mindanao. In the past, the name of the lake was Lake Maughan but when Mount Parker exploded, the Eco-Tourism decided to change the name into Lake Holo. Several years ago the Local government of Mindanao has decided to close the lake but today, it was now opened for all visitors.

The tourism was introduced to the Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato as their shareholders of the Lake Holon. The Lake Holon has an inherent breathtaking view which attracts many tourists.

Most of the tourists who arrived in the area said that the place is sacred because of the legend that surrounds the lake. They also said that the lake was inhabited by some enchanted creatures such as fairies and around 3:00 am in the morning you can hear jubilant sounds.

Lake Holon is known as one of the cleanest waters in the Philippines. At night you can feel the cool breeze from the lake.

For tourists who want to stay in this place, they can set a campsite by using a tent for you to stay at night and set a bonfire. They can also enjoy watching the nature creatures such as monkeys, flying squirrels and birds of prey.

There is a group of rare species that surround this place such as the butterfly related to the Monarch known as Parantica Dannatti Reyesi. That is the former professor of Notre Dame Josue dLosos Reyes who discovered this kind of species.

They also provide a cooking station where you can just cook dinner and they strictly prohibit using the soap in the lake. The place is truly amazing and enchanting.

Lake Holon – How to get there 

There are direct domestic air services from Manila and Cebu to Santos City on a daily basis. If  travellers are coming from Davao, Bukidnon or Cagayan de Oro, there hop bus service available to General Santos City. From there, catch another bus to the City of Koronadal, about an hour travel by bus from GenSan.

Upon arrival, you need to catch a van ride to the town of Tboli which is about a 45-minute or an hour ride from Koronadal. Then, all travellers have to register at their Municipal Tourism Office which arranges guides, porters and transportation.



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