Find casual sex in Sri Lanka info guide to give you all info to have successful hookup travel in the Indian Ocean Island. Well, Far as I know, many solo men from Europe, the USA, and the rest of the World down to Sri Lanka to see beaches and nature. Also, they love to feel and taste chocolate brown ladies or boys in the tropical island nation.

Is Sri Lanka Famous Female Sex Tourism Destination

Secondly, many solo girls are also looking for chocolate brown men in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka isn’t the most popular female sex tourism destination; it is unlikely Kenya. Well, there are many success stories. According to female sex tourism statistics, many ladies come from Europe, Canada, the USA, and Japan. Surprisingly, many Chinese ladies also touched down to Sri Lanka to travel and find sexy Sri Lankan husbands in recent years. By the way, only some of those tourists are looking for casual sex in Sri Lanka. 

Before Find Casual Sex – Sri Lanka – What Do You Know About Sri Lanka? 

Firstly, the Island nation Sri Lanka is one of the most popular OK tourist-friendly countries in South Asia. Also, Solo female travels can travel freely in Sri Lanka without any sexual harassment by male. Well, unlikely India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Bangladesh. Fabulously, this Island nation is sitting as one of the highest human development index in Asia. On the other hand, Unlikely many other nations in South Asia, the Sri Lankan majority a Budish; many temples have built everywhere in the country. Nonetheless, no many faithful followers of real Budisham, most likely, fake followers of the Budisham in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, The Island nation home to many natural attractions such as 

  • Beautiful White sand beaches
  • Mountains
  • Different climate zoon
  • Fabulous history
  • unique culture
  • National parks full of wildlife safari  
  • Marine activities and much more to enjoy your entire holiday. 

How to Find Best Casual Sex – Sri Lanka? 

As I mentioned before, the Budisham filled island nation with a unique social system among Sri Lankan society, make it harder to get laid as a tourist. So, Only a few ways to do it so. Therefore, the Best Way to find Casual Sex in Sri Lanka is below. Sri Lankan ladies are well conservative but changing.   Although, Sri Lankan men are still looking for virginity even in the 21st century. 

Visit Unofficial Red Light Sex Districts

Colombo Best Nightlife or Negombo Nightlife

Go Fun Adventure 

Visit Best Erotic Massage Salons 

See Daily and Weekend English News Papers 

Ask Help From a Tuk-Tuk Driver or Local Beach Boys 

Visit Unofficial Red Light Sex Districts in Sri Lanka

Legal Redlight Sex Districts do not exist in Si Lanka, as we know in Thailand, or Singapore offers the best Red Light Sex Districts. But many unofficial sex areas in Colombo, such as 

  • Kollupitiya
  • Wellawatte
  • Borella
  • Bambalapitiya
  • Dehiwala Beach
  • Mount Lavinia Beach

The Above places offer the best hotels and tourist attractions in Colombo and many illegal brothels and erotic massage salons. 

Local Only Red Light Sex Districts in Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is home to many apparel factories. Those factories are located in the free trade zone approved by BOI. However, many factory workers are females, and they are from the remote part of Sri Lanka. Also, ladies who are working for minimum salaries. As a result of those facts. Many illegal sex services are operating within the free trade zone. Many Sri Lankan young ladies are doing prostitution to earn some extra cash. But as your tourists to the country, you may not find or get access to such local-only sex services.  Therefore, finding casual sex as a tourist almost impossible in the free trade zone. 

  • Katunayake
  • Biyagama Free Trade Zone
  • Koggala

Colombo Nightlife or Negombo Nightlife

Nightlife is the best option to find casual sex in Sri Lanka. Colombo is the best to have nightlife, but most clubs are not even close to western style. I always advise you to go to the upper market places much safer—Negombo also another good hotspot were more tourists than local.  

Night clubs in Colombo and Negombo – Finding Casual Sex in Sri Lanka Advices.

Most Police officers and law enforcement agencies are corrupted. Also, they all politically motivated. Most young males who hang around in Nightclubs are well connected to Local Sri Lankan MP’s, and they are behaving like animals. Please, do not speak with any girls hanging around with local Sri Lankan men; they are often getting very jealousy. 

Best Night Clubs to Find Casual Sex in Colombo

The list below is a selection of some of the best clubs. It doesn’t mean you will find casual sex in Sri Lanka as soon as you walk into the club.

  • Bally’s Casino
  • Rhythm and Blues Nightclub
  • Loft Lounge Bar
  • ZAZA Bar
  • Sky Lounge
  • ON14 Rooftop Bar
  • Barefoot Garden Cafe
  • Molly’s Pub
  • Stirred
  • Kama Nightclub
  • Silk Nightclub
  • Cleopatra Nightclub

Go Fun Adventure

The country is full of nature hiking, surfing, road trips, and much more to do around the Island. As you on an adventure, focus on hunting down your dream to get a good-looking chocolate boy a girl to have fun with. To do it, select some of the best locations where many local ladies or boys hang around. I have given some of the best attractions to explore Sri Lanka. Also, Colombo offers some of the hotspots to meet a girl as below.

Book Best Tours in Sri Lanka

Best Places to Meet Sexy Girls or Boys

  • Crescat Boulevard
  • Colombo City Centre
  • Marino Mall
  • Dutch Hospital – Shopping Precinct
  • Arcade Independence Square
  • Majestic City
  • One Galle Face
  • Liberty Plaza
  • Hilton Colombo Residences Shopping Mall
  • The Racecourse Promenade
  • London place
  • Shangri La 

Also, Some of the parks are great places to have a chat with Sri Lankan ladies. 

Go Adventure Could Increasing Your Hook Up Chances 

As you are a traveler to the country, going on an adventure is the best option to have a great holiday. Also, it will lead to getting hookups on a tropical Island. Traveling by public transport would be a great option to mix with local ladies or boys in Sri Lanka. Also, driving around the West Coast and East Coast of the country. Especially, Hikkaduwa Beach party and Arugam Bay are some of the best options. 

Hook Up Parks

  • Viharamahadevi Park
  • Royal Botanic Garden ( Outside of Colombo) 
  • Hakgala Botanical Gardens ( Outside of Colombo) 
Erotic Massage Sri Lanka

Visit Best Erotic Massage Salons

Many massage salons are operating in Sri Lanka illegally. Those places are providing sex-related services directly or indirectly to locals and foreigners. Therefore, as your tourists to the country, visiting those places may increase the chance to find casual sex in Sri Lanka.  Some of the best Erotic Massage Salons in Colombo and Negombo Here. 

See News Papers 

Buy some New papers published in English. And look up advertising pages for personal services: all English advertising is targeting foreigner or wealthy local. So, most advertisements are relaxation style or Ayurvedic massage & treatments. 

Ask Help From a Tuk-Tuk Driver or Local Beach Boys 

Another best way to find casual sex in Sri Lanka, but nothing will be free in heavily touristic areas as your tourists. Therefore, many beach boys and Tuk-Tuk drivers are available to help you with many commissions. In most cases, they will take you to dodgy massage places, nightclubs where hookers are hanging around like seedy nightclubs.

Street Prostitution 

Well, a very low-class street prostitution business is available in Pettah Colombo central. In front of the central railway station, many places like Beira lake after sunset and those prostitutes are servicing locally. 

Prostitution or any other sexual activity which could exchange for money is illegal in the country. But having sex with different people isn’t illegal under British law. However, all underage children are protected. And we strongly advise not to do any inhuman, such activities.


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