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Adem's Peak Sri Lanka: Located in the southern portion of the Central Highlands, this mountain stands nearly 2250 m tall and is a sacred site across various religions.

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Adams Peak Sri Lanka the best climbing: Sri Prada!

Located in a beautiful area of the southern Hill Country, this lofty peak has sparked the imagination for centuries and been a focus for pilgrimage for more than 1000 years

Located in a beautiful area of the southern Hill Country, this lofty peak has sparked the imagination for centuries and been a focus for pilgrimage for more than 1000 years

There is a footprint at the summit of the ( Adams Peak ) mountain, with different interpretations as to what the footprint signifies. Nonetheless, it has made the mountain a site of pilgrimage for hundreds of years.

Adams Peak

Also referred to as Sri Prada or sacred footprint, Buddhists believe the footprint is Buddha’s, which was left before his journey to paradise.

Islamic and Christian followers believe this is where Adam first stepped after he was cast away from heaven.

There is also another belief that the footprint was left by St. Thomas, an early apostle to India. Furthermore, Hindu’s believe the footprint belongs to Shiva.

Sri Prada

If you are interested in making a pilgrimage or simply just want to enjoy the beautiful mountain and many of its hiking trails,


it would be best not to visit between May and October (the mountain can be blanketed by the cloud cover).

Basics Combing Information  

Closest climbing pints: Dalhousie (Some climb from Ratnapura Town)
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate and windy
Elevation: 2,243m (7,359 ft) at the peak. Gain nearly 1,000 meters (3,280ft)
Time Commitment: 5-8 hours. It depends on the individual
Cost: None
Altitude Sickness: Not a concern


Bathrooms are available every 20 to 30 mins all the way up to the summit and they will be disgusting – what did you expect top of a hill in Sri lanka?

Adams Peak Accommodations availability here 

The best time to climb Adams Peak:  December – February are the most popular times of visitation.

How to get there 

From Kandy City: Head south-west on Baladaksha Mawatha towards Getambe Kandy By-Pass/William Gopallawa Mawatha/AB42.  

Take A5, Kandy Rd, Carolina – Norton – Wanarajah Rd/B71 and Norton – Maskeliya Rd/B328 to Sripada Rd.

And drive all the up to Colombo-Kandy Hwy/A1.

Drive up to Avissawella-Hatton-Nuwara Eliya Hwy/Hatton Rd. Turn to  Maskeliya Rd/B328. Follow Sripada Rd to Sripadaya. 

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