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The central highlands of the Sri Lanka are filled with pictures of beautiful stirring mountains carpeted with lush green tea gardens, meadows, roaring waterfalls mingling with the clouds and landscapes shimmering in sunlight and disappearing under the rising mist of feeling.

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Stunning beauty of hill Central-Sri Lanka!

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Travelling towards the top of the (Central-Sri Lanka) country to the North Central Valley of the Kings, mountains covered with lush sub tropical forests disappears under the glare of the sun giving way to acres of light green carpets of paddy dotted with towering ancient white stupas and fed with oceans like man-made reservoirs locally known as wewa( tanks).

Central-Sri Lanka


Central-Sri Lanka: Sinharaja Forest Reserve :

Located in the south-west of Sri Lanka, this reserve is home to many rare trees as well as amphibians, birds, mammals and insects all of which are endemic to the region.


Furthermore, this is the only stretch of tropical rainforest that remains unmolested and under protection. This bio-reserve is world renown and has been a World Heritage Site since 1988. Don’t miss this natural gem!



 Pinnawala is located between Kandy and Colombo in the Kegalle District. The village is famous for its elephant orphanage, which is one of only a few in the world.

The orphanage was first opened in 1975 in order to take care of baby elephants that were left to fend for themselves in



the wild. In 1982, the Department of National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka introduced an elephant breeding program.

Today, there are close to one hundred elephants.

There is also a brand new open air zoo right down the road from the orphanage. A nice day trip for animal lovers!

Central-Sri Lanka Horton Plains:


 Designated a national park in 1988, this protected area in the central highlands of Ohiya is covered by lush forest and sits in the shadows of the second and third highest mountains in the country (Kirigalpotta – 2395 m and Totapola – 2359 m).

There is something just a bit eerie, but also beautiful about the plains. With misty lakes, waterfalls, dense forestry and wildlife (it is common to see herds of deer), the hiking here does feel like quite the adventure.

Two of the top tourist attractions are Baker’s Falls and World’s End.


Baker’s Falls is a cascading waterfall with a height of about 20 m and World’s End is a breathtaking cliff with a drop-off of about 1,200 m (don’t look down!).

There is also a smaller World’s End with a drop-off of about 300 m.


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