The East Coast of Sri Lanka is considered a distant cousin from the western region of the country. By the way, the East is home to many beautiful Beaches.

The East Coast of Sri Lanka is the majority of Tamil and Muslim populations. Unlikely, the West is predominantly Sinhalese. Well, After the war ended. Many tourists are going this part of Sri Lanka to see natural Beauty. After all, the doors are opened. As we are traveling to another country. Especially in third world countries. Firstly, we should choose some places like this devastated by war because every dollar we spend, we are rebuilding the region. 

East coast Nilaveli

Beaches of East Costs in Sri Lanka 

The best nature wounder of the East Coast is Beautiful white sand Beaches The coastline and powdery beaches seem endless. With unique local communities and villages offering wonderful foods and housing (there are several resort locations as well). Below are some recommendations of interest.

The Best Beaches are in Nilaveli in Sri Lanka

South on the coast and about half an hour north of Trincomalee is the white sandy beach and resort town of Nilaveli. The beach strip is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. Also, there is another stunning beauty of nature. Just off the coast from Nilaveli is the Pigeon Island National Park, with gorgeous coral reefs making it an excellent spot for diving. The park is a protected marine national park in Sri Lanka. 

One of the most popular Resorts is the Nilaveli Beach Resort. By the way, houses a 24-hour reception and offer airport shuttle also provide, if you requested. 

What is there to do activities at Nilaveli Beach Resort?

  • Hot tub/Jacuzzi
  • Massage
  • Cycling
  • Bicycle rental (additional charge)
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Beachfront
  • Beach
  • Full-body massage
  • Neck massage
  • Private beach area
  • Water sports facilities (on-site)
  • Open-air bath
  • Spa/Wellness packages
  • Spa lounge/Relaxation area

Leel tour Sri Lanka

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Arugam Bay Popular Surfing in Sri Lanka 

Arugam Bay

This is the perfect place for surfers. Has been a mecca for international tourism for quite some time. By the way, the bay listed as one of the most visited places on the East Coast. Also, in Sri Lanka. As what Surfers said that either you hate this place or love it. Arugam Bay is one of the best places to surf during the season. It is an absolutely fantastic place. 

Arugam Bay is also close to the gorgeous Kumana National Park, making this an excellent spot for the many lagoons and outdoor Beauty. Enjoy one of the beautiful safaris on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.


Pasikudah Beach Town in Sri Lanka 

A popular tourist and beach town with a shallow coral reef, attracting an array of exotic fish. The shallow waters make it great for snorkeling. By the way, Pasikudah is a coastal resort town located at a distance of 35 kilometers northwest of Baticola district Sri Lanka. This place is an exciting place.

Pasikudah Beach

Pasikudah Beach

As you a traveler in Sri Lanka. I would have to say that the beach one of the best I have seen. Almost no one same stage of the day because of the beach still unpopular among travelers. This famous Pasikuda beach a sight full of natural delights one could see in his life. Swimming in the sea and enjoying the sunbath are all exciting plans for your vacations. Still, when you choose this destination, you enjoy it better than anywhere else. That is the reason tourists came here every year for their holidays.


Mullaitivu Town on The East Coast of Sri Lanka 

The town used to be full of landmines after the war. But thanks to the Sri Lankan military. Therefore, you can travel to most of the beaches in the area. The town situated on the north-eastern coast, Mullaitivu, offers excellent white sand beaches. And it long lasts a hundred of kilometers. Also, Ocean Park Resort located on the beach for you to have the best accommodation. By the way, Sun and Sand Hotel – Mullaithivu is another popular hotel.  

East Coast Sri Lanka Trincomalee Harbour City 

Or commonly referred to as Trinco, is built on a famous natural harbor of Sri Lanka. Making it a strategic point and, sadly enough, a magnet for conflict between many other countries such as India, the USA, China, and the UK.  

One of the most prominent Sri Lankan sea warfare military camps located within the city. Religious and cultural history. Makes for a perfect day trip in-between some of the beach and water activities.

Trinco has two well-known temples, such as the Koneswaram Temple and the Bhadrakali Amman Temple. Well, those temples are Hindu temples. In addition to Fort Fredrick (this is an old Dutch fort located on the peninsula east of the city center). 

Uppaveli Beach

Uppaveli Beach in Trinco

The beach is really quite lovely and less than 10 km north of the city. Uppuveli is a beautiful long beach, great for swimming (though you need to hike out a fair while before it starts getting deep water. It means the entire beach is very shallow. 

Uppaveli Beach Resort is waiting to offer the best possible hospitality right on the beach.  

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