KUMANA NATIONAL PARK IN SRI LANKA IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR BIRD WATCHING ENTHUSIASTS. The Park in Sri Lanka is renowned for its natural beauty, particularly its large flocks of migratory waterfowl and various type birds to the wetland.

By the way, Kumana is also known as Yala East because it is connectivity with the Yala National Park. As this is the eastern portion of this bordering protected area and it’s every bit as beautiful and diverse as the other surrounding Park like Yala too. Kumana National Park is located on Sri Lanka’s one of the best tourists beach of the southeastern coast. Actually, It is more in the South East. Well, it is around 391 kilometers southeast of Colombo and covers an area of about 35,664 hectares. The Park is mainly well known for its birdlife, particularly for the large flocks of migratory waterfowl and wading birds that call the Park home.

Hawk eagle sri lanka

Geographical Benefits

Geographically, the Park is a little far from Colombo Sri Lanka and other tourist locations. So, no many tourists here in the Park. That makes this is a beautiful place to visit if you are looking for somewhere a little less touristy but equally as spectacular views as well as wildlife sighting

Best Birds Migration Season 

Each year between April and July, tens of thousands of birds migrate to the Park, using the land as both nesting and breeding ground.  Surprisingly, there are a whopping 255 species of birds that have been recorded within the National Park. Among these are the 

Kumana National Park


Rare black-necked stork

Lesser adjutant

Eurasian spoonbill 

The great thick-knee

Yellow-footed green pigeon

Greater racket-tailed drongo 

Malabar trogon

Red-faced malkoha 

Pacific golden plover

Greater sand plover 

Lesser sand plover

Grey plover

Ruddy turnstone

Little-ringed Plover

Wood sandpiper 

Marsh sandpiper

Common redshank

Common sandpiper

Curlew sandpiper

Little stint, and the

Common snipe

Birds Migrate

Type of Birds Migrate To The Park 

Several different birds migrate to the area is enormous flocks.  These include the 


Asian openbill 

Glossy ibis 

Purple heron

Great egret 

Indian pond heron

Black-crowned night heron

Intermediate egret

Little egret 

Spot-billed pelican

Indian Cormorant

Little Cormorant

Common moorhen


Purple swamphen



Pheasant-tailed jacana 

Black-winged stilt

Lesser whistling duck

Little grebe


Despite its impressive bird tally, the Park is home to a variety of mammals as well. Visitors to the Park can see elephants, leopards, golden jackals, wild boars, European otter, and the endangered fishing cat. Of course, there is an impressive array of reptiles as well, with the green turtle, loggerhead turtle, Olive Ridley turtle, mugger crocodile, Indian Flap-shelled turtle, and the Indian black turtle all calling the Park home.  In addition to being an absolute wildlife haven, Kumana National Park Sri Lanka also carries great cultural significance.  The area is part of an ancient civilization that dates back to the 3rd century BCE. Throughout that Park, rock inscriptions have been found that date back to the 2nd and 1st centuries BCE. The Park also sits on the route of a traditional annual foot pilgrimage to the Hindu temple at Kataragama.


Kumana National Park Safari 

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By the way, there are several safaris through the Park that provides visitors with the perfect opportunity to see whatever it is they want to see during their visit to Kumana National Park. Also, there are several halves and full-day safaris that will allow visitors to see, explore, and experience the Park and all of its natural wonders in addition to wildlife. The Park is also home to around 20 lagoons that make for a beautiful, enchanting, and rugged sights in the jungle. Whether you want to see the birdlife, the mammals, the reptiles, that lagoon, or all of them, there is a safari that will perfectly suit your needs at Kumana National Park


Where to Stay

Although, Travellers can find the base location in one of the nearby towns or villages to the north of Kumana National Park. Places such as  Arugambay on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. Surprisingly, The bay is very touristic as well as very close to the Park. Also, Camping and glamping accommodation options are available within the Park. I would say that those camping options are the best if you are looking for the best birds watching experience. Most importantly, Those above camping sites are close by close to the bird sanctuary. So, it allows you to be with a natural touch. 

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Kumana National Park: How to Get There

The gateway to the Park is located at Okanda, around 22 kilometers south of Panama. Sri Lanka has built a new road network with world-class high ways. It is much easy to get to the South from Colombo now.  

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