Best Sex Tourism Destinations Around the World For Sex Tourists

Best Sex tourism or Sex Tourist is travelling to different destinations for the sake of sexual activity, particularly with prostitutes or with local who seeking extra income.

Best Sex Tourism Destinations Information Guide to Sex Seekers

Nowadays, we can see the presence of sex tourism destinations be it legal or illegal. Sex tourism around the world has its advantages for airlines. It is also a solution to unemployment. Taxis, Bars, restaurants, and hotels get massive income-earning on SEX TOURISM.

Main Benefits From Sex Tourism

This is because when you hunt for such a sex destination you are bound to go across other important tourist destinations as well.

As a result, all the components connected to the industry enjoys its benefits. The highest benefit by way of tax-free income comes on the way of the hardworking sex workers who have a pivotal role in the sex industry.

Sex tourism also enhances the wanderlust of people who look for venues to satisfy their thirst for sex. Some who support sex tourism is of the view that sex tourism is a viable solution for employment.

The other most important idea is that because of the permissive milieu sex tourism creates it helps to eradicate sex-related crime rates in the globe.

Some travelers plan to immerse themselves in fun by way of sex indulgent holidays. They dream of having fun in red light districts with the help of active whores in them.

They also want to visit erotic massage studios. The voyeuristic should bear the picture in mind that most females selling their bodies do not engage themselves in it with the wholehearted consent of theirs.

The traveler who pays heed to the dignity of the sex workers is of the view that sex workers are to be given their due respect. They also do not like human trafficking or activities involving children in sexual abuse.

At the same time, unemployment is rising its monstrous head to swallow up the third world. So, if sex tourism eases it up how can we call it totally evil.

Basic Sex Providing Categerise

  • Red Light Districts
  • Brothels 
  • Street Hookers 
  • Erotic Massage Salons 
  • Online Sex providers  

Online Sex Providers – Look Up 

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Regulated Safe Sex Tourism Destinations Around The World

The other thing is in some countries the sex industry enjoys the patronizing of some countries and its law enforcement authority.

Only a few countries own the sex tourism industry that is amply controlled. It is because it may be against the constitution of the relevant country. One such country, if I cite as an example is Australia and also countries like America ( Some States only. The result of state laws rather than federal laws), Singapore , Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippine, Ukraine, Germany, New Zealand, England, Amsterdam , Japan, Costa Rica, Spain, Brazil, Haiti, Russia, and Romania have the same condition with regard to sex tourism.

Best Sex Tourism Destinations – 1 Thailand 

Thailand has some cities where sex tourism is promoted indirectly. Those cities are teeming with sex workers. Pattaya, Bangkok Red Light Districts, etc are some of them. Bangkok has been crowned as the most renowned sex capital of the world.

Being true to its infamous abundance of sex tourism it has been called a sex tourism paradise. It is true indeed! There are ladies who are willing to barter their services for your big bucks.

Finding Sex In Thailand

Few ways to find sex in Thailand as below.

It is true that sex tourism or prostitution is not allowed by the law of the state. It is well under control of the police and The Government keeps blind yey on the sex industry because of million dollars of income to National GPD. 


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Nin tour guide in Bagkok

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Singapore  – 2

Sex work is not illegal at all in Singapore. However other negative activities related to prostitution come under the purview of the police. The law, however, does not allow you to engage in prostitution openly and highly regulated by law. By the way, popular and safe sex tourism in Asia.

As a result, all the engagements such as sex service and its payments are done hidden behind closed doors. There are ones who try to live with the help of prostitutes. One such example is the presence of pimps.

In fact, it is also illegal to run a brothel with a large number of girls. Anyway, Singapore police turn a blind eye to the presence of sex work. (Police is  raiding  illegal sex activities on  streets, time to time and deport them back to their countries) Only those notorious sex houses have to act prudently and do their business without any kind of criminal activity.

The most spectacular aspect of sex work in Singapore is that it gives freedom for a prostitute to do her business on her own in her own apartment or house. places such as Geylang District Sex, Orchard Tower, Decker Road, and  Keong Saik Red Light District. 

The Dominican Republic 3

The Dominican Republic is a giant in sex tourism. It has places to get prostitutes as its presence is publicly known.

Here in the Dominican Republic sex work comes under the purview of its law enforcement authority. It indeed is legal here.

While prostitution is legal you cannot run a brothel to earn money from sex workers. Nor can a third party earn money from the prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

The sex worker has to earn money on her own. They can be freelance workers if they wish to do so. In places where there is sex tourism, Many sex tourists going there light-skinned Dominicans are preferred rather than the Haitian that is darker. As you know the Haitian are forced to work in the streets or local bars. Popular as the best sex tourism destination.

Yes, they do not have an opportunity to engage in sex vending business in an area that is known as upscale areas.

Ukraine 4 – Among The Best Sex Tourism Destinations 

Where do you think the most popular hotspots of sex can be found in Ukraine? You can find the extreme type of sex tourism in Kiev and Odessa.

Kiev Red Light Districts and Odessa Nightlife Here

They are known as the well-liked sex tourism cities in Ukraine. There is no redress from the law. That is to say, it is really illegal. In spite of its being outlawed many corrupt people run brothels and their business is lucrative for them.

Here in Kiev and Odessa sex tourism boom in heaps and bounds. The presence of strip clubs that have mushroomed and the massage salons that are on the lookout to grab at the travelers promising maximum satisfaction for their valuable buck. There are such massage salons that provide sex-related services in Ukraine.

In them, so many Indian, Asian, American, and Europeans find their sex fantasies well catered to and their hitherto unquenched sex thirst satisfied.

These travelers from those countries make it a point not to miss out on flying to Ukraine, yeah to Kiev and Odessa where they find their sex desires fulfilled with the kind and gentle help of beautiful Ukrainian Girls.

Lana Kiev tour girl.

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Japan – 5

It is true to say that Japan is a place which enjoys a large influx of travelers from countries like here in Japan. Well, here in Japan they do not welcome foreign men.

This is for no other reason than the notion Japanese women have in their mind that offering sex work for foreign men involve them in experiences that can be called undesirable. To them, foreign men are far rougher.

They also do not like their body smell and most of all there is the language barrier which deters them from engaging themselves to satisfy their lustful craving. Places such a Roppongi is popular red-light streets in Tokyo.  

Costa Rica 6 – Sex Tourism Destinations

Day by day it earns a great reputation as a top-level sex destination for it supports sex tourism. 10% of all the traveller that visit Costa Rica go there for sex.

One may wonder as to why Costa Rica is much sought after the ones who crave carnal love. Well, mate is it the price?

Or do they possess any kind of special skill? It is mainly because of the USA. This is due to the fact that prostitution is illegal in the US. (only Some States. The result of state laws rather than federal laws)

So you find many a US migrants that engage in prostitution in Costa Rica. This number is nearly 80 percent. Oh yes, this percent goes to the US migrant who engages in sex tourism here in Costa Rica.

Venezuela 7

As Venezuela enjoys a great place thanks to the fact that they have a number of Miss World Records. The idea is here the women own the most precious traits that make them the summation of a real embodiment of beauty ever to be found on the earth.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Venezuela is a wonderful venue for sex tourism as prostitution is legal here. So the presence of sex work is a common phenomenon.

This is true especially in Caracas and other tourist destinations which are particularly domestic in all aspects. Many are the ways to find the dream girl you want. The presence of escort services such as sexy Caracas or any others is a great opportunity for the tourists.

Using escort services is one of the most well-liked means of getting access to horny prostitutes. Many recommend this massively.

Brothels are also present especially in places here. Classica in the center, Estudio Beautiful an Estudio Bella Bonna. Also, there are many other erotic massage parlors and sex massage spas in Caracas too.

Spain 8 – Sex Tourism Destinations

Do you think Spain is renowned only for wine and bullfighting? Well, it has legal prostitution and it is a sex tourism destination in the world. There are red-light districts in Spain. They are said to be very active and marvelous.

Inactive red light district towns you are able to find many a lady or get ready to supply their sex services for good bucks! Are you planning a vacation to pamper yourself in self-indulgence in sex?

Well, here in Spain you find yourself provided with enticing relief. Yeah, Spain is amazingly desirable and it is unique in sex tourism.

Indonesia 9 

In no way, there is the patronizing of the law to guard prostitution in Indonesia. But the ones who engage in it do it on the sly.

There is a bad aspect that is rampant in Indonesia that is child sex trafficking. This is uncontrollably present here.

It is really necessary to take the utmost care as to where you choose to travel for you may end up in a horrible situation which will give you miserable experiences. The other better-known way of finding sex in Indonesia is using the Internet and having it online.

There are rings of prostitution and forums of prostitution that you can access via social media. The internet is a great resource and you can even have sex with a schedule. And what are the most outstanding sex tourism destinations in Indonesia?

They are none other than Gili and Bali. In those locations you find sex tourism sneaking the law forbids it. That is to say, Indonesia is an unofficial sex tourism destination.

Amsterdam 10 – Sex Tourism Destinations

This country is known for its famous Red Light Districts. This is a safe sex tourism destination as prostitution gets state patronizing for it is fully legal here. If your choice is legal and safety guaranteed sex practice, Amsterdam is the location for you.

There is a presence of a sex museum too who know there are new things to learn from it about fleshly delights involving carnal love.

Brazil 11 – Sex Tourism Destinations

Here many a tourist go to see football and the most interesting thing is they stay there for sex. Sex vending is legal in Brazil.

As you know Brazil is well known for its charming beauties with come-hither looks and they are also as sexy as sexy can be.

So Brazil is a hotspot of a sex tourist destination with a conducive ambiance for smashing sex experience.

How about carousels? Well, Brazil is known for such partying venues too. Most Brazilian beauties have an attractive role in the red-light districts.

You travel enthusiasts capitalizing on the opportunities available in Brazil for sex we suggest you just head toward the red light districts only to find relief within your reach by way of extreme sex satisfaction with the aid of a Brazilian belle.

Well here in the red light you find prostitution in its rawest form and all these speak for the great renown Brazil enjoys for sex tourism. Well, they excel not only in football but also in sex tourism.

The Philippines 12 – Sex Tourism Destinations

There is not state permission to legally engage in prostitution in the Philippines. But there is a great abundance of it underground.

There are massage parlors, brothels, etc and they carry out prostitution in secret. When you demand them with shot forward with a supply of carnal delight for you here in the Philippines which is a sex tourism destination in the world.

Though it is outlawed they engage in prostitution. They know that there is a good sale for their provision of carnal love. As they get a good price they do not bother about it being illegal.

People are under the constraints of law but they do it underground and speaks conspicuously for itself and show you vividly how unlucky the destiny of sex tourism is here in the Philippines.

Many tourists choose this country mainly because it is a popular sex tourism destination in the world. The propaganda of sex tourism of The Philippines is such that they get a huge influx of sex tourists to the country.

Cambodia 13 –  Sex Tourism Destinations

To get started with real feel and action of this destination you should come to Phnom Penh. And also know that unemployment and helplessness exert pressure for them to engage in sex work.

This, most of them do, with great ardor for it guarantees easy money in a short time. There are many refugees who find themselves active in the red-light districts.

Such people who leave their countries to have a better lifestyle end up in the red-light districts. So Cambodia has become a destination for sex tourism.

Hong Kong 14 – Sex Tourism Destinations

In Hong Kong, you find a marketplace for sex. It is full of prostitutes and its bars, restaurants and night markets are really eye-catching and breathtaking.

If I call all these opportunities in Hong Kong will give a smashing type of experience I am not wrong at all. Other than these attractions there are any other sites that you will call as worth seeing. I say all these things through my own firsthand experience.

Hong Kong enjoys the third place as a vibrant sex tourism destination replete will all possible aspects of carnal love.

It is only behind Thailand and the Philippines. Let me make it clear to you. Oh, yes, this is the sex scenario here in Hong Kong.

First, all prices are listed in Hong Kong dollars 100 HKD = $ 12.90 It depends on the exchange rate though. I hope you will not be surprised when you see the prices at $300 or $400.

Anyway, as Hong Kong came under the governance of China Chinese ladies practice sex work for very cheap money.

Mexico 15 – Sex Tourism Destinations

If you do not spend much money on sex and wish to make it cheap you easily get that service from a hooker. You will just have to pay 250.

For this, you will have very swift service experience and you will note that such a cheap hooker will not even bother to undress to give you the service.

The way you want to have it or for a manual release, you have to ask for a ‘Servicio completo’ for which you are supposed to pay 500-750.

Mexico City and Tijuana are the most popular sex tourism destinations in Mexico.

Do you know Tijuana bows its trumpet as the border with a record of being most crossed? They say it is the border that the biggest number of people cross in the world. And as with every such border town, we find a pretty good mixture of culture.

You can get some smashing and novel experiences in such locations. They have very attractive nightlife activities.

Also, their restaurants which are of diverse kinds and the enthralling bars giving you a vast opportunity to have hookups and you come to know the real attraction of its cocktail cultures.

Out of all such attractions, red-light districts will make you an ardent follower of carnal love. It is not a falsehood to say that there are violent crimes in Mexico but you should never ever even think of them for tourist are not targeted or get affected in the wonderful milieu of this destination of sex tourism destination over the years. 

Jamaica 16 – Sex Tourism Destinations

Like in Kenya you find women getting concentrated to Jamaica. This is because they are searching for wealthy men.

There have always been rumors anywhere but the rumor that there are Jamaican male prostitutes available is true.

For this reason, women go to Jamaica or Kenya. Do you think scenery attract them more than those male sex workers?

For this reason, Jamaica has become a much sought after sex tourism destination in the world. In the tourist scenario, sex and travel can be seen as the deciding factors.

You may want to lie naked on a nude beach or maybe you want to get the service of a girl for a nightstand.

There is milieu charged with lust in the nightlife milieu, especially in Negril and Montego Bay. You find it really hard to see the different kinds of sexual relationships here.

It is really difficult to say whether such relationships are that of boyfriend and girlfriend connections or whether they are relationships of mercenary carnal love transactions.

Anyway, anybody heading to this sex tourism destination should bear in mind that sexual involvement with underage girls is a punishable offense with high penalties. You should also be morally sound in your behavior and act prudently here in Jamaica.

Haiti 17 – Sex Tourism Destinations

This is a country plagued with brothels. This, of course, is a poor country but the sex worker enjoys a good lifestyle because of the easy big money they make in the sex trade.

Here too many engage in prostitution against their real consent. Poverty has become a deciding factor for them to seek financial support for themselves in the sex trade.

They know how beneficial it is as they can earn well to uplift their standard of life. So with all these Haiti has become a popular sex tourism destination in the world.

Kenya 18 – Sex Tourism Destinations

Many female travelers like to go  there looking for strong men to fulfill their extreme type of sex experiences. The abundance of such pimps in Kenya makes it a notorious venue for such adult and fleshy fun. Well, on the other hand, Kenya is a popular destination among ladies as Hot boys Destinations

There is legal prostitution in Kenya but the most spectacular thing about Kenya is mostly female westerners come here mostly.

MOMBASA Beaches,  volunteering in small villages as well as Nairobi great places to hot boy into your pant. 

Yes, they are bigger in number than the male travellers who head for this sex tourism destination. Things are becoming upside down but for this very reason, you need not to be sure surprised for it is the ordinary situation here.

The women who come to Kenya have been nicknamed as Mungu by the people in Kenya.

As we always do, we have tried to give a very clear ear explanation as to which destination to choose to get your desired effects. So dear traveller make much of our information for we tell them to you with the help of firsthand experience!

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