Bali Sex Island is a favorite sex paradise for western, Chinese and Indian travelers. Here is travel advice about where to find sex in Bali along with street working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, erotic massage, and Bali tradition as well as civil laws in the sex industry.

BALI safe sex information Guide for solo travelers provides inside tips. I have chosen to write this because many western male travelers to Bali are looking for casual sex in Bali. First, however, Travelers need help finding official Red Light districts in Bali, like Thailand, Singapore, Germany, or Amsterdam . Bali SEX island has always been a terrific and popular sex paradise for Westerners and some Asians like Indians and Chinese. They all come to Bali from Africa and worldwide, looking for cheap sex. Many are of the view that Bali SEX  in Indonesia is an ideal place in Indonesia when it comes to combining a chilling out beach holiday and its unique and beautiful food along with partying with some good Indonesians, Russians, Ukrainians, and African ladies leading to having sex with the boys of one’s choice.

The Sex Law Changes

Notably, the Indonesian Government has changed the law regarding casual sex in the country. So make sure all travelers should have fun with caution during the holiday.

Find Sex in Bali

You will encounter one serious problem here on Bali Sex. So what? You will be perplexed about where to go and how to find a lady here in Balin or where to find the best beaches for sex and learn about prices and prevailing laws regarding prostitution.

First Step

Here are my tips to make your perplexed situation a lot more relaxed. First, I suggest you book your hotel in Bali Kuta. As a traveler is the only reason it is more touristy than any other Place. It is teeming with the best nightlife fun, and if I call it the best sex paradise in Bali, I express myself fully well. This is an ideal, perfect place because it has the highest number of avenues for having fun regarding the presence of bars, clubs, massage parlors, and pretty attractive street girls. Also, well-liked locations such as Seminyak or Southern Legian are our favorite places to make much of your stay as a solo traveler. However, this is less common in regions where you mostly find families and couples. Therefore, to be more expressive regarding this place, you can see many nice bars here.

 nightlife guide

Bali Sex – The Highest Hit

But you need to find the number of Indonesian girls who haunt the place in plenty. However, the number of Indonesian girls frequenting this location is far less than at Kuta. Yes, Kuta is the best location to find a high concentration of Indonesian girls in Bali’s Sex paradise. The other advantage you receive if you choose to stay in Kuta is that you get easy access to Seminyak and Southern Legian. You will delightfully travel to these areas while you wait in Kuta. Well, what about a motorbike ride to those places? Renting one for between 100 to 120k per day is possible.

Cheap Sex Possible

Indonesian working girls will surround you during your stay in Kuta. So I want to assist you in getting started without paying them much. Let me show you the perfect places where you will likely find Indonesian girls to meet to have sex. But, of course, you need not always spend money on sex necessarily, for sometimes you find windfalls, and you find Indonesian girls to have one-night stands for no money at all.


Please note: Whatever you do, you should do it respectfully, whether ladies are sick or selling their bodies because of extreme poverty. They may engage themselves in the sex industry for a reason always, and make sure you do not treat them like toys.

Bali Sex – Casual Hook up

Best Hotels Deal on

Bali sex info guide

Girly Bars on Bali Sex Island 

As a global traveler, you may have seen that girly bars like Go-Go bars can easily be found in Bangkok, Thailand, or Cambodia. You all have witnessed mad erotic sentiments in the bars. You could look for them in Phuket in Thailand or Boracay Nightlife in the Philippines. Then once you are in those bars, you will learn that those bars are there to indulge in sex and play with bar girls of your choice. You can have a chit-chat with the local ladies too.

Bali Sex, Relax Nature

However, all types of hook up might be successful to your advantage if you get a free one-night stand with someone. You find Bali Sex island a lot more relaxed in this respect as you can freely get your hookup girl to the hotel room if you make the right choice of the hotel room from a hotel whose policies do not come on your way by way of exercising hindrance to your desire to bring her into the hotel room.


Unfortunately, the girly bars scenario here in Bali is a bit different. You find plenty of KTVs in Denpasar and Southern Legian. However, it is not prudent to go to these places, for they overcharge tourists like mad. When you are in Bali Sex island, you must buy beer. When you purchase five beers, you will have to incur just 5k, and the girl you hook up with will anxiously wait for you until you finish your drink. Being true to reality, most KTVs in Bali Island have VIP rooms.

Bali sex Massage

Bali Sex Massage Parlours

Travelers are not surprised when I tell you that most foreigners prefer sex with a girl in a massage parlor. This practice is growing more and more popular among foreigners nowadays. This situation has come into being as the supply of girls in girly bars is very meager. The other thing is nightclub venues a be too frustrating as the attitude of most girls is little within the range of proper etiquette.

Sex Girls from Villages

Mostly these girls hail from remote districts in Indonesia and lack the proper training to render their services well to the utter satisfaction of travelers hungry for sex. If bad luck has it, you will encounter some girls who are hostile and would not bother to talk to you. When paying for sex, the massage parlors such as Riverview Spa, Royal Palace, and Maharani Spa are there. However, they lack the most discrete experiences and do not provide excellent services. 

Nuru Gel Massage

If you spend around 1 or 1.5 million rupiahs, you can get an entire 1.5 hr session and a good massage. The body-to-body will follow with Nuru gel. Then comes sex and a relaxing bath in the Jacuzzi with your young Indonesian lady love. You have to be very careful with every massage parlor in Bali Sex, which does not always have the best services.

 They do not offer you complete Bali sex experiences — one such place in Delta Spa with a function of the happy ending only. That is to say, you have to look for information and choose your ideal venue to have sex with a girl in a massage parlor.

DJ, holiday, clubs

Bali Sex Night Clubs

When I visited the nightclubs, I could find many freelancers waiting there, and they were local Indonesian girls as well as Russian, Ukrainian, and African chicks. However, the best nightlife hotspot ever to be seen on Bali Island is none other than sky garden. This place is the talk of enthusiastic travelers whose love is engagement with nightlife, and it’s inherently free nightlife fun that becomes complete with a session of whole sex experience in their hotel rooms or otherwise. Without any doubt whatsoever, this nightclub can be called the best one on Bali Sex island. This nightclub has several floors with diverse sorts of musical entertainment. 

Bali Girls

It is complete with DJs, and coyote dancers make this place attractive. You can find Indonesian girls in high numbers. Yes, these hot and horny Bali girls are available in every location. You have to be aware that most girls who come on your way are sex workers who eke out a living from prostitution. It will be your duty to buy her some drinks and pay for them in several hundred thousand Rupiah. Sometimes you will be asked to pay 1 million by some girls who service you require to engage in sexual love. If you ask me to suggest alternatives for this nightclub sky garden, I will not hesitate to recommend La Favela in Seminyak and the late-night hotspot Dee Jay Club in Legian.

Bali sex Street hookers

Bali Sex – Red Light Districts or Street Girls

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, there is no official red light district on Bali Sex Island. Instead, the places or streets where girls are concentrated, People called red light districts in Bali Island. Several famous sex streets are full of such street girls. In addition, some nightlife streets are busy venues for street prostitution. The best of such places are abundant along the side of Kuta Street. I can cite the Ground Zero Monument in Kuta as the most vibrant hotspot street where enthusiastic street prostitutes practice without embarrassment. 

Pay More for Sex

They work hard to make much money from you and always try to render you an excellent service, for they know that travelers are after high quality in their realization of sex fantasies. After all, they expect the street girls’ service to be of perfect quality to match the value of the money they pay for them. After midnight when most of the bars close for the day, some people are perplexed as to where they should head next. 


Take extra care of all the ladies on this street are not street hookers. Here in the streets of the red light district, Sex is cheap, and they will charge you between 500 to 600 k, and things are negotiable and attractive, and you pay this much just for a short duration. 

Local Girls

So you must be on your guard, for you might mistakenly treat all girls in the street as sex workers. And it is not as you think all girls on the streets are sex workers. However, you have to take extra care, for some girls on the roads may be waiting for their friends, or maybe she is just waiting to be picked up by their boyfriend who has just popped into a nearby shop on some errand. It is utterly inviting hell of a lot of trouble if you go to such a girl and ask how much it is for you to hire her for Sex. So the best thing is to use your communicative tact and try to start a conversation with basic stuff like ‘hi, how are you.’ Some little talk could follow this. If you have addressed a hooker pretty soon, you will come to know that. But do not be hasty; jump to the wrong conclusions and find yourself in unnecessary trouble.

Important Note to Inviting Sex Girls to your Hotel .

When you go to the red light districts, you can pick and choose the ones you prefer and make the rest of the night adorable with a fulfilling experience of sexual love with the beautiful hooker of your choice. I was glad that some of the readers who follow my guide concerning visiting Bali Sex Islands sent some Emails to me. They did that during the past few months.


They were interested in the various places where they could meet girls. Anyway, it is no easy task to do. You will achieve success depending on how you put yourself forward and use your personality. You see, hooking up a Balinese ladybird is not that hard. When they look at you and notice that you possess white skin, they are attracted because they think you are rich enough to engage them in the Sex business.

Hotel Management

Once you fix it to have her, you might be hindered by the hotel management’s objection to bringing an Indonesian lady into your hotel room, or they will ask you to pay a joiner fee. To avoid such a situation, read our guidelines in the document known as Bali Hotels. Best Beach Resorts in Nusa Dua Here. They tell you of the hotels which are Sex friendly and Guest Friendly, and you will be free from such humbug as the so-called joiner fee. Sex Friendly Bali Hotels here.

Indonesian Sex Law and Constitution.

Well, it is illegal to engage in prostitution in Bali, according to the provisions in the constitution. Any such attempt to engage in outlawed sex work is treated as a significant criminal offense committed against decency, morality, and humanity. The other in Indonesia is heavily an Islamic country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Although prostitution is widely carried out, it is also tolerated and, at the same time, regulated in some areas.


Some poverty-stricken women are financially motivated to engage in prostitution. At the same time, we see an incidence of Muslim women taking heavy responsibility for their family well-being. And This is an extraordinary cultural phenomenon in Indonesia. As a result, Many girls are coming from remote villages in Indonesia and the priority is enormous. Some men are taken to drink and lead idle lifestyles placing the responsibility upon the shoulders of women. Thus they find it profitable to sell their bodies in prostitution. In light of our detailed description, you can get enlightened on engaging in all possible fun and happiness on Bali Sex Island.

Bali Sex Hotels

Do follow the tips that we furnish you with firsthand experience. DO CHOOSE THE RIGHT KIND OF HOTEL AND NIGHTLIFE LOCATIONS TO GET MAXIMUM FUN. Hotel Booking on Hotel Combined Here

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