Bangkok Single Men Fun Nightlife Activities – Single Men Dream Holiday in Thailand

Bangkok Single Men Fun Activities guide is here you to maximize holiday fun in Thailand. Bangkok nightlife and sex in Bangkok is the most enjoyable part for men on Holiday in Thailand. Well, We all know it, and better you to admit it. I want to give you some of my travel experience to get the best fun in Bangkok on this travel blog, which I have written as Bangkok Single men fun Nightlife Activities. By the way, many fun is available for men in Bangkok on holidays such as nightlife experience, dining, drinking, erotic massage, casual hook up, getting laid or blowjobs, and many more.

Visit Bangkok Clubs and Bars – Bangkok Single Men Fun Nightlife Activities

Visiting Bangkok night clubs and bars is a big part of the Bangkok Single Men Fun activities list. By the way, you should know where to go or how to select the best places. Therefore, it all depends on your targets like casual hook up with a hooker or just fun. So then, I’m happy to give you some of the best places you to visit and have the best Bangkok Single Men Fun Night out.

Best Rooftop Bars for Bangkok Single Men Fun Nightlife Activities


Sky Bar – Verry popular place for hook up 

Octave Rooftop Bar

Hi-So Rooftop Bar

Three Sixty

Above Eleven

CRU Rooftop

Red Sky

342 Bar 


Distil Rooftop Bar


Best Night Clubs in Bangkok Single Men Fun Nightlife Activities

Most of the clubs here you to get Thai pussy or getting a local Casual hookup in a new country.

Levels Nightclub

THE PIMP® CLUB – Famous for Bangkok Single Men Fun Nightlife Activities.

Club Onyx

Route 66 Nightclub



EQ Late Night Club

CÉ LA VI Bangkok


Mixx Discotheque

NARZ Club One of the biggest night club

Insanity Nightclub – Bangkok Single Men Fun Nightlife Activities

RCA Bangkok

Bamboo Bar

The Bamboo Bar

Sing Sing Theater

CRU Cham

Bangkok Redlight Districts 

There are a few types of redlight districts. The most famous Redlight regions are ( What red light – Where most of the Erotic massages and sex workers are gathering or Go-Go bars). A few of the most famous redlight districts in Bangkok are below.

Nana Plaza



Soi Cowboy

Soi Twilight

By the way, if there Go-Go bars or Bangkok Erotic massages, streets are almost similar to Redlight districts.

Bangkok Ladyboy Shows And Gays Nightlife Party

Thailand’s Ladyboys show is spectacular dancing and singing you to enjoy. Locally call them katoeys and some of the sexiest humanity on the earth. By the way, This type of Bangkok Girls is kind and cute. A favorite for many and known as non-pushy girls. The same principle, they are trying to make you drunk when they come to drink with you, give you shoulder massages, touch your dick, in the end, you have to pay her for their bills. Most famous Ladyboy Go-Go Bars are here for Bangkok Single Men Fun Activities. 

  • Soi 8 Red Beat
  • Telephone pub & Restaurant
  • Castro Bar Rca
  • Long Beach
  • G Star pub

Make sure Identified Shemails or Ladyboy before tack then into your room.

Popular Gays Nightlife Places Are Below

Soi 2
Soi 4 is well popular gays nightlife locations. And Soi 2 and Soi 4 both located nearby BTS Skytrain and Silom MRT Stations. Many Thai University students are coming here and possible to get a hook as Bangkok Single Men Fun activities. Well, all about new experiments.

Bangkok Erotic Sex Massages

Erotic Sex massage or Sloppy Massage in Bangkok is well famous activities for Bangkok Single Men Fun Night out. Well, if you walk around, many Bangkok sex massage saloons are available for you to maximize fun. I have written some of the best Erotic massage places for Bangkok Single Men Fun Night out here. Bangkok Sex Massage.

Fuck Out Drinks in Bangkok

When you’re in Bangkok, must-try locally made alcoholic beverages.  Furthermore, those fuck out drinks made locally really cheap and try local things as much as possible to travel like a local. Also, I guarantee that you will have the best possible blind night out without any drugs. Make sure to add this option to get the best holiday as  Bangkok Single Men Fun activities

Dinner Cruise in Bangkok

Dinner cruise in Bangkok river is another enjoyable Bangkok Single Men Fun holiday option. By the way, I got a hook up with a Thai lady I met in Singapore a few years ago. When I was in Bangkok, I called her to go to this dinner Cruise. It was great to choose me to get into her underpants. Somehow, few companies are running a dinner cruise on the river, but they all well similar to each other.

Bangkok Sex Tour Is The Best Option For Bangkok Single Men Fun Nightlife

Most of Bangkok tour guides are covering places like Night Clubs, Redlight Districts, Go-go bars, ladyboy places and places where tourists like to go. I would say getting a guide like a Bangkok tour guide boy tour one of the best ways to enjoy Bangkok Single Men Fun night out.

Bangkok Go-Go Bars

Many Go-Go bars are in Bangkok, you to enjoy time with Bangkok girls. Getting hook up with Bangkok bars girls or possibly falling love with someone you like. Be careful; many scams are in GoGo bars. I have written some of the Scam faced by tourists in Bangkok. My advice you to visit some of the blowjobs Go-Go bars and go to places nontouristic go-go bars. Bangkok Scams and Bangkok Nightlife Warning Guide are here.

Getting Hook Up With Bangkok Girls

One of the most popular ones among the Bangkok Single Men holiday fun list because Bangkok girls are a loving soul. And they like white western boys. Of course, they know western people have money. Some tourists may think that it is hard to get a hook up with local girls. Well, It is possible without proper skils and knowledge. Look up my getting hookup in New country blog here. I would say, go to a go-go bar and getting a hook is very easy rather than wasting your time o get hook with a local girl.

Bangkok Nightlife Market

Bangkok Nightlife markets are highlighted for the Bangkok Single Men love list because those markets are offering some of the best nightlife activities to have the best time in Bangkok. By the way, You could buy even your wife in the market. Most importantly, locals are selling local products as well as the best street food. Also, Street prostitution widely available.

The Best Nightlife Markets Are Below

Rot Fai Market, Srinakarin


Rot Fai Market, Ratchada

Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Market

Artbox Bangkok

China Town is very similar to a nightlife market

Finally, You make sure to enjoy your holiday safely in Bangkok. Pieces of advice here. Make sure to keep travel insurance with you always when you’re in overseas traveling.

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