How to Get Casual HookUp in A New Country – While You are Travelling.

A Casual Hookup has been a big topic among solo men travel society other than single ladies. Because of ladies, they are able quickly getting laid than men. Many male travelers are asking me about how to getting casual Hookup in different countries. It is quite hard for me to message in details. I could write a blog about it — the advantage of the technology and increasing middle income of global society, traveling even more comfortable today. Many new travelers are coming from India, China, the Middle East, Africa, and from all over the world. But those countries have no Solo travel culture and traveling is well new for them.

Why Casual Hookup Advice Needs

So, I like to advise for solo men other than single ladies here on my blog. Throughout my blog, I have explained all the necessary skills, talents, and attribute straightforwardly. Ones again, Your intelligence is the most important than anything else.

Offspring and  having  sex each other

Offsprings And Sexuality

As we all know, ladies could recognize some boys as hot boys some no. Boys should understand the simple facts related to these issues. Naturally, every animal, including humans, needs strong and healthy offspring for future generations. So what, females are typically able to recognize active, healthy genes of men to have healthy babies what that means. Ladies are naturally attracting physically and psychologically strong men. If you are a weak fuck, make sure bypass your weakness and trying to get into her pant. Make sure your bypass system harmless to beautiful ladies. By the way, Ladies could tell you the size of your manhood without even seen it. I’m focused on naturally getting casual Hookup other than going to dating agencies or paid hookers.

There many Ladies in Nightclubs, on streets But can you catch them??

 So, I have simplified the entire process as initiative tools, middle tools, and final tools.        

Initiative Tools From Biological Attributes to Your Accent.

Core Tools are From Educational to Money.

Conclusive Tools are From Adaptability to Get Down.

Biological Attributes For Casual Hookup

The biological side of humanity is of great importance nowadays. Because our DNA has all about us. Such as our


Appearance Yes, Appearance well helpful for you to get a casual hook up in another country while you are visiting. Your muscular body, fashionable hair, eye appearance & skin complexion, height, and friendly face.


Compatibility – This one of the natural alignment of the natural lifestyle between two people who are sharing the same values in day today.

Chemistry is pretty much-representing emotion connection of two people. Soft, comfortable feeling with trusted two personalities comfortably feeling more and closer like knowing each other for years even the two just met on the street. Chemistry is also reflected on the bed means it gives you hot sex, high degree chemistry will provide you with intense sex games.


Pheromone is biochemical that naturally produce humans and animals to attract the opposite sex in the same species. There few types of Pheromone hormone such as releaser, primer, signaler, and modulator. Used by animals to attract sexual arousal or keep the territory safe. The hormone is only working effectually outside of the body.

How to improve the Pheromone – There no bright scientific pieces of evidence and yet to be proven. But there many scientific articles have been written regarding the chemical. The only way to increase the compound as far as we know, having a healthy lifestyle, hang around with ladies, meditation, yoga, and outdoor activities. Travelling Fit Today relevant info Here.

One of leading dating agency has conducted social experiment has shown some perfumes may increase sexual attraction from the opposite sex. Five spices, Bvlgari Man, Calvin Klein CK, Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Tonic, Dior Sauvage, Creed Aventus and Tom Ford Oud Wood highly recommended.

Accent and the voice

Ladies generally attracted by deep man voice. One of the world leading dating agency has recently done social research about accents. Ladies have chosen Irish accent is the sexiest, and secondly American, Aussies and British but northern UK.
If you don’t have a clear, attractive voice?? Make sure practice before starting looking ladies. Make yourself unique accent also increasing hitting rate dramatically. Because it gives you missed identity.
Aussie Girls dating and Date Hot Aussie Boys info Guide here.

Motivational Skills

Motivational Skills

Dating related motivational skills can be essential for you to keep going your casual Hookup until finalizing your target. Make sure motivated yourself to do something like activities with the lady you met, firstly, find out what she likes to do such as a night out, smoke weed or crack, drinking and partying or even adventure with relaxation.

Smoke weed and slowly get drinking together will be increasing your casual hookup rate gradually research has shown.

Your Hair Style

A hairstyle can be one of the best ways to get a very first impression to have the first words and eye contact. You visualization would increase the attention from the opposite sex.

Finding The Right Geographical and Hydrographical Regions

Finding Right place to get casual hookup

Finding the right Countries would make getting the best out of your travel. Some personalities and appearance would be attracting more by ladies when you’re in different regions. I would say that myself, I do getting high rates of hittings from Eastern Europe, Central Europe, South East Asia, USA & Canada, Uk & Ireland, and East Africa.

Informative Educational Experiences And Intelligence

Educational Experiences-Intelligence

Many boys have no natural attractions far as I have seen so far while I am traveling. So, your intelligence can be your bypass point to have the best fun on your holiday in a new country. And you are getting a casual hookup. Well, what all you need, make sure you speak with relevant facts combination of your educational background, make it match from the past to the present to the future. It can be your gun to shoot a bird.

The Way You Approaching

Approaching to a lady

Apporching is vast when it comes to chatting with a stranger. Especially when you’re in an unknown place among new society, make sure, the way you approach a lady with a beautiful smile, full of trust, and feel her safe. Make sure, keep comprehensive eye contact in western Countries or Eastern Europe. Especially in Russia, Russian Girls and Ukrainian Girls like stronger men other than soft fuck.

Communication Skills

Communication skills can be another essential skill for you to build a conversation. Then, most importantly, keep it going all the down to her pant. Discover rich vocabulary with fundamental issues around us. Also, Make sure to practice excellent conversational skills in different topics. Make sure to choose soft, emotional, romantic as well as political, healthy issues where she is paying more interest – Romantic Places in Vancouver Here.

Personal Talents and Creativity

Enhancing Talents and creative tasks can be your next option to have casual Hookup in a new country. If you’re staying a Hostel, Cooking Skills, Erotic massage, Playing a card game, and Drinking games would be a great way to get to know each other in a new place. Hostel Kitchen Cooking Info Here.

Photography, Singing, Dancing, and playing instruments another way to attract female attention and to get Hookup in your hostel.

Traveling with Adventurist Skills

Adventurist Casual hookup

Yes, if someone has skills like snowboarding, Scuba diving, swimming boating, and cycling can be a rewarding of getting casual Hookup the new place. Backpacker ladies would love you boy.

Race and Color How to Impact With Ladies

Most often, the traveler is coming from Asia, or Africa may think that if the lady didn’t want to get a casual hookup, they are racist. Well, they aren’t racist at all. She just has no attracted to your color for appearance. The best example, Asian girls like White boys more than black, Back boys likes white girls more than black or Asian Girls. Black girls like more white boys than black boys. Eastern Europeans girls do like black Americans than white boys.

Money and Casual Hookup Capability

Money and Casual Hookup capability

Money is the golden tools to get a casual hookup. If you have cash flow, 100 of ladies will be hanging around with you to have drinks, taking her to a nice dinner, or even buy her ticket to go to another country together what you have to do, pump your cash flow to get attention.

Adaptability with Ladies

By the way, Did you win someone sweetheart in a new country?? Now, It doesn’t matter how good your hitting girls. Hitting isn’t necessarily she is going put her pant down. You have to make sure adapt to the situation is thrown at you to seem like an excellent close mate, shearing her feeling and emotions from the bottom of your heart. Do you know what I mean?

Getting Down with Ladies

Getting Down ladies

No forced so ever.

Boys have to be really smart when it comes to getting down. Don’t be to rush, tranquilize, and wait until she ready for it. As long as you did right, I guarantee that she will turn on. Getting down mostly depends on her personality, culture, and religious views. When you are traveling in a conservative nation or Muslim country, I don’t think that you would have a casual hookup easily other than getting a hooker paid for it. Finally, Whatever you do, make sure fully consent from the girls.

Finally, Pieces of Advice for Casual Hookup with Ladies

Do you wish to travel like real solo, getting many ladies as you want to, make sure build up yourself with some of the above skills. Don’t just move without any of talents or ability and trying to hits ladies on the street.

Please NoteAll our advice for general purpose only. It doesn’t take into your personal circumstances, and travellerhints doesn’t hold any responsibilities regarding any illegal sexual abuse. We are happy you to have fun travel with full of love around the world but any illicit sexual abuse.

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