Uncategorized travellers  around the world

There so may type of travel,tourism and destinations  around the world.   Such as:

Travellers: solo travel, Yolo, adventure, cultural, history, backpacking, sail, cruise, volunteering, teaching, young group, relaxation, sight seen, shopping& city, road trips, dating travel, sex travel, students exchanges,  and animal sex travel. 

Tourism: Package travel, cheep & budget travel, Eco- tourism, luxury package, Island package & Resort  and shopping  

Destinations choices: Cultural & History, family holiday, Island holiday, gambling holiday, adventure, diving, fashion & Beauty, relaxation, beach party, volunteering  and working holiday.

I have seen some travellers are just travelling all over the world without feel themselves, what type of travel they really need.   Those travellers have no any categories at all  and those are best type of travellers  to hang around with just because well easy going personality.  

Well, Travels just travel! no matter what you do, what you want, just keep travelling around the world and enjoy the life.