Russian Girls Dating Tips – Russian Women Need love – Fun From Men!

Russian and Ukrainian ladies belong to the most beautiful ones in the world and plenty of men dream about having at least a one opportunity to have some intimate time with them.

RUSSIAN GIRLS Dating Info Guide for Travellers 

Beautiful RUSSIAN GIRLS have always been a mystery to men from west. Their extraordinary beauty and charming personalities have many man falling head over heels in love in Eastern Europe

Is Russia or Ukraine better? Where is the best to go to find beautiful sexy Russian ladies and have a chance to open up your heart a little for her?

Russian girls, together with pretty much all the girls from Eastern Europe, are some of the prettiest girls in the world.

Their bodies, face features, hair, eyes, voices, moves,  and general look puts them among the top regarding beauty in comparison to the whole world. On the top, the really know how to dress nicely as well.

Russian Girls

Traveller hints Russian Girls information for young single solo travellers to have a fun and  warm up cross -cultural activity in different part of the world. Please Note: when your in your 65, don’t go to Eastern Europe and looking for a 18 years old young girl.   

Russians Girls  

Russian Girls are Today

Even in the 21st century, Russian girls like to use public transportation to commute from place to place on daily basis.

This helps them to keep in shape as they have to walk to the bus and metro stops, thus providing with some extra exercise and burnt calories.

This and many other reasons lead to the fact, that overweight is only rarely visible in those areas of the world. Moreover, Russian girls are usually very attractive thanks to being feminine.

Russian girls and the girls from the former USSR, together with the Eastern Europe region are proud to have some of the most beautiful ladies in the world and definitely the most stunning ones I have seen in my entire travel life.

Even though they are generalised as Russians, there is many nationalities, providing beauty for every taste.

Russian lady girl

Types of Russian Girls and Personality Types

There is multiple types of girls you can meet in Russia and former USSR.

There are for instance girls you meet on the street who look like Natasha Vodianova, Anastasia, Nikolaevna or Olga – the type with wide nose, light hair and skin, beautiful eyes, skinny and fit and also cute and adorable.

On the other hand, you can meet such girls similar to Irina Shayk – a sexy Tatar(Anna) girl with darker skin, small nose, brownish or green eyes and pouting lips.

You can as well meet girls of a type similar to Penelope Cruz or Kim Kardashian, because there is plenty of girls from Caucasus.

There is also always one place where you can find those beauties for sure, and that is a club. If you hit a club, you will find yourself drowning in a sea of artificial beauty and silicone.

However, all those women are what we know – Russian girls. Yet, all these women are different, having different characters, manners, habits and cultures.

Actually, sometimes you will be surprised how different can they be in their behaviour.

Sexy Russian Girl

One common thing to Russian girls is that they are usually very feminine and truly open to have a conversation with men. They are also usually very warm, nice and attentive.

I would like to get a little closer to the word „warm“ in Russia. People there use it very often to call any person a „warm person“, which means a person with nice soul, giving people around him or her the feeling of affinity.

This might be hard to understand for a culture outside of Russia as it’s their own concept of perception.

There are people who could be warm and there are those, who are usually very cold. But regarding women, they are usually very warm.

Local women do not really like to go for long walk. But what they like is wearing high heels and spending their time in coffee shops and restaurant and sipping coffee or drinks.

They enjoy going to museums, going crazy at karaoke.. I also met lots of women who enjoyed good music and loved to go for concerts from the western part of the world.

Russian girls also really enjoy receiving gifts. You would hardly find any other women who would love flowers more than Russian girl does.

Russians girls

They love the attention of the  opposite sex and they are eager for it all the time.

Above all of those thing, there is one more characteristic Russian women have – and that is being super clever. They know the rules, know how to stay in the game and play along.

But one thing is for sure, even Russian women won’t be waiting around patiently forever for you.

Why should every traveller have an experience with dating a Russian girl before getting married?

You always know where you are at with a Russian girl. I have never seen a man or woman walking out of a relationship with a Russian girl – simply because (no matter how complicated or torturous it might be), those girls are truly amazing.

Russians Ladies

Russian girls often get a bad reputation around the world, but trust me or not, that all a one big BS.

To be honest, Russian girls are in general not the types they sell themselves and their bodies for money to a man from the West.

Most often, they marry someone they truly have genuine feelings for. Consider yourself lucky if you ever get your chance to experience with them.

Russian Girls

Beauty of Russian Girls 

Girls from Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe are (for a reason) considered to be some of the most beautiful looking women in the world.

They provide a complex package – their bodies are toned, they have flawless appearance and nicely structured faces.

Their personalities are charming and gorgeous and being smart and clever is just a bonus. They are real divas – beautiful to look at and world famous.

You can see them in the movie world, fashion molos, music industry, but also politics and other areas. They are becoming popular for their talent and dedication, as well as their beautiful look.

Russian Girls

Russian Girls  – Being Straightforward

Russian girls don’t play around and don’t act up if there is any issue or disagreement. They don’t tiptoe around the hot pot and go directly to the point.

Although it might feel ruthless sometimes, you will eventually be glad for their way of communicating. They try to maximize their time to the fullest and there is no time for such games.

Time is money and money is so many great things in the world, so you will know what they want straight away.

Russian Girls

Russian Girls – Being loyal

They act like diplomats and they value loyalty. Loyalty for them is a romantic how to show their feelings.

It is more to do with subjective and personal believe, passion and values than with anything else from the past. Loyalty in a relationship is a proof of being soul mates for life – whether or not it includes traditional values or rules and standards.

Russians girls on beach

Russian Girls – She Knows How to Get Down

They value themselves and they know what they want. And they will tell you and show it to you. There is so many song which can relate but this one speaks for itself:

“You know, I love it, when the music’s loud

But c’mon, strip that down for me, baby

Now there’s a lot of people in the crowd

But only you can dance with me

So put your hands on my body

And swing that round for me, baby”

Russian Girls

Russian Girls – They are Fashionable and Sensational

Judging from masses of Russian tourists flooding Europe every year, you might get lost in what is actually well dressed, under dressed, what is okay and what is not anymore.

There is, though, no real definition of how a typical Russian women dresses like.

You will meet fashionable girls wearing fancy dresses, looking like someone’s escort girl, but on the other hand, you will meet older ladies (babushkas) dressed in long shapeless clothes and scarves and laced-up shoes.

If you need to generalise a little bit for the imagination, how would a typical Russian girls look like? She would have beautiful long blond hair, commonly blue or green eyes and pale skin.

She would also look healthy and fit. It is hard to find women in some overweight in Russia. That is thanks to the Russian food being natural. (No GM FOOD In RUSSIA)

But here I come with a bad news for some. Most of the Russian women are completely different than the one described above. Most of them have much darker, even black hair and brownish or hazel eyes.

Some parts of the country have actually eyes shaped similarly like Japanese or Korean girls have. The one thing remains true, they are still gorgeously beautiful. (Siberia) 

Russians Girls

They Value Family and Enjoy Life

Russian girls and their culture is really strong when it comes to family and traditions and they are really proud of it.

They usually read a lot (books are cheap plus it‘s a good way to educated yourself). Russians also truly enjoy life performances and theatres.

Tickets are again very affordable, therefore you will always find them in theatres, watching opera, ballet, dramas, musical and so on.

Russian culture is not centred about individualists. Their power is hidden in family and groups. The strengths is in the bonds, friendships and family members.

They say „One is not a soldier in the battlefield“. You need to know your people to make things work and move somewhere.

That is a reason why Russians always keep and cherish their friendships, families and take care of good relations, always willing and happy to help.

Her parents will probably care more about you than your own family

Touching upon what was mentioned above, they care about their families and good relationships and if you end up being in their family, they will show it to you.

They will take care of you and make sure that you are doing well, just to make you feel like home.

Russian Girls

Russian Girls are  Super Smart.

On the top of being incredibly beautiful and charming, Russian girls also think a lot and will surprise you how much they know.

Education is well valued in the area and Russian girls like to educate themselves in different ways, so don’t be surprised where they are more clever than you sometime.

Russian girls

Russian Girls – Fabulous sex and intimate moments.

Aka what Russian girls prefer in their sex life.

This deep and intimate connection between two people is a result of lust and wishes to get physical and emotional in order to get pleasure.

For them, it’s a way to achieve harmony and gain even more trust. But what exactly do they like in bed?

Foreplay: if you want to skip this step, you are not getting anywhere. They want to feel loved and wanted.

Pay attention to various part of the body and do not neglect the sensitive spots including neck, ears or even hads. Try to find what spot is her favourite.

Kisses: Almost a building stone to everything, focus again on erogenous zones to gain the maximum tension and pleasure for her. Kiss her like you love her.

Good physical shape: Not talking about big muscles, but being able to last longer than couple of minutes is a plus point. She takes her time, you take yours.

Domination: They usually really love when the man is the dominant one. Do not be afraid of taking control and initiating new things.

As per tradition, the leading role usually belongs to men in the relationship. But it’s not just being a man, you need to have experience, need to know where to touch and where to kiss, having some endurance is important as well.

But don’t be surprised when the women initiates and comes up with new things and ways to please you. They are not boring housewives.

They are open and loving. That’s the first step of having a healthy and fulfilling lovemaking experience every time.

Russian girls

Love Her and Care About Her

Russian culture is traditional in a way, which teaches women to become mostly home centred and to prioritize their family and partner over anything else.

That is why, if you get lucky to end up in a relationship with a Russian girl, give her your all and care about her and you will be rewarded with a happy lasting marriage.

Not having to mention that Russian girls are great in the kitchen and can treat you right.

How to Find or Meet Russians girls for Love

Russian Girls

Comments & Tips

Act like a man around your lady. Russian ladies are not really interested in softies. They are straightforward and will appreciate if you act the same way and ask them out.

Also be a true gentleman. They like to be taken care of. Buy her a drink, take her coat off, organise a date, hold the door.. do all the little things.

When it eventually comes to a date, dress as your best, be prepared and bring flowers. Show that you care.

Russian beauty girl

How to spot a Russian, Ukrainian woman outside Eastern Europe.

Many travellers are think that they have to go to Russia or Eastern Europe to see  Russian Girls. No

How to meet an Russians girls outside of Russia?? 

You need to look in the right places. Most likely, you are about to find Russian and Ukrainian beauties at some of their favourite places.

Some of those to go spots are well known, some of them not as much. You should book a ticket to countries such as Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Amsterdam , Belarus, Turkey, but also Sri Lanka, Thailand, Spain,  and New York & New Jersey area, together with New York City and Brighton Beach.

Indeed, there is no guarantee they you will encounter some Russian women, especially thanks to their diversity. But what is for sure, they have some personality traits in common:

They like to smile. Russian women are in general very kind and have great sense of humour.

You will know when they put an extra effort into dressing up. High heels, sparkly and glittery tops and fancy earrings belong to casual events such as parties, happy hours etc. They simply love to look good.

You will probably see them in high heels quite often. And you won’t be able to stop staring at their legs!

Having hair done, make-up perfectly layered – they do make the extra effort.

There is a typical type of Russian girls and that one was mentioned above – blonde, tall, blue eyes, fit and slim with cheekbones to die for.

Russian Girls lady

How to Approach Russian Girls 

(Have an approach like a man)

Confidence is a key. Russian and Ukrainian women like when their partner has healthy confidence.

Most of them are pretty confident themselves and need no time to be wasted on someone who cannot stand by their side. Show her your confidence then and be firm.

Body language always helps. Act like a confident person, maintain eye contact with her.

Show your confidence in your appearance as well. Style and your look are a visible sign.

Wear well fitted and clean clothed or a suit, groom your body and face, take extra care of your hair.

Stay positive and talk lively about your life and life in general.

Especially showing off the family bonds and love between you and your friends is well appreciated.

Russian girls hiking

Be Capable

Confident Russian women need a man who is capable and doesn’t just talk around.

They need a doer. They can take care of themselves and don’t have space for anyone else but a man, who can be useful and who knows, what is going on.

Show a career that you love and enjoy pursuing. Profession can say a lot about a person – get things done, be passionate, a leader, manage your time properly.

Show your skills – fixing your car, fixing things around the house and similar skills are almost a must.

Take her out to a nice place so she can feel like a princess she is.

You should know what and how to order, know the best cocktails or drinks and present the menu and the food to ensure her, that you know what you are talking about.

Afterwards, you should also be able to pay for everyone. Maybe not for the entire table, but make sure, that you are not a person who needs to be treated free drinks.

Have a Sense of Humour

Saying about Russians that they have no sense of humor or that they are grumpy is so far from the truth.

Tell some funny and interesting story from your life. But be sure that you won’t look dumb or stupid in it after all. Don’t take it too far.

 Make clever and witty observations around the situations and people around you.

 Make sure you posses knowledge about the international world such as politics, tourism, culture etc.

Practise small talk and be quick and smart in your answers to have a lively conversation.

Express Your Love for Mother Russia (or Ukraine etc)

Be careful to speak about Russia, their country, culture, customs and habits, traditions, language and everything connected in a good way.

Mention how big of an impact Russia has on a global economy and their general contribution to the world.

In terms of Ukraine, mention how valuable the country is regarding technologies, military technologies, aviation and so on.

Be careful as if you’re in Russia, the native women there will consider themselves Russian. On the other side in Ukraine, the local women there today consider themselves Ukrainian and not Russia.

Unless their heritage is Russian. This is due to the recent issues and problems between the two countries, therefore be careful.

Make Her Feel Special

Use compliments compliments every now and then, give her gifts. However, be careful not to go overboard, especially with the compliments. They would soon see that you are not being honest.

Make simple observations about her and what you like about her and her personality. Remember what she told you about her life, small details.

Show your respect towards her and say things like “You must be a very strong person,” or if she has a great sense of humor, mention it.

When you get more comfortable, make compliments about her look and features such as beautiful eyes and nice laugh.

Show interest in her personality and her life, ask her about her hobbies, passions and interests.

Try to avoid questions about Russia or Ukraine unless she starts herself.

going out girls

Ask Her Out

If you found your lady, it’s time to move to the next level and ask her out again. Be sure to show her all the attributes proving that you are worth dating.

 Be straight forward and say directly what you want, with confidence.

Stay a gentleman. Buy her a drink, pay the bill, hold the door. Make the date perfect in small details.

When it comes to the date, show that you put some effort into it and bring flowers. Do not get upset when your lady is a bit late, she is putting some effort into it too!

It’s a date, not a race into a bedroom. If it doesn’t lead to it, don’t force it.

In general, I have seen so many boys without social skills around the world when i’m travelling, there  are some good looking boys without having the personality and charm.

If you don’t have social skills or confidence Dating site are the best way to find your future Russian beauties.

Russian ladies as brides are very popular; they are gorgeous, smart, well educated, feminine, and charming.

They make good wives, as well as good and caring mothers. So, if you want to find a Russian bride online, use all the power of online dating.

Find a reputable dating service specializing in Russian brides to be sure that the Russian girl you communicate with is a real person with the honest desire to find a partner and not just a scam.

In order to find a future Russian wife you will need to be clear about our desires.

It is said that on Russian dating websites, large percentage of women are simple scams and fake profiles, only trying to get some money from you.

I have personally never experienced anything like that myself, so I believe it’s not all true.

How to find girls when you’re in Russia or in Ukraine

Judged by most men I have met on my travels, Ukrainian and Russian women are considered the most beautiful and catching in the world.

So many men souls would give or pay anything to get the chance to date on of the ladies.

Nightlife – Check Out  Kiev Nightlife info here  

Nightlife venues and  events are the best way to find girls and get erotic hook up. Those ladies like to show off what they have, therefore you couldn’t go wrong visiting some clubs, lounges and. Those are simply the best places.

girls in park

Parks in the Summer

There is so many girls walking around or sitting in a park just to read a book in the nature and that applies almost to every place in Russia and Ukraine.

Use your social skills and start a conversation, be a traveller and show respect, don’t be a pussy hunter when you’re in their country.

Shopping Malls & Metro 

Shopping Malls – Similar to bars and clubs, those are also incredible places to meet beautiful sexy girls in eastern Europe.

Metro Ask directions, the best way to build conversations with a beautiful lady. 

Find girls

Find  Russian Girls – Personal Skills

Traveller and Adventures

If you present yourself as a traveller and adventures, ladies will love you over there. Russian ladies are super interested in traveling, hiking, boat riding, sports in general and winter sports & water sports especially.

Find Russian Girls – Photography

Ladies in eastern Europe are true artistic divas, fun to be around and they are very creative, If you are a photographer or something similar in the field, the best way to catch a beautiful sexy lady over there is to show her what you do. Also, you able to see the most beautiful part of her body by your creative eye.

Russians Girls

Your Fashion

If you are fashionable and well dressed, it’s always a plus.

Also, you need to have something different from other travellers such as hire fassions, your sunnies, master the way you walk, the way you smile and the way you move.    

Find Russian Girls – Intelligence

Like mentioned above many times, ladies up there are very educated and smart. You need your intelligence to cross over their psychological strength and to win her little romantic heart.

Find Russians girls

Talent and Personality

We are in the 21st century and we all have social media, connecting everything instantly.

Make sure you have good social media profile to show her who you are in a real life.

Make sure that your profile is looking positive, nobody is interested in negatives.

Russian Girls – Money

Indeed, the love for money and luxurious life has always been there. Make sure you work hard to be able to save some money before you travel to eastern Europe or Eurasia. if you are like to have dates from morning to night, you need money, girls  cant effort to pay bills.  

Although, it is not money at first place which Russian girls are interested in.

Your Skin Color

If you’re black or brownish, (Golden  Brown) that will  be a big advantage for you. Like mentioned, Eastern European ladies love different and strong men.

We all know that black men have strong look and physical energy and are perceived as strong individuals.

Ladies will love you up there. On the other side, you might need to be careful because men can get pretty jealous of you.

Russian Girls cooking

Find Russian Girls – Cooking Skills

Russian ladies love when men cook for her and serve meal meal you cooked with glass of wine. Personally, I do cooking for all my ladies be honest. Good cooking skills the most attractive talent for opposite sex.

Find Russian Girls – Other Talents and Skills 

Your general knowledge of the world, rich of information with relevant facts, your interpersonal skills, honestly, artistic skills and your life experience. It is better to use what ever the skills you have rather keep them yourself.   

All travellers, we wish you good luck with your hook up dream or a wish to find a wife in Russia, Ukraine or in Eurasia.

Personalty, I worked over in Moscow and I have added my personal experiences over in Russia. It worked really well. 

Russian girls

Russian Girls Crushing Rate on Boys.

Crushing rate depending on your nationality and ethnicity in Russia. The highest crush on Black Americans, White Americans, Africans in general,  Australians & New Zealanders, All Europeans in General .

Indians, Middle East and Asians need money in Russia for ladies. South Americans are not really popular among Russian ladies.        

If you follow travellerhints travel information for Prussian Girls, I guarantee you that you will find your way to the heart of beautiful Sexy looking Russians lady and spend your life happy with her by your side.  

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Russian Girls Written by Single Solo Traveller Sam Navarathna!   

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