How to Date Hot Aussie Boys in Australia – The Best Dating Tips for Solo Female Travelers to Australia.

CONGRATULATIONS ladies, You’ve done something impossible to achieve which dating hottest Aussie Boys — you’re now dating world hottest an Aussie boy.
Somehow, Australia is a country with little dating culture and one of the worst work-life balances in the world.
On the other hand, ladies from overseas may welcome to his way into the tender heart, where you’ve nestled yourself alongside his favorite brand of craft beer, footy, cricket with a load of money.
So what, many international solo female travelers are coming to Australia to get hook up with Aussie boys and settle down in this peaceful and wealthy county.

What Foreign Ladies Thought About Aussie Boys Before They Arrive in Australia?

I had spoken to many Europian and American female travelers about these topics before I started writing it.
Well, It was surprisingly unpredicted. Most of the ladies told me that Boys here in Australia meant to be the hottest, with six packs, blond, blue eyes, big shoulder with big gears.
And a picture of layback surfing types sexy Aussie accents, Viking-heights, charming, beautifully tanned skin, intellectually rich, full of romance and concurrently humorous sarcastic
Unfortunately, Most of those ladies are disappointed by what Australia have offered them by Austrian multicultural society.
Surprisingly, Australia has provided a more extensive selection of choices other than one collection which make Australia better travel destinations for western ladies.

The Hot Aussie Boys Article Written By Solo Traveller Sam, according to Social Statistics and Travel Experiences!

General Heritage and Characteristics of Aussie Boys

Aussie Boys, heritage

Aussies boys are vibrantly missed with so many nationalities from around the world due to one of the best multicultural society in Australia. Most good looking Aussies boys were a heritage from the UK, Ireland and Europe.
There so many other, other nationalities are mixed with a new generation of Aussie boys such as dark chocolate, light brown chocolate, and bright yellow with little eyes and in many sexy looking appearances.
Mixed Nationalities are, such as Southeast Asians, South Asians, Africans, Scandinavians, Canada, South & Central Americans, USA, and Eastern Europe.

Aussie Boy, Hottest

Are Aussie Boys the Hottest in the World?

According to female backpackers to Australia, they have recognized Aussies boys are some of the hottest sexy boys in the world. Well, can be a truth. There some bright pieces of evidence would help out to clarify that claim made by female travelers.

Jordan Kale Barrett – This Aussie has just been named the world’s hottest and sexiest male model at New York City Fashion Week Media Awards. He just turned to 20-year-old is indeed not the shy but sexy.

Chris Hemsworth – Chris Hemsworth is an Australian Actor best known for portraying the ‘Marvel Comics’ as superhero around the world. Famous among ladies because of his hair as well as his eyes.

Keith Urban – Keith Urban is a country musician and guitarist who is famous not just in his native Australia but also in the U.S. Aussie girls, as well as American ladies are falling love with his cowboy looking hot body.

Pre Checklist Before Start Dating Aussie Boys

Before dating someone in Australia, ladies should make the specific purpose of the dating such as casual hook up, earning extra cash, looking for love, looking for a partner, spend your weekend with free drink or husband in the future.
It does not matter whatever your targets. You have to go by steps by steps. Such as you have to select one first in a club or from a dating app, speak & smile, have a date, have a kiss, get wet, pull your pant down and finish it

What Aussie Boys Like & Dislike and Expect From Girls.

There few things Aussies boys like from other side means opposite sex. Also, there few significant characteristics belong to Aussie boys. Other than that, All boys in the world are the biggest dickheads of humankind.

Where to Find Hottest an Aussie Man in Australia

There so many Australian men are waiting for foreign ladies with open arms because some research has proven a lousy attitude of Aussie girls.
Foreign ladies have more opportunities to get into Australia marring an Australian man.
But ladies should know where to find a man and how. A city like Perth, Perth men, are mostly working away from home, doing jobs like FIFO mining.
There working schedule is a few weeks on site and one week or 2 weeks off. Generally, ladies able to find few Aussie boys in a night out city like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane.

I recommend you to go more countryside like the farming region to find an excellent Aussie man for a long-term relationship other than casual hook up.
The hottest Aussie Boys are hanging around regions are
Margaret river beaches, Great Ocean Road, Byron Bay, Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Airlie Beach, Scarborough beach, Melbourne, Bondi Beach, Cairns, Brisbane, and Perth.

Where Do Aussie Boys Looking for Hook Up in Australia!

Almost over 80% of boys are looking dating partner online apps like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Elit, Zoosk, RSVP, BE2, eHarmony. According to social research about the casual hook up successes rate among Australian boys, during a night out less than 20%.
This rate incredibly low compared to the USA and Europe. Due to anti-clockwise social behavior changes among Australian society, Boys do not go to pubs as much used to do.

Many Australians Boys like to have Asian Partner from South East Asia?

There significant numbers of inter-racial marriages reasonably high among Australian society ever before. Most Aussie Boys have dating experience with local ladies.
But the long-term relationship is turning to Asia Mosley. Due to the tender, gender gap, more respect for male show up among Asian ladies than western ladies.
Even though, Western ladies are sharing culturally more in common with Australian men.
Most likely, Men here in Western Australian turning to places like Bali, Thailand, China, and East Asia due to geographical as well as demographical circumstances.
 On the other Hand, Many Men are traveling to see Ukrainian Girls, Russian Girls and many parts of Eastern Europe to find a wife.  

Aussie Boys like Sports like Footballs, Footy, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Rugby League, and Crickets!

Boys who were born before 1980 more likely loving out do sports and fitness. But young generation mostly likes indo-games like, playing on the computer or smartphone and living in indo-society according to social statistic bureau of Australia.

The surfing culture – It well sexiest Y’all. And the tan skin and fit physique usually come as a bonus with big gears. But such boys are sometimes hard to find here in Australia. Those type of boys is available only in a few places around Australia as I have mentioned before.

Do Aussie Boys Like to Buy Drinks Free for Ladies?

The good thing about Boys in nightclubs here in Australia, they love to buy your drinks. But it isn’t free, at the end boys want to get into your pant. Well, Ladies always have the right to choose who you’re going to sleep for the night. And wise idea not to take free drinks in Australia because some boys are turning to aggression as soon as you reject them.

Australians are Swearing a Lot

General Australian Culture uses F and C words more than any other nation in the world in a day. Nothing wrong at all, it the way of pure Australia and it is people.

Like Outdoor BBQ and Boring Chat Up with Beers

Aussie culture big fan of Outdoor BBQ with beers. Most boys want to have sitting with a bunch of boys and chat up some boring topics.

Aussie Boys are Rich

Boys here in Australia make A LOT of money. The country is full of natural resources and everyone getting a fixed rate of pay every hour of works they do. Generally, this isn’t a bad thing at all, but it can often do lead to greediness.
Also, It seem more hoax and a whole lot of cockiness; people can hear more & more boys brag about their money. The Lord will help us.

Lack of Personality Qualities and Skills Among Aussie Boys

Some multinational dating agencies conducted some social experiment in Australia to find out Australian’s men social skills to get a partner. And what they have found surprisingly shameful.
Most Australian men face a lack of self-confident to speak with ladies, no-enough facts to keep going the conversation.
Lack of personal Skills to get attention from the opposite sex, fewer selections hobbies, smart way of speaking to get in touch with females intellectual side of the brain. Also, They have found out, Aussie boys like less educated partners from different countries than beautiful Aussie girls.

Domestic & Sexual Violence Among Australians!

According to Australians Government- Australian Institute of Health and welfare.
As a first world country, Aussie boys must hold the responsibility of Domestic violation as well as sexual violations against innocent females in Australia.
The violation rate has occurred across all ages, socioeconomic and demographic groups within Australian society.
Over seventy-two thousand women and over 34,000 children sought assistance in 2016–17 due to family/domestic violence. Social statistics show more cat slamming when ladies walk even during the daylight.

Lack of Understanding of Different Cultures

According to Australian social data, most Australian men do not understand his overseas partner culture difference. And many foreign wives abused by Australian Husbands.
Mainly, who come from non-English speaking background countries. Also, Those ladies have no ideas about their legal right and gender equality.

Alcohol Consumption, Aussie Boys

Drugs and Alcohol Consumption!

Badly, Amoung Aussie Boys have some of the highest rates of drugs and alcohol consumption rate compare to Scandinavian first world countries. The Main reason behind it the violation. Mostly like, average earning of Australians are higher than other first world countries.

STI Rates Among Aussie Boys

There many STD cases were reported and recorded by the ministry of health last few years. 50% of reports men infected out of all cases. It is clear pieces of evidence that many Australians boys are hooking up with casual partners than a permanent one.

Are Aussie Boys Your Dream Partner??

Well, after all. As a solo female traveler. Looking for a new home country with a brighter life in Australia. Make sure to make a smart choice.
My tips – Don’t go to the hottest one, Choice right age with a stable lifestyle.
Due to the department Immigration strict assessment on all partner application and high application fees. Hooking up and getting partners visa almost impossible.
According to my calculations, successful hookup partner visa rate lower as 0.001%.
Best advice for you, learn something high demanding skills and get into Australia freely without breaking the law of the country.

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