South Australia: Extreme wilderness, fine landscapes, vineyards, stunning beaches and delicious dining experience - all those create a place full of great contrasts. South Australia is the driest state though it’s framed by coastline

South Australia is the fourth largest Australian state and it shares land borders with all other mainland states (except the Australian Capital Territory).

The population is slightly more than 1.6 million people which makes South Australia the second less populated state.

Most of the people are concentrated in Adelaide, the state capital or the fertile area along the Murray River.


South Australia: The History

South Australia was initially a planned British province and, unlike other states, freely settled. Before that, the area had been long occupied by the indigenous people.

The first settlement was established in 1836 in Kingscote on the Kangaroo Island though the land was first discovered already in 1627 by Dutch Francois Thijssen and was part of the New South Wales since 1788.

The reason behind establishing settlements was to create a certain centre of civilisation respecting liberty and tolerance for arrival immigrants.

South Australia is the driest state with mostly Mediterranean climate offering perfect holiday weather during the whole year but also a place where some of the most waterless areas of the continent can be found.

The landscape in the mainland is mostly shaped by arid rangelands, dry lakes and several mountain ranges.

One of the most important industries is wine export from wine regions such as Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Coonawarra or the Adelaide Hills.

Adelaide is hot, diverse and vibrant cultural centre mostly knows thanks to its wide range of restaurants with various food and wine experience they offer.

The city is also drawing tourists all year round for its multiple festivals, rich street art and flawless and easily accessible white sand beaches touching the Southern Ocean.

Surrounding vineyards are the place where more than 50% of the Australian wine is being produced. South Australia is also a gateway point to the outback with native wildlife and dramatic rugged landscapes.

The mountain range called Flinders Ranges belongs to the Australia’s front national landscapes.

Kangaroo Island is the right place for spotting some of the typical Australian animals in the wild nature, from kangaroo and koalas to wallabies and sea lions.

Places in South Australia Travel Destinations

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