Western Australia: Isolated, adventurous and impressively beautiful. West coast of Australian continent is offering everything from picturesque landscapes, stunning beaches and gorgeous National Parks to vibrant city atmosphere.

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Western Australia is the is the largest state on the whole Australian continent occupying one third of its entire area even though it is so sparsely populated that it has only about 2.6 million inhabitants.

More than 90% of the population is concentrated around the capital city of Perth and in the surrounding south-west corner of the state.


Bordering states are South Australia and Northern Territory and the coast is bounded mostly by the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean and the Great Australian Bight.

Western Australia was first explored by Dutch in 1616 and the first settlement in York was established in 1831.

Western Australia:

Is due to its isolated location and vast area one of the less discovered and visited by tourists.

Nevertheless, this part of Australia has some of the most unique and interesting highlights.

Perth as a capital (the most isolated capital city in the world) and neighbouring Fremantle are liveable, cosmopolitan cities with laid-back atmosphere, stunning beaches and plenty of cultural activities.

Karijini National Park on the very north is offering pure nature wonderland including waterfalls, breathtaking gorges and wide spectrum of rare fauna and flora.

Quirky beach town Broome with its world’s famous Cable Beach is known for its romantic sunsets, pearl farm and camel walks.

Coastline around the Kimberley area offers the purest outback atmosphere and indigenous culture.

Some of the fascinating places are also the Pinnacles Desert with monumental rock formations and history which is dated million years back, the world’s largest outdoor gallery on the white salt bed of Ballard Lake, Esperance town with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches or the pink colour of saline Hillier Lake.


Western Australia is also a place for wine producing with some of the highest quality wine being produced mostly in regions on the south-west (Margaret River, The Great Southern, Swan Valley).

Culture-wise, WA is home to Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts which is Australia’s leading performance training organisation.

Places in Western Australia Travel Attractions

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