Best Margaret River Beaches for Swimming, Relaxation & Surfing

Margaret River Beaches - West Coast of Australia - Surrounded by three sides of water, this coastline is like no other.

Margaret River beaches blessed with approximately 200km of white sand coastline stretching from Busselton Town to Augusta, so even in the height of summer it’s still possible to discover a patch of white sandy privet beach paradise to enjoy without anyone else around.

To the north from Margaret River Region, the warm blue tranquil waters of Geographe Bay have created the best swimming beaches in Dunsborough coastal town and Busselton town.

Margaret River beaches

Choose from secluded sheltered coves to long shallow privet beaches with fine white sand.

Take the spectacular tourist drive, regional park walking & Hiking tracks or even go by kayak to discover your special Holiday.

Plenty of Sexy Margaret River beaches are offering best beach accommodations,  available in Busselton, Dunsborough and Bunker Bay.

Beautiful Australian’s  west coast, the might and power of the Indian Ocean is incredible to watch.

Stretching 120km, Western Australian’s coastline has areas calmed by limestone reefs,ever green forests, caves, lagoons and curving headlands.

Margaret River beaches surfing

Also, World famous for its surf beaches. 

Margaret River Beaches and it’s coastline also offering  great designated swimming beaches. Scenic lookouts. 

Margaret River is a small town south of Perth in Western Australia, and is known for it’s breweries and wineries and amazing walking trails throughout it’s multiple national parks.

Not only is the region overflowing with fresh local fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood, it also boasts a cheese, chocolate and ice cream factory which is one of the many reasons locals and travellers alike keep coming back.

Margaret River beaches

But what truly sets the Margaret River Region apart is that it is home to some of the most pristine and unique beaches and the best surf breaks found in the South West.

For those who want a taste of the best of what WA has to offer, then below is your go-to guide for the best beaches in the Margaret River Region.

List of Best Margaret River Beaches Info for Travellers 

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 1 – Busselton Jetty – Busselton

The small city of Busselton is located on the South-West tip of Western Australia, and is known for its beautiful sheltered beaches, seasonal humpback whale populations, and the impressive 6.4km jetty that stretches along the sandy white beaches and almost 2km out to the clear shallow waters of Geographe Bay.

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Not only is the Busselton Jetty the longest wooden jetty in the world, it also leads to a unique underwater observatory, 1 of just 6 like it in the world.

The observatory is a round, 10m wide chamber that sits 8m below the surface at the end of the jetty, and gives visitors an exciting look at life under the sea.

If the long walk is too much for you, there’s the famous jetty train, which will take you on a relaxing 45 minute ride along the jetty.

If a breath-taking sunset is your thing, wait until dusk to stroll along the jetty and get a magnificent view of the sun setting over the ocean. Also, One of the best sallow water dive spot in Western Austria.  

Geographe Bay and Busselton Jetty are located on Geographe Bay Road with access from Bussell Highway.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 2 – Geographe Bay – Busselton

The famous Busselton Jetty is located on the beautiful Geographe Bay, a popular beach that offers 30km of beautiful, shallow turquoise waters perfect for swimming and perfect white sand for sunbathing.

It’s also a great spot for snorkeling; the shallow bay and bustling marine life that live under the jetty make for an exciting and interactive experience!

Geographe Bay is also the temporary home for pods of humpback whales during the winter on their rest stop before their long trek back home.

Between the clear waters and perfect beaches and sunset during the summer, and the whale watching in the winter, Geographe Bay delivers all year round!

Geographe Bay and Busselton Jetty are located on Geographe Bay Road with access from Bussell Highway.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 3 – Indijup Beach/Wyadup Natural Spa

Indijup Beach is located in the small tourist town of Yallingup, in the South West region of Western Australia and is known for its surf breaks and popular snorkelling spots.

Indijup beach is generally a quiet beach, with there never being too many people there at any given time, which means there’s less people to share the rock pool with.

Wyadup Natural Spa

The rock pool (named Wyadup Natural Spa) is a bunch of rocks between the shore and the tide that creates a spa like experience as water blasts through the cracks and flows down small waterfalls – a natural luxury.

If keeping dry is more for you, then the beach offers an interesting walk with a variety o rocks and boulders in all shapes and sizes, begging to be explored.

Although some of these may not be the easiest things to get to, and might take a slight traverse down some rock, but your efforts will definitely be rewarded with amazing ocean views.

Wyadup Natural Spa carpark is located at the end of Wyadup Road from Caves Rad in Yallingup.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 4 – Main Break – Margaret River

Main Break, home to Surfers Point, is the pinnacle of surfing in the South-West of WA.

Margaret River is popular for big breaks and huge waves, but Main Break is very accommodating and can be surfed at 3 foot, and starts to get good at 6 foot.

During summer, Margaret River is swarming with people on their Christmas Break (Dec-Jan), but during the rest of the year, it’s a sleepy surf town with only locals and die-hard surf enthusiasts to share the beaches and surf with; but keep an eye out for any kite and wind-surfers that might be taking advantage of the waves too!

Main Break is another great place in the Margaret River region for whale watching, and from September to November, you can enjoy a spectacular view of not only the whales in their natural environment but also of the clear waters and impressive green and rocky dunes that surround the shore.

Like all the beaches in the Margaret River region, Main Break has sunsets that don’t disappoint and are definitely worth the trip!

Mainbreak is located off Surfers Point Road and has carpark access that leads to the main beach and look out areas.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 5 – Peaceful Bay – Denmark

Located in the Denmark shire in the National Walpole-Nornalup National Park, Peaceful Bay is set on the Great Southern Ocean and is split into 2 bays by the Irwin Inlet as it discharges into the ocean.

Due to its beautiful beaches, shelter from sand dunes and beautiful walking trail, it’s become a popular camping spot with a lot of people using it as an opportunity to walk some of the infamous Bibbulmun Track as it winds past Peaceful Bay.

The beach itself has plenty of room for everyone and with its calm waves, is the perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, kite surfing and enjoying the spectacular coastline.

It’s highly recommended that when you go to Peaceful Bay, you take a stroll along the shoreline to the Irwin Inlet – a point of the shore where the 2 tides meet, creating a view like nothing other.

Margaret River Beaches

Because you have do have to venture a little further out than many other beaches in the region, you get less visitors here than anywhere else, truly living up to it’s name – Peaceful Bay.

There are multiple access points along the coast of Peaceful Bay, but the main beach area is located off Old Peaceful Bay Road in Denmark and has plenty of car access.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 6 – Prevelly Beach – Prevelly

Hidden in the South West region of Western Australia, at the mouth of Margaret River, is a quaint beach full of white sand, excellent surf and sheltered rock pools.

Prevelly Beach has something for everyone, whether you’re wanting to explore the natural rock pools and discover all the incredible marine life living between the rocks, swim in the gentle waters near the mouth of Margaret River and the North end of the beach and the naturally enclosed pools by the riverbanks sand or just enjoy the view – Prevelly Beach is for you!

There are sheltered areas along the beach that are patrolled by lifeguards during the summer, making it the ideal spot to take the kids.

For those that are a little more adventurous, you can paddle up the Margaret River on a kayak tour, or learn how to surf at one of the local surf schools, or join the spectators on the lookout above Surfers Point.

Like most beaches in Margaret River, Prevelly Beach also has a picturesque coastline and waterfront path that leads to an enclosed lookout shaped like a giant shell that magnifies the crashing sounds of the waves beautifully.

Whether you’re a swimmer, surfer or observer, Prevelly Beach should be at the top of your list of beaches in the Margaret River region!

Prevelly Beach is located towards the end of Surfers Point Road and has carpark access.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 7 – Redgate Beach – Calgardup Bay

Home to the Redgate Rocks and Island of Rocks, Redgate Beach is 350m of exposed granite, boulders backed by 3 active blowouts and amazing bluffs, and one of the most dramatic and beautiful spots along the Cape to Cape coast.

With strong currents that smash up against the island of rocks and granite, on a rough day, the blowouts and plumes of sea spray that are sent splashing into the air make it a spectacular sight.

Margaret River Beaches

During the winter, the swells are high and can be dangerous to swim in; but in Summer, the water warms up and is a vibrant turquoise and the swells calm down, making it the perfect swimming spot.

Hang around later in the day and be rewarded with the most fiery sunsets over the ocean and natural rock statues that run along the beach and coastline.

Redgate Beach may not be the biggest beach in the region, but it could definitely be the most beautiful.

Redgate Beach is located at the end of the Cape to Cape Walk Track, with a carpark at the top of the track just off Redgate Road.

The car park is accessible by car, but there is no direct access to the beach.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 8 – Surfers Point – Prevelly

Surfers Point; a breezy spot popular for it’s beautiful sunsets, boardwalk, clean golden sand, beautiful beach walks, and exceptional facilities.

But it’s also the number one surf spot in Margaret River, and produces some of the best waves in the Indian Ocean.
The beach itself is apart of what was once a tiny outback town, to a town filled with adventure and spirit thanks to the influx of surfers and surf enthusiasts that travel from far and wide just to get a taste of the reliable and accessible surf breaks.

The surf break is made up of 2 main waves, mainbreak and southsides, which (for those of you who can ‘talk surf’) are both right and left handers.

Be warned though, these waves are not for the faint hearted, or inexperienced surfer as swells can reach 20 foot! But, for those surfers that can handle it, it makes for a thrilling experience, and a great show for the spectators, especially when the Margaret River Drug Awareness Pro surf competition is on.

Although it lives true to it’s name, Surfers Point is more than just that, it is also home to wild birds and native species that live within the sand dunes surrounding the beach, beautiful blue waters, and mind-blowing sunsets.

But caution is advised when travelling with children as it can pose its own dangers.

Surfers Point is located near the end of Surfers Point Road, just below the Rivermouth Beach

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 9 – Rivermouth Beach – Prevelly

To see where the Indian Ocean and Margaret River meet, you’ll have to travel to Prevelly, just North of Surfers Point to Rivermouth Beach.

Rivermouth Beach is not only a popular spot for surfing and canoeing, it also boasts spectacular views with multiple barbecue and picnic facilities so you can enjoy the views in comfort.

Margaret River Beaches

Take a short walk up the coast and along the curve of the rivermouth and you’ll come to a carpark with top notch facilities (toilets, barbecues, showers etc), as well as a wonderful wooden lookout area with platform for viewing the mouth and the surfers.

You can also take advantage of the many walking trails along the river and the coastline.

Both give excellent views either across to the point or up the coastline, especially at sunset.

With so much to see and do at Rivermouth Beach, it’s great for a whole day trip with the family, or a quick stop off to appreciate all nature has to offer; either way, it’s a must see!

Rivermouth Beach carpark is at the end of Rivermouth Road, just off Surfers Point road in Prevelly.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 10 – Windy Harbour – Manjimup

A unique holiday settlement on the South coast of Western Australia, surrounded by the world famous and breathtaking D’entrecasteaux National Park, and consists of leasehold holiday cottages, fisherman cottages, a caravan park and a camping ground.

With settlement from the early 1900’s, this small fishing town has a strong sense of community and unique character.

Fishing is still the main choice of activity in the town, with the coastline offering spectacular scenery,a safe harbour on the rugged coastline and rewarding fishing.

Visitors can stay at the Nature Based Camping Ground with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

These include a camp kitchen with everything you need from a cooktop to sink and running water, warm showers, tables and a grassed area.

All of these things make plus serenity and scenery of Windy Harbour all that easier to enjoy.

Windy Harbour is located on Windy Harbour Rd, just off Middleton Rd in Manjimup and is best accessed by car.

Margaret River Beaches 11 – Yallingup Beach

Yallingup Beach sits on the coastline of Margaret River and it has it all, and all year round!

From powerful surf breaks, golden white sandy beaches to the outstanding rock formations of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Park, and views of the sea cliffs fading off far into the distance.

During the summer, the beautiful and inviting waters turn crystal clear, and the calm shallow waters of the reef sheltered lagoons make for the perfect swimming and snorkelling spot.

Autumn brings it’s own transformation with seaweed, shells, sea urchins and cuttlefish bone washing up on the shore and huge swells that roll while the seamist hide the cliffs in the distance.

It’s also a great time take a tour of the amazing stalactite formations that live in the underground caves around the beach.

The beach is located off Yallingup Beach Road and best accessed by car.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 12 – Smiths Beach – Yallingup

A long, spacious beach of blindingly white sand, big waves and crystal clear blue water make it one of the most popular beaches in Margaret River.

The full length of Smiths Beach boasts some variety, with pure white sand and relatively sheltered and clear water at the South end, to jagged limestone rocks, reefs and massive breaking waves up at the North end near Torpedos Rock and the famed Supertubes Break” that brings surfers in all year round.

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Smiths Beach is also home to Gunyulgup Bay; a small creek that emerges from a valley in the dunes the beach, Further North of the creek, there are several rocky spots with low limestone cliffs and reef platforms extending out to the sea, a vast difference from the calm, clear waters South of the beach.

On a rough day though, the waves make for a spectacular view, and an even better surf spot! For beginners to the sport, the safety of the south end of the beach is the better spot for practising.
For those who like to enjoy the waters without a board, the South end of the beach near the Smiths Beach Resort and beach carpark is the most popular spot, out of the way of the crashing waters and reefs.

Smiths Beach also delivers in terms of scenic walks, with it being a part of the Cape to Cape Track, a multi day hike along the Margaret River coast, giving visitors a spectacular coastal view.

Smiths Beach is a short drive south from the town of Yallingup, and the next beach down from Yallingup Beach.

There is car access, but it is also walking distance from the main town of Yallingup.
Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 13  – Gnarabup Beach

Gnarabup Beach is the longest and most popular beach in Prevelly and spans from the Southern Headland in the South, to Surfers Point in the North.

The beach boasts beautiful cliffs, clear water lagoons, white sand and beautiful fauna growing over the sand dunes.

The crystal clear waters make the perfect spot for snorkelling and looking at fish, while the sheltered bay provides an ideal relaxing spot close to the very popular local cafe.

Gnarabup Beach shines brightest at sunset, when you can enjoy the spectacular views of the sun setting with other beaches further off in the distance from the incredible cliff lookouts located at the southern end of the beach.

There is access to the beach off Wallcliffe Road near the White Elephant Cafe and the Margarets Beach Resort in Gnarabup, South of Prevelly.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 14 – 
Meelup Beach – Dunsborough

Located just north-west of Dunsborough town in the Margaret River Region, Meelup Beach (also known as Castle Bay) is on the most popular swimming beaches in Dunsborough.

With white sand, clear turquoise water (great for snorkelling too!) and shady grassed areas with barbecues and picnic benches, it’s the perfect spot for family beach days or a picnic.

Most days the shoreline is completely sheltered from wind and waves, and the water is crystal clear and as calm as a swimming pool with a white sandy sea floor that slopes away gradually to deeper waters.

Meelup Beach is also home to the popular “Castle Rock”, a massive chunk of orange granite standing tall at the end of Castle Bay, and the most spectacular feature of the Meelup Beach coastline.

It’s also the best spot for watching the sunset, stargazing, or to take advantage of one of the few places in Western Australia that you can see the moon rise over the ocean.

Castle Rock is also great to climb, from a distance it looks steep and difficult, but as you get closer you’ll see it’s just a few quick steps up to the top and to the incredible views of the coastline and horizon.

About 30 minutes up the hill opposite Castle Rock is a trail that leads to the Whale Lookout, where you can watch the whales migrate through the bay between September and November.

Even when the whales aren’t around, this spot still overs some great views along the coastline.
Meelup Beach is located off Eagle Bay – Meelup Road just off Meelup Beach Road, and Castle Rock can be accessed by walking along Meelup Beach, or at another entrance off Castle Rock Road off of Meelup Beach Road before Meelup Beach.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 15 – Eagle Bay – Margaret River Region

Home of the famous Eagle Bay Brewery and positioned at the top of Geographe Bay, Eagle Bay is the perfect base to explore the Margaret River Region from, including towns like Yallingup, Dunsborough and Busselton.

It is also home to some of the South-West’s most picturesque and  beaches, with plenty of opportunities for swimming, fishing and snorkelling with all the marine life that hides in the bay.

There’s even something for the surfers with a nice variety of wild and compose waves along the coast, and there’s always one to catch.

Once you’ve seen the beautiful beaches and waterways, you can venture further inland and you’ll come across a wealth of nature walks, or you can take a hike up to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse that’s positioned where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.

Eagle Bay is located North of Dunsborough and can be accessed from Eagle Bay Road off Cape Naturaliste Road and is best accessed by car.

Margaret River Beaches

Margaret River Beaches 16 – Bunker Bay

There is said to be something special about Bunker Bay, whether it’s the clear as glass, turquoise water that’s just begging to be swam in, or the amazing trails and views the bay has to offer, it’s undoubtedly one of the most tranquil beaches in the South-West.

Bunker Bay is located just north of Eagle Bay in the Dunsborough region.

While the beach is generally sheltered from the winds, making it a great beach to swim at as there are usually only smaller, gentle waves, but it does still produce a good wave every now and again.

If you venture to the North-East end of the beach at the point of Geographe Bay, and just a short walk over the low granite of Bunker Point gives access to sweeping views across the bay and makes for a great spot for walking and snorkelling.

Around the corner on the other side of the trees Shelley Cove, a small secluded bay with towering limestone cliffs on one side, and granite boulders on the other.

In calm conditions, the little cove becomes a private oasis for swimming, or you can continue to follow the trail that will lead you out to some amazing views.

If your timing is right, you might also get a glimpse of some dolphins that like to hang around the bay.

Bunker Bay is located just past Dunsborough and Eagle Bay and can be accessed just off Bunker Beach Road which runs off Cape Naturaliste Road and is best accessed by car.

Margaret River Beaches


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