Top 5 Places in Vancouver for a Date!

The value of Vancouver is in its youth, freshness, dissimilarity, cultural and ethnic diversity, as well as its openness to the world.

If you are going to date a woman, you can be sure that the girl will surely like this city.

You can walk through the small streets of the City away from the center, find curious old houses, shops and meet talkative old-timers. In such places, it is easy to go back mentally to the beginning of the last century when immigrants from Europe just started nesting.

Here are 5 great sites for a date with your beloved partner. The Cleveland Dam Cleveland Dam is a perfect place for a picnic, so take a blanket, a couple of sandwiches, buy coffee to go, and don’t forget about good mood.

The tonal perspective, which is so well seen in the mountains, is just amazing here! Visitors to the stunning dam will be able to enjoy one of the most stunning views.

To the left of the Dam are a large pedestrian trail, with a descent to the river, and stunning views of the mountains and river bend. By the way, in the city, you will find a lot of coffee shops and fast food chains.

If your girlfriend is a lover of indecently sweet coffee, then it’s worth mentioning the national network of Tim Hortons where you can buy French vanilla coffee.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Art Gallery Vancouver

The largest gallery in Western Canada is the Vancouver Art Gallery. This world-famous art museum, the building of which is a majestic monument of architecture presents many artistic masterpieces. Besides, to the Vancouver permanent exhibition, the Gallery systematically holds exhibitions of works by old masters and leading contemporary artists. The art gallery occupies a whole block in the heart of Vancouver so you will be able to have an exciting date here.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park

The luxurious park in the English style was named in honor of Elizabeth I, the mother of the now-reigning queen. The park is located in a quiet part of the city, on Cambie Str. Since; it is located on a hill concerning the rest of the town, you will be able to enjoy a gorgeous view of Downtown, the bay, and the mountains from its observation deck. The park entrance is free, and it is open for visits at any time of the year. If it is a rainy day, you can visit the Bloedel Conservatory greenhouse, a tropical oasis with more than 150 species of rare birds and 500 species of exotic plants and flowers. The greenhouse is open year-round and 7 days a week.

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

In Vancouver, there are many attractive hotels which are perfect for an unforgettable romantic date. Many couples consistently prefer the stylish Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel which has a posh spa. If you prefer different exclusives, the Hotel has a luxurious royal suite, with panoramic windows and a jacuzzi. One of the fascinating features of the hotel is its outdoor seating areas. On the roof and several floors, there are magnificent terraces, with a pool, whirlpool tubs, and secluded relaxation areas, furnished with beautiful soft furnishings. It is a fabulous place to spend a romantic evening or organize an outdoor dinner.

Seasons in the Park Restaurant

Seasons in the Park Restaurant

Talking about the outstanding restaurants in Vancouver which are the most suitable for a date, this place is a great option. This cozy restaurant is located at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park, and it can boast an incredible view over the downtown of Vancouver and the northern mountains which harmoniously complement the picture. Seasons in the Park is great for lunch, dinner, or cocktails at sunset. The restaurant offers an extensive menu which will please the most demanding taste. So, you will be able to have a great time with your beloved girlfriend in this romantic place.

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