Tarawadee Best Sex Place in Bangkok – Best Bachelor Party and Want to Have a fun

Tarawadee in Bangkok is a Fabulous place for all young men to have a closing deal party including nice food, massage and sex party. And also if your friend is about to have a Bachelor party and want to have a fun dinner with erotic fantasy, so then this is the place.

In Bangkok, Tarawadee ladies are the prettiest. Sorry for saying like this about Bangkok. Well. Bali is quite boring these days. These are my genuine sentiments about it.

It has been a month since I got back from Bangkok. Gosh, I have to say that I really liked this city.

What I loved most the girl of my choice. Well, I could spend a long time in the malls enjoying a cup of coffee.

There was a very nice coffee shop near the university. It was wonderful. I have forgotten its name, though.

Oh, my heart beats with excitement as I dream of visiting it again. Gosh! I feel I just can’t wait until that time comes.

Tarawadee night sky view

In fact, I have beaten about the bush, enough. Let me tell you the main part of my visit. The whole lot about my visit to this wonderful place called Tarawadee. Now please listen what I have to say.

Yes, I stayed in Indra Hotel near Mall of Bangkok. It was a matter of 30 minutes to get there by cab.

To be exact, it took less than 30 minutes really. It costs 300 Bahts to go there at night, but on the return, you have to pay 100 Baht.

However, taxis in Bangkok are disgusting. I have been to some of the notorious places such as Bali, Jakarta, and Sydney. Yes.

Bali happened to be one of those places. But dear, where do you think I saw the most charming girls? In Tarawadee, of course.

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Wow! what enticing sweetness in its purest form. Oh no … The girls with such a massive attraction were all Thai.

They drive you crazy with desire. They are gorgeous with such attractive figures. Well, all are well priced.

They are priced according to their beauty. The most expensive girls are the most highly priced ones. Well.. that is 4000 Baht.

The service which started with bathing while spending more time in the bathtub was wonderful.

Well, the service could be called standard. I found one weakness, though. What is it you might ask and I gotta say that girl could not speak a single word of English.

I had to use my google translator and other naughty ways to communicate with her.

Tarawadee Bangko – The Luxurious gentlemen’s Clubs with VIP lounges and breathtaking beauties.

How to Get Tarawadee Bangkok 

It is conveniently located halfway between Suvarnabhumi Airport and the city centre.

It gets at able by car, taxi or bus easily. You have access to it from Pattanakarn Soi 46.

Price from 4400 Baht for 90 minutes.

I paid this short visit to explore the place and learn about it to have the first-hand experience. Oh well, it was a wonderful piece of experience.

If you taste is luxury and highly appreciate it and if spending money is not a worry to you at all. Then Tarawadee is the real, ideal fun place for you.

My arrival here took place on a weekday at 16.30  as I entered the lounge which has a restaurant – it was adorned with a live band and sofas.

There the girls were seated. To me, its appearance was that of a mixture of the luxurious hotel lobby and grand living room.

At that time there were a few guests along with a handful of young beautiful girls with unique come-hither looks.

Tarawadee Sexy girls for sex

There are standard rooms with bathtubs or luxurious suites with huge jacuzzi, sauna, pool table, karaoke and several bedrooms. I recommend this place for bachelor and other events juicy or otherwise.

You see the place is luxury in its truest form and the girls are beauties who are as beautiful as beautiful as can be. It is a bit far away from the city, though. The address is 1 Pattanakarn Road.

Where to look for the best of massage venues in Tarawadee Bangkok. Come to Tarawadee, a dreamland of sensuous pleasure and comforting relaxation.

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Address: No 1 Pattanakarn Road, Soi 44-46 Suanluang, Bangkok. Where to find Tarawadee massage parlor – find it on  Pattanakarn Road – inbound side between Sois 44 and 46

Tarawadee Massage Parlour and how to get access to it.

Come and find it nestled across the road from the Neo Karaoke and lounge bar. In addition to coming by bus, you can also get there by taxi.

In addition to coming by bus, you can also get there by taxi. The bus routes are #11 or #92 that runs along New Petchburi and Pattanakarn Road.

Also, catch a bus from the Prakanong BTS Skytrain station. You will be glad to know that it stops at Pattanakarn opposite Tarawadee.

+660-2321-6666  or 0-23216688

Tarawadee fun – Your expenses?

Costs range between 3500 to 6000 Baht.

Come on make much of your sensual pleasure of lovemaking here in Tarawadee, Bangkok.

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