Ukraine Tourism sector is one of the most popular as well as the biggest in Eastern Europe. Somehow, this greenest nation was one of the biggest in Europe before the Russian invention of the Crimea peninsula. By the way, before the political crises, Ukraine tourism was much higher in Europe. You’re as a tourist to the Country. Good news, Tourists average spend around US$ 100 a day. Do you know why? Does a tourist say why should visit Ukraine? Unfortunately, Ukraine cities like Kiev and Odesa are the most popular sex tourism destination in the world. According to the Statistic of Ukraine Tourism department, I have divided the flow of tourists to the Country.

The Hidden Truth of Tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine’s sex tourism industry contributes millions of dollars a year to the GDP. In general, the Ukraine Tourism industry is making significant progress compared to the rest of Eastern European nations. Somehow, most of the travelers visiting this Ukraine are male visitors from as below.

  • USA
  • The United Kingdom
  • All Europ
  • Scandinavia
  • Canada
  • China
  • India
  • Middle East

Foreign Tourists Categerierist To The Country

The massive flow of foreign tourists to the Country under the Ukraine tourism category each year. Well, do you know why?? Surprisingly, No many tourists are coming to enjoy the Country’s nature, culture, history, adventure, or recreation activities.

Ukraine Sex Tourism

I have divided sex tourism in Ukraine as below

  • Looking for Prostitution
  • Erotic or Happy ending massages
  • Casual Hookup in Ukraine with Ladies
  • Looking for a Girlfriend Experience
  • Interracial Sex Experience
  • Looking For a Wife or a Life Partner

Ukraine Prostitution

Prostitution is a massive industry in Ukraine under the Ukraine tourism sector.  In the first place, under the Ukraine constitution, the laws criminalizing organized Prostitution. But it has little effect because of corrupted law enforcement agencies. By the way, the sex industry is underground and almost invisible to the general public. On the Hand, most of Kiev Redlight districts or Kiev Sex Girls are invisible; Kiev prostitution is available in touristic places such as Kiev Sex Hotels, Arena City Kiev, Kiev Nightlife. Also, Odesa and Lviv are offering the world-class sex industry in Ukraine. Somehow, This type of tourist spends money on Strip clubs, escort services around US$ 300 a day. Also, They are booking expensive Kiev sex hotels or elsewhere.  

Erotic or Happy Ending Massages

Many tourists are coming to Ukraine to have relaxation SPA massage, Kiev Erotic Sex Massage, or related industry. Why many tourists here?? The erotic massage industry is well regulated, Cheap price and Erotic SPA massage salons are running legally. I have written Kiev Best SPA massage and Kiev Sex massage here for you to understand the situation in Ukraine tourism.

Casual Hookup in Ukraine with Hottest Ladies in The World

Many old and young men are coming to Ukraine every year to get casual hook up. I have written a few blogs that focus on finding  Kyiv Hot Girls, Best pick up Kiev girls bars or dating Ukranian girls. Those tourists are spending much money as possible on sex tourism in Ukraine. Most benefits from this type of category, local bars, clubs, and tour guides.

Looking for a Girlfriend Experience

Somehow, not many Western men are looking for girlfriends in Ukraine. Western Men are looking for casual sex, Erotic Massages, or wife. Many Turkish, Pakistanis, Africans, and Indians are looking for Girfreinds in Ukraine. Unfortunately, most of those boys are losing their money carelessly. Only Problem, Many tourists from India or Africa do not spend much money at all.

Interracial Sex Experience

By the way, Many different race categories are looking for white girls in Ukraine to have some erotic fun. In the first place, those boys can’t get interracial sex in countries where they are coming from due to geographical differences. 

Looking For a Wife or a Life Partner – Ukraine Tourism  

Many western men here to find their future wife or a lover in Ukraine. In this case, I have seen many men are ending up with Marriage agencies in Ukraine. Furthermore, Those men end up paying so much money. Unfortunately, The situation in Ukraine has changed in the last few years. Ukrainian girls now can fly to Europe easier. So, they can find their partner the way they like. 

 History and Culture

Fortunately, some tourists are coming to Ukraine to see and enjoy the local history or the culture. Many Chinese and Japanese Tourists are down to Ukraine recently. Somehow, the numbers of Chinese double last few years. Make sure to try Ukranion local food for Dining Out Kiev. And Ukranian local alcoholic drinks.

Nature and Recreation

Ukraine’s vast land is home to some of the most stunning beauty views in Eastern Europe. So, many nature lovers are like to do hiking or snowbirding under Ukraine tourism E-visas. Places like

Carpatian Moutain

Black Sea

Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park


Dzharylhach Island

Dniester Canyon

The Pink Lake

Trukhaniv Island in the summer 

Bukovel Ski field

Synevyr Lake

Oleshky Sands

Tunnel of Love in Ukraine 


Ukraine Tourism sector offers any adventures for tourists.

Water sports during the summer,


Driving military tanks


Tunnel of Love

Winter sport in Bukovel Ski field

Hiking in Carpatian Moutain

Synevyr Lake

Oleshky Sands

Ukraine Medical Tourism

Thank the former USSR. Ukraine offers some of the most advanced medical treatment under the Ukraine tourism sector. Many middle East, African people are flying to Ukraine for medical treatment. Also, many western people from the USA, Europe, and Australia are flying to Surrogacy treatment in Ukraine. Ukraine is a world popular Surrogacy destination for western families to get their blond white bays.

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