Bangkok Nightlife Warning Guide for Tourists to have fun Safely!

Bangkok Nightlife can be the most fun or the most dangerous in South East Asia. Many travelers are enjoying the vibrant nightlife in Bangkok. Also, Many travelers ended up worrying about the Bangkok Nightlife party.

Bangkok Scams

Bangkok Scams are much more than any other Asian country. Many travel-related to local people as well as foreign people organizing crimes.

Bangkok Nightlife Warning Second – STD Rate in Bangkok

Bangkok Nightlife Warning Second One – I know a lot of people who do not use condoms when having sex with strangers or even with hookers. I always advise everyone to practice safe sex rather than getting an  STD. Bangkok has the highest STD infection rate, and Gay men and Ladyboys comprise almost 50%  of this. 


Pedophiles – Many western men go to Thailand to abuse innocent children. Please, do not come to a country as a tourist and abuse innocent kids and don’t leave black labels among the travel tourism industry. Some useless people are destroying the reputation of other travelers. Also, almost all countries around the world have very harsh laws for Pedophiles. Uniquely, Australia in if you do have a record for pedophile related crimes even in another country, Australian police have the right to charge you at the airport. The Australian government is soon going to register all pedophiles online database. The list will be visible to the public.


Another Essential BANGKOK NIGHTLIFE WARNING, Drugs – Please, as travelers don’t come to  Thailand, looking for drugs or weed. By the way, It is effortless to find in Thailand or Bangkok nightlife but the law. On the other hand, travelers are destroying local Thai culture. There are so many activities that are available in this beautiful country other than drugs.


Do not disrespect Buddha or get a tattoo of Buddha (in western culture, we think that is a sign of respect for Buddha. But in Thailand, it’s completely different. Also, make sure you’re well dressed before going inside any temple, especially ladies! And men don’t wear shorts.

Pay Respect

Respect local people, locals can be impoverished, but you should treat them as you would someone from your own country.

Sex Tourism

We all know that Thailand Sex Tourism is so accessible among Thai culture. I don’t believe that any parents would like to see their beautiful daughter working in the sex industry. People can enjoy sex but fully aware of adverse outcomes. Well, on the other hand, they need money; men need sex, both balance perfectly.

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