Ladyboys – Transsexuals Identification Tips – Hints Before the Bed Room

How to understand ladyboys before you take them into your room.

To understand the Psyche of Thailand’s ladyboys (Kathoeys) you need to get inside their minds to know why ladyboys who they are.

Why they are is something that is not best left to presumption. This series of ladyboy documentaries answer the questions everybody wants the answer to. I should really say the ladyboys featured in these details provide you with the answer.

The way that you have to identify ladyboys in Pattaya is some activity which kindles the great interest of many a traveller.

Why is it so? As you can see there have been few disclosures about the shocking experience of discovering the woman you love and choose to take into your room is none other than a ladyboy.

The traveller hints are furnishing you with important details regarding this aspect so that you’re the travellers will have no such worrying sort of shocking experience as you are engaged in touring south-east Asia, Central America, South America as well as all over the world.

There have been several happenings with this kind of bad experiences in Philippines and Thailand after having taken into their rooms those ladyboys only to discover that they are ladyboys.

Current investigations into the existence of transsexuals in Thailand have revealed that there are between 10000 to 100000 of them.

out of them most of them seem to have concentrated to Pattaya. The saying that ladyboys are even more beautiful than Thai ladies is a known fact.

So you may easily fall into the traps of these transexuals.

I am sure you will find information about their presence and be relieved of any sort of harrowing inexplicable experience of being trapped by them.

However, these ladyboys are not on the lookout to trap you purposely. Oh yes. Not by all means! It is their livelihood to be prostitutes. Most of them do not intend to trap and surprise you.

Say you happen to take one into your room by mistake. If you are not at all interested in what they have to offer you by way of sexual satisfaction they will leave you immediately without being a pain in the bum.

However, this is after incurring some expenses on lady drinks that you get rid of such nuisance. In vain, your cost of lady drinks! What about the embarrassment you experience too?

To free you from such an embarrassing type of experience we would be delighted to provide you with some informative facts.

Our effort is to make you spot these ladyboys who look like eye-catching glamorous girls who are really born as such. So dear traveller read the clues we give you in spotting them with ease.

Ladyboys legs

Taller Than The Average Thai Lady or Average Ladies 

It is said that the average height of a Thai lady or Philippino women is about 155.5 to157.5 cm ( About v ft 2 inches)  whereas the average height of a male is 167.5 cm.- about 4 inches taller than a woman.

Do you know that in some parts of the Philippines people have large bodies like Pacific Islanders?

Where there are rules there are exceptions as well. However in general if a woman is taller than the average size most probably she cannot have been born as a woman.

Tall people of any nationality have noticeably large hands and feet in general. You can capitalise on this aspect and use it as a clue to be safe.

Ladyboys – The voice

The sweet voice calling you hello handsome man is able to be heard from beer bars everywhere in Pattaya.

The difference can be easily seen in pitch between Pattaya Soi 6’s female staff and So6/1’s because there the staff is not mostly female. Maybe ladyboys do their best to train to sound like ladies.

Despite any such attempt, we can detect the difference as a lady boy’s voice is distinctly deeper than the voice of a person with a real appearance of femininity and it usually comes off in the same way. As a sound that is a lot nasal than anything else.

Adam Apple - ladyboys

Adam’s Apple

This can be really misleading. It is thanks to the fact that Adam’s Apple can sometimes be removed surgically by those guys to enhance the appearance of femininity.


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Overreacting and Overacting

You can detect them easily not only because they express their femininity in exaggeration but also because they exaggerate everything with regard to their behaviour.

All the words they speak and all the actions the display are extra showy to a degree which can be called excessive.

This makes them conspicuous from the rest of the people. You see, it is such a quality in Thai culture that women including the ones working in beer bars and Go-Go bars are usually quiet that they do not speak much.

Oh yes, they are reserved and self-contained. This comes forth with prominence as a dark side.

It is owing to the fact that Kaotes in Pattaya is said to overreact excessively to snubs and insults.

Any kind of conflicts concerning ladyboys are often very short violent greatly and surprisingly and it is advisable to avoid them as far as possible.

lady boys reacting

Too Feminine

This you may think a bit ridiculous thing. However,r it is not an exaggeration to say that the ladyboys in  Pattaya often take pains to act more like ladies than anywhere else, especially everything Including walking is exaggerated.

They look like models who were on a Catwalk without stopping. You will be able to see with exaggeration the swaying of the hips which should be rightly called more pronounced.

They also have a more graceful manner in their posture, especially when they are sitting down. They are also very concerned about the hair and makeup which is too much because it is over applied.


Being a transsexual is not a reason to be in social stigma in Thailand. That is why ladyboys admit they are transexuals without feeling embarrassed.

There are dating apps like Tinder or the like where ladyboys are really frank and outspoken about this fact in their profiles.

In the same manner,r some females may naturally be filled with upsetting thoughts to admit that they do not completely feel womanly.

Be tactful and inquire about it in a jovial manner to learn about the truth while you cause no pain or embarrassment to anyone.

Check the Angles

As you know, males have certain physical features which cannot be hidden at all for they make them different from females.

Having broad shoulders and narrow hips thicker veins close to the surface and wrists that are straighter are male features.

There are also other features like squarer chin and wilder jaws and most of all the Adam’s Apple.

Looking out for these features could be a good guide. However,  rarely there could be women with such qualities too.

As you know the Adam’s Apple is outstandingly a man’s feature but this can be got rid of with the help of surgeries as its size and prominence can be done away with the help of such surgeries.

Try to hold your arms out straight in front of you linking your elbows. You should have your palms up together too.

try to bring your elbows together without bending your arms a person who has a male skeleton will be unable to make them touch.- not without the painful experience, though. A female can easily do so.


If the lady feels it a comfortable experience touch softly the body, especially the upper part of her body.

You could touch your boobs and back strips. It is possible to understand if it is a ladyboy by touching so they have rough and tough muscular makeup and this is not so with the lady whose muscles are really really soft and gentle.

The Final Check

All the above I ways of detecting ladyboys, almost all of them, are subjective ones to the extreme.

You cannot call any of them reliable. as you know there are some ladyboys who have female features.

They have such features which give them totally an outstanding female appearance and behavioural features.

As a result of this, it is not easy to detect them. Anyway, there is one way which can be called foolproof.

Yes mate, ask for her ID card. As you know you can rightly ask for it as all Thais have a legal obligation to carry out with them. What the final suggestion to identify ladyboy!

The ID card has information about the gender of a person.

With the help of our tips, you will be safe from ladyboys in Thailand or the Philippines.

Pay extra attention to our tips and be aware of moments of disappointment that you could possibly experience if we do not pay attention to detecting ladyboys.

Be a tactful traveller. Well, sex may be something you need, but why should you experience disappointments in the hunt for it. Best wishes mate!

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