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The magical kingdom of breathtaking temples showing history at its finest. Cambodia is a charismatic destination for true adventures, awaiting around every corner.

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Southeast Asian country located on the Indochina Peninsula – that is Cambodia. The Kingdom of Cambodia, which is the official name, is surrounded by Vietnam, Laos and Thailand and has an access to the sea through the Gulf of Thailand.

Cambodia spreads on the area of about 181 thousand square kilometres and it is a home to around 15.5 million people and their official language is Khmer language (sometimes also called simply Cambodian).

The official religion and also the one represented by vast majority is Buddhism (Theravada Buddhism in particular). The religion has a great importance in the Cambodian culture and there is more than 4 thousand Buddhist temples around the country.


Cambodian capital city is Phnom Penh, which also serves as the political and economical hub for the country, as well as the cultural centre. Cambodia is considered a developing, facing several issues and challenges including high corruption, extensive poverty and hunger as well as overall low human development. Another great challenge comes in a form of environmental sustainability as Cambodian wildlife and nature wonders are endangered by deforestation.


History of Cambodia dates back to the year of 802 AD, which meant the beginning of the Khmer Empire (language reference). This following flourishing era and arrival of Hinduism was for example a source of the magnificent Angkor Wat temple. From the 15th century, Cambodia was mostly under the rule of neighbouring countries and kingdoms. The final independence was declared in 1953, even though there were several periods of wars during the 20th century, changing the borders extent.


Cambodian main appeal and charm today lies in the magical atmosphere breathing through each one of the magnificent temples and historical places. There is a reason for the legendary Angkor Wat to be one of the world’s wonders.

The Cambodian landscape features everything from wide and wild rivers (Mekong River), large lakes, lush highlands (for example Elephant Mountains, Cardamom Mountains or Dangrek Mountains and several highlands), mangrove forests, incredibly green paddy fields and also a tropical coastline on the south of the country.

Last but not last, Cambodian true treasure is found among its people. Locals are warm hearted with a great optimistic spirit, welcoming every visitor with a genuine smile.


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