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One of the most stunning skylines in the world shelter a complex world where modernity represents a completely different meaning. Hong Kong is so unique and dynamic with perfect shopping opportunities and culinary adventures that it feels almost surreal.

Hong Kong is not China. That is probably one of the first information everyone should know. Hong Kong is an autonomous territory in East Asia with a full and official name the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, although it borders with the Chinese province called Guangdong in the north.

It is quite a small area covering a total of 1.1 thousand square kilometres. On the other hand, The island nation is one of the world’s most densely populated states with a population of more than 7.2 million people. There are two official languages in Hong Kong: Chinese and English, while Cantonese is, indeed, also widely recognised and spoken. Hong Kong is also incredibly diverse, being home to number of different nationalities, serving as a melting pot.

The island nation has a status of the special administrative region with a large autonomy and has its own economic and political system, different from China. It is also maintaining separate legislative and independent executive power.

Hong Kong was historically one of the British Colonies, later occupied by Japan.

During the World War II, there was plenty of pushing and pulling between the United Kingdom and China about who will take control. Resulting into further negotiations in 1980s’ and finally leading to the high degree of autonomy and becoming the special administrative region in 1997.

The country  as a city itself and a natural harbour is one of the world’s financial centres with a strong and stable economy and high financial development. On average, Hong Kong is a place with high income, great infrastructure and public transportation and long life expectancy. On the other hand, serving as a drawback, there is an extreme air pollution (coming mainly from the surrounding industrial parts of China).


Hong Kong today is a complex developed marvel of the world. There is plenty of opportunities for shopping and business, yet the culture is present in everyday life. Chinese bonds are rooted deep down the cultural face. Films, art, cuisine and traditions – all will remind you how beautifully the traditional blends with the modern.

All wrapped by the world class cuisine full of traditional flavours influenced by culinary miracles from all over the world, Hong Kong will definitely make your head spin around with pleasure.

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