Bangkok Scams – Travel Warning

Bangkok Scams Info Guide
Bangkok is one of the biggest scams city in Asia. Tourists Scams in Bangkok Thailand well organized as well as they all well connected. People who are working travel and tourism such as transportation, hospitality, hotel, restaurants, night clubs, sex industry, tour agents, go-go bars. So, As your a traveler, don’t victimize. The classic “Thailand Scam is nothing new, but scammers are developing new methods every day, and their practices are always changing day by day.

Bangkok Scams Points 

Bangkok Scams and transportation – many tourists are getting ripped off by tuk-tuk drivers. Taxi drivers are the biggest screamers in Bangkok. As soon as you go to a tuk-tuk driver, the first thing they asking you ” are you first time here??” Well, don’t tell them yours here on your first holiday in Thailand. Your charges will take four times than the regular price. General taxis have meters and easy you to pay the right price. Public transport in Bangkok isn’t excellent when you’re on holiday for a few days in the city, and you have to see many places. 

The Smile On The Street 

Someone smile on the Street means, it is 98% scams purpose. Many western tourists found Thai culture is very smiley and friendly. Yes, it’s true But people who are working in the tourism industry.

Bangkok Scams In Nightlife

Drugs There’s a variety of illegal drugs are s available in BANGKOK NIGHTLIFE hotspots like all clubs, pubs and Bangkok city red-light districts. Mostly, drugs are coming from China as well as locally made. Travelers should not use or transport any drugs.  All drugs offences capital punishments applied. Price range like weed 500-1000 Bath, E 1200-1500, Baht Coke 3500 Bath. All type of illegal drugs is available from tuk-tuk drivers. Also, In clubs, KTV, Pubs and even if you speak with bar girls and boys. Some tuk-tuk drivers have inside connections with Local detectives, and you may be sat up and trying to get bribes.

Bangkok Nightlife Generally Safe

Bangkok Scams areas to watch out. There are some scams, such as If someone comes to you and offers to help without asking. It’s probably a scam. Don’t withdraw money or don’t use your ATM passwords, when Africans, Pakistani, or Eastern European looking men are around the ATM. According to ATM passwords, scams connectivity and networking among those nationalities very high.

ATM cards – Don’t keep your ATM cards in your wallets. You should wrap them up with few layers of paper and places into your handbag or backpack because some scammers are using electronic circuit to scan your bankcards.

Tuk-Tuk drivers are targeting single men for sex tourism. How they are doing it?? If your single man and walk-through on the Street.

They will show you nude pictures of Thai ladies and tell them where to get sex or erotic massages. Tuk-tuk drivers have connections and formal agreements with these places, and they usually get a  high commission from it.

Bangkok Scams – Buying Points

 When you are traveling with Tuk-tuk drivers, they will show you nice leather jackets, or i Phones, or any other expensive electronic items. Well, Most of those items are from the back of the vehicle. Locally made and finishing and looking exactly original branded.

Your Backpack and Valuable Items  

When you walk on the Street, Bangkok red-light districts, crowded places, keep your bag in the front of your body.

Getting a local tour guide in Bangkok may be a practical solution. Local trusted tour guide boy Private Nightlife tour in Bangkok was an excellent option for me when I was in Bangkok. 

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