Thailand Sex Tourism is the largest in South East Asia because sex Tourism and related industry is a significant economic contributor to the Thailand finance sector. Such as Hotels, hospitality, airliners and much more. Estimates of sex tourism revenue directly contributing to the Thai GDP of over $6.6 Billion a year according to Thai statistics on the government website.

The History of Thailand Sex Tourism

The history of the Sex Tourism industry in Thailand is going back to the Vietnam war. Even before, there was a sex-related sector attached to the kingdom of Thailand. The King and upper-class family were able to hire ladies for Sex backing day. But it was commercialized during the war in Vietnam. According to the statistics, foreign soldiers spend over US $ 16 million on sex service in Thailand during the war period. Although prostitution is illegal and it has been banned in Thailand since 1960. But sex tourism is a rapidly growing industry under travel & tourism in Thailand.

Popular Sex Locations in Thailand

Most of the touristic destinations in Thailand is offering sex-related services. Such as sloppy massage, happy ending massage, prostitution, escort services. The most popular sex tourism locations are like to be Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket Island, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui Island.

Geopolitical and Social Influences

Thailand highlighted as the best sex tourism destination on the travel map by sex tourists. Reason why. It is well simple to let people know real facts.

Political Factors

The central government and government offices are heavily corrupted. Also, law enforcement agencies are in Thailand show it is Inefficiency and corruption behavior.

Social Factors

Few social factors heavily contribute to Thailand’s Sex tourism.
Thai girls or Bangkok girls are hot and Sexy ( naturally they are slim), exotic looks and beautiful skin. Also, culture and the tradition of Thai people ( generosity) is another big reason behind it. Although, Political weakness such as the youth unemployment rate is high, low paid jobs, and the minimum pay rate is lesser as few dollars a day. Due to those facts, foreign tourists use their financial and white privilege in Thailand.
On the other hand, Thai Men generally spend well lazy lifestyles. So, in this case, Thai women have to work hard to feed the family. Political weakness, social and tradition facts are creating the world’s cheapest sex tourism industry in this southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand.

Thailand Sex Tourism – Demographic Information

Working as a sex work has become a natural career path for rural Thai women due to the high unemployment rate in rural Thailand. Only the job is available in remote Thailand farming. Social media is dragging more and more young ladies into sex tourism in the country. How that happen, young women who left remote Thailand are coming to touristic places like Bangkok or Pattaya. And they are posting happy life with western men on social media. Ladies who never left the villages and doing heard working with their families can see images and lifestyles of who already left the villages.

Modern Social Changes

Most of the sex workers in Thailand are earning plenty of money compared to any other type of local jobs in the country.
On the other hand, Local Thai girls are much more interested in spending time with foreigners. Other than local men. It makes the Thailand sex tourism industry more appealing as a way to find a rich white man for life.

Positive Side of Thailand Sex Tourism

The high density of Thai populations and the slow growth of the economy in the country have created the massive sex tourism industry. Financially, the industry massively benefits the economy in positive ways such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and much more. Also, sex tourism is helping to stop sex-related crimes.

Negative Side of Thailand Sex Tourism

It doesn’t matter the Thailand sex tourism or another country. The negative impact will be the same as usual. The most harmful effect on sex workers such as psychological and physical abuse, sex trafficking, pedophiles activities, and STD is spreading around society without control. Also, Most importantly, Human trafficking.

In my eyes, I don’t think that there fast face solution to Thailand’s sex tourism. The industry is there for many years, and many people are depending on it.

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